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Type 30 Tankette

Used in the Star Army of Yamatai, the Type 30 Tankette is a newer version of the original Type 29 Tankette. It is a small, easily transportable armored fighting vehicle that features Durandium Alloy unibody construction. By YE 32, all Type 29 Tankettes were upgraded to this model.

About the Type 30 Tankette

The Type 30 Tankette has an angled main body and a pair of tracks, with two entry hatches on the top. It is a mere 1.7 meters tall (about the height of a Nekovalkyrja). 2.5 meters long.and has a maximum speed of 120 kmph (about 75 mph). Tankettes are used for safe surface transport, mobile generator, and as a short-term living space for pairs of soldiers in the field.

Because (unlike larger tanks) the tankette can fit in starships with single-deck cargo bays, it is a vehicle of choice for ships like the Plumeria-class (2D) Medium Gunship


The tankette features a small but comfortable cockpit area with two highly comfortable seats, situated side-by-side. The left seat has controls for driving the vehicle; the right side has remote controls for the weapon on top. Driving controls include two foot pedals (brake and accelerate) and two joysticks (one for each track). There is also a central steering wheel, shaped like an infinity symbol; using the wheel is easier and can be done with one hand, but the joysticks allow maximum precision and maneuverability. The dashboard is black with bright green and blue-green dials and readouts. A communication systems sits in the center, between the driver's dashboard and the gunner's targeting displays; it includes a mid-size screen for visual communications.

The interior walls of are painted in a cream color.

A number of pouches surround the hatch, used for storing equipment such as binoculars. Inside along the side walls, there are standard supplies, including a Type 31A Survival Kit and a Star Army Type 31C Medical Kit. Also located to the front left and right corners are the vents for the tankette's atmospheric system. The vehicle is airtight and has an advanced air filtration and recycling system that keep the interior full of clean air at a comfortable temperature.

To the rear of the two seats sits the tankette's compact aether generator. A number of displays and gauges face forward towards the cockpit for monitoring and adjusting it.


The tankette is armored with tough Durandium Alloy. It is often painted to match whatever environment it will be working in. When stationed on non-infantry starships, it is typically painted the standard hull light blue-gray hull color (like ships and Mindy armors).

The top of the vehicle features a turret mounting system for placing a fast-moving, remotely controlled weapon. Typically, this is an armored turret with a Machine Gun, 35mm, Type 30 and missile launchers. Wave projectors, and beam cannons are also supported.

A shovel and pick are strapped to the right and left sides of the vehicle. Extra blankets, backpacks, and sleeping bags are often carried along the sides as well.

The tankette's tracks run on five road wheels, with the three center ones being the same size and the rear one being the biggest. A single small wheel at the top keeps the treads from sliding against the tops of the road wheels.

The tank has headlights and tail lights like a typical car would.

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • Body: 16 (Mecha scale)

Star Army Logistics
Supply ClassificationClass C - VEHICLES AND POWER ARMOR
First UsedYE 30
Products & Items Database
Product Categoriesvehicles
Product NameType 30 Tankette

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