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Tamahagane Corporation Shipyard Production Queue

Tamahagane Corporate Logo

This page shows the current ships being constructed by Tamahagane Corporation

Ship Class Customer Build Time Start End Shipyard Notes
Ge-H2-1a - Amatsu-Class Spaceport NovaCorp 2 mos 8 Nov 34 8 Jan 35

Building Times

Class Description Base SP Build Time
Very Light Small Escorts and Patrol Craft 10 4 days
Light Destroyers, Gunships 20 8 days
Medium Cruisers 30 12 days
Heavy Carriers, Heavy Cruisers 40 16 days
Very Heavy Battleships 50 20 days
Shipyards ~150 1 month
Starbase ~300 2 months

Note: When building more than 5 of a class bump time to next class. Nashoba.

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