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Teisenjou is a city that was constructed by Tamahagane Corporation, and is the corporate headquarters.

Teisenjou means ferry landing in Yamataigo (邪馬台語), the city was so named because of the base station for the first Ge-P2-1a - Suribashi-Class Space Elevator. The corporation in fact installed four Suribashi. The site of the Teisenjou is actually a crater from Battle of Yamatai. After the battle the Corporation chose it for the site of their new endeavor, a way to turn adversity to advantage.



Teisenjou is built on a man-made island at the center of the lake. Tamahagane Corporation started construction shortly after the battle with the removal of debris being priority. Most of the debris was to be recycled and used in the construction of the city. The first elevator was operational in the last days of YE 33. The second aspect of the project was the construction of a twnety mile wide island at the center of the crater. Access roads were put in place running north and south to the island, connecting it with Kyoto and Kyousou by roads.

A scenic park is scheduled to be constructed in the downtown area.

The plan calls for the following schools to be constructed to support the population. The schools are planned to be on two large campuses on the east and west of the city with transit stations conveniently located.

  • 2 Shōgakkō
  • 2 Chūgakkō
  • 2 Kōtōgakkō

The plan also includes the establishment of a larger college sponsored by the Corporation.

  • 1 Daigaku


Teisenjou is located in the center of a lake called, Kakouko. The lake was formed out of the impact crater and was allowed to fill with rainwater after salvaging of debris and the construction of the island in the center was complete. The lake is approximately twenty miles in diameter, and as the lake is filling Tamahagane Corporation is working to introduce appropriate plants and fish to make it a living lake.

A 650 meter tall twisted shard from the NMX Tiamat a Chiharu-class Flagship rises out of the lake bed 5 km to the north east of the island.

Juuitsu Farm Complex

The Juuitsu Farm Complex surrounds the lake, the corporation worked non-stop for weeks to establish a network of large automated farms. The farms form a ring of twenty miles thick around the lake.

The farms encompass 976,720 hectares of space. The first crops were planted by mid 02/34.

Nejiro Tower

Located north of the Central Park in the the city, Tamahagane Corporation Citadel (Nejiro) Tower rises as testament to the spirit of Yamatai.


Teisenjou Ferry Station

The Ferry Station will consist of a four kilometer wide ring, which will house the base station of each Ge-P2-1a - Suribashi-Class Space Elevator. The actual stations are located on the cardinal compass points.

Suribashi details

Located to the south of Teisenjou is the actual ferry station. When completed four large structures will be clustered together approximately one kilometer apart and rising from each is the cable that takes the Enkan. Next to the ferry station is an airport.

Each of the Enkan has a name used for scheduling, and for greeting passengers.

  • Spirit of Yamatai - “Rising above Adversity.”
  • Kyousou's Glory - “Ascending to new heights.”
  • Himiko's Spirit - “Inspiring Greatness”
  • Champagne Glass - “Raised daily to space.”
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