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YSS Wyvern (Plot)

YSS Wyvern was a Yamatai / Elysia roleplaying plot by GM ethereal. It launched on the 7th October 2017 and closed on the 16th January 2018. It explored high-octane policework, inter-ship combat, diplomacy and the uncertainty of double agents aboard the YSS Wyvern.

Their newly-designed Fuji-class Expeditionary Gunship, third of its class has been made especially for the crew. All the crew are double trained in their chosen specialty (engineer, infantry) and are also automatically Investigators. While the ship is equipped for conventional duties and warfare, it specialises in additional duties as well.

CURRENTLY, the ship is still used IC for when plotships and events in Yamatai need some police to turn up and spice things up!

Status: YSS Wyvern is accepting new PCs/NPCs for when these intercepts happen!

This article is about the plot. For ship information, see YSS Wyvern.

Plot Overview

The YSS Wyvern is a vessel operating under the Star Army Military Police. Their missions include reclaiming mutinied ships, running down deserters, Yamatai/Elysia border patrol, raiding terrorist cells, detective work, planetary policing, VIP escort and most importantly anti-espionage - perhaps even anti-corruption work.

While the ship's members are all inducted into the Military Police Investigators (with secondary specialties such as engineer etc.), many of them may have ulterior motives or unknown loyalties due to the last administration's lack of vetting.

Across your service you may be passed tasks to be rewarded depending on their difficulty. Do everything you can your faction demands for rewards, make sure you don't get caught by your crewmates - you might be in danger and they might be given more trust instead of you! If you're familiar with the tabletop game Paranoia, this is the plot for you.

CURRENTLY this plot/ship is used for cameos and for intercepts into plotship threads, or events, where having the police show up would spice things up!

Rules and Pacing

  • Age Requirement: 16
  • Pacing: Every 7 days - Pace will increase as players join Whenever it would be fun to show up in a thread!

Crew Roster

#Character PicPageCharacter OwnerCharacter Status
1Dion RothartPancakeiInactive Player Character
2Zazriel SuraZanven BraxInactive Player Character
3Aerlia Lei'ShelaEtherealNPC Available for GM or FM use
4Asrid Naoto ThorssonEtherealNPC Available for GM or FM use
5Jambavan ErsusEtherealNPC Available for GM or FM use
6Yukiya EllieEtherealNPC Available for GM or FM use
7hiragi_natsuko.jpegHiragi NatsukomizunoyorokoNPC Available for GM or FM use

About The GM

Ethereal joined the site in October 2015. He's on daily, plays around 30 characters so he can post daily if the pace increases! Having been a Dungeon Master in the past, he has the expertise to run such a unique plot. Contact Ethereal.




OOC Notes

ethereal created this article on 2017/09/28 13:05.

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