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Asrid Naoto Thorsson

Asrid Thorsson is a player character first played by BionicSamurai and adopted by ethereal.

Asrid Naoto Thorsson
Asrid Thorsson
Species: Minkan
Gender: Female
Age: 21 years (April, YE 17)
Sign: Aries
Height: 170cm (5' 6”)
Weight: 54kg (120lbs)
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Starship Operator / Investigator
Rank: Taii
Current Placement: YSS Wyvern

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 170cm (5' 6”)
  • Mass: 54kg (120lbs)
  • Measurements: 34B-24-36

Build and Skin Color: Asrid has a medium athletic build body with peachy pale skin that goes golden brown under the right indices of ultraviolet radiation.

Eyes and Facial Features: Asrid tends towards Asiatic cheekbones and eyes, while her jawline and upper cranium tend to be more Nordic. However, she has brilliant sapphires for eyes with grey flecks.

Ears: Asrid's ears are of the rounded human variety, sticking close to the head with attached lobes.

Hair Color and Style: Asrid's hair is a flax blonde and terminates a little below the shoulder blades. She often keeps her hair in a ponytail and pulls it forward over her right when in any kind of operational or driver's chair. Formal functions, however, can see her putting up her hair in various provocative ways, while, when relaxing, she will leave it all down.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Asrid is a generally kind, and intelligent woman who tries to be gentle with others. However, the closer you get to her the more she seems to talk like a fisherman, including some of the less polite language they use. She also likes a challenge and has a sense of adventure that has manifested many bruises on her, either physically or mentally throughout her life.

Her final couple years of childhood under attack by NMX, however, has given her extra impetus to fight for the Empire.

  • Likes: Driving, flying, sky diving, hang gliding, rock climbing, snowboarding, wild amusement park rides, rice, spicy food, wine, dancing
  • Dislikes: NMX, needless argument, teams that won't pull together, going without a fight (herself, or those she cares about)
  • Goals: To see the galaxy and be the best dance partner a ship AI has ever had.





Born Asrid Naoto Thorsson to Jakob and Sayako of the Thorsson fishing family during the spring of YE 17, in Kyousou, Yamatai, the infant Human had two older sisters: Julia, 5, and Marie, 4. She was a generally bubbly and happy baby, but she ended up learning auto-locomotion a little to quickly. When her brother, Lars, was born, a few months before her second birthday, she came to see him with what had become her two favourite collections: rocks and bruises.

Whenever she could, Asrid would try to follow her sisters where ever they went. Sometimes they didn't mind, other times they would sneak off when she'd start playing in the creek, after which she would sit and cry upon noticing she was alone. Time teaches however, and the crying turned to knowing how to get home; then to going on her own or taking Lars with her to the creek when he got old enough.

The young Human liked dolls; but, to Sayako's dismay, she would make stick boats for them and float them down the creek, often enlisting her little brother's help set up races for them. The poor dolls would all come home as wet as Asrid and Lars, sometimes dirtier, but the children would have the biggest smiles on their faces. This, however, ended when the Fourth Elysian War started and resulted in her having to stay inside, after which the young girl never picked the hobby up again.

Asrid liked dancing to like the characters in the vids she would watch, whirling and twirling, but unlike the characters, she didn't have a partner. She would ask her mother, her father, her sisters; even enlisting her little brother again, though he never enjoyed it as much as his elder sister. However, when the young girl got old enough, Sayako managed to find a ballroom class that would take her rather enthusiastic daughter.

She also liked, daddy's fishing boat, so when Julia and Marie became more interested in boys, she would ask go out on the water with Jakob and his crew during vacations. After the Fourth Elysian War ended, her father started to allow it, though she had to stay in the helm and cabin until she turned 12. During this time, Asrid learned about maritime navigation and eventually use of the helm under her father's close supervision.

Eventually Lars also came with her on fishing excursions during school breaks, and Asrid started cleaning the deck where she'd talk with the crew more and even start joking with them. When she turned 14, her little brother came out of the cabin with her, both washing the deck and helping pull in the nets. At 16, she started plotting and piloting without her father's supervision.

When the NMX came to Yamatai and invaded, Asrid and Lars had just made their way down to the dock when they noticed something glowing in the atmosphere like an entering meteor. Their father Lars then stopped by in the truck and yelled at them to get in, hitting the accelerator as soon as the door closed. They made their way to some caves in the mountains where Sayako, Julia, and Marie were setting up camp.

After surviving the ordeal with her family, Asrid made the choice to join the Star Army as soon as she could. She also made the transition to a NH-31 body once she noticed the advantages of it. Finally, she took the Starship Operator path with a focus on navigation and helm control like how life once was on her father's boat.



Asrid Thorsson started her first assignment on the Taurus Star Fortress in Tsuyosa, Bard Cluster. There she is meeting with her new crew mates at the Motorboshi bar as they wait for their orders before manning the YSS Sakishima. Their orders were for an escort mission and contained news that they had no captain; however once on the ship the young Minkan was happy to find out that their unexpected passenger would in fact be in charge once they reached their first destination.

Episode 1

The rendezvous with the convoy went without incident and, initially, without the lead commander knowing the ship's captain managed to become a passenger. This started fun, then dragged until two of the other main escort ships and a squadron of fighters exploded. In the end this was meant to allow for one of the freighters to get away - a plan thwarted by the quick reactions of the Sakishima crew.

Interlude 1

After finally making it to Leo Star Fortress Asrid was field promoted to Nitô Hei before being set loose upon the station for leave. This leave ended up resulting in drinking with her department lead, Ise Momoka, and the Sakishima's AI, Jeeves; a rather awkward romance with her captain, Yoshi Katai; and various other sources of drama.

After lunch, Asrid, Momoka and their new doctor, Fujiwara Saya, returned to the ship to secure recent shopping procurements and prepare for a dinner the ships captain will be putting on. Plans changed when an alarm went off and the Sakishima was deployed to save their sister ship, YSS Magomi, from a pirate attack. In all the fuss to get going, however, command had them leave before Yoshi could arrive, leaving Goto Kazuhiro, the XO, in charge.

Episode 2

Upon arriving at the scene, the YSS Magomi was drifting in space with a pirate boarding shuttle attached to the airlock. When the Sakishima was discovered by the pirates, most of the Magomi's crew was released into deep space and a skirmish ensued. Thankfully, a passenger infantry neko, Simo Anzu was aboard and helped prevent the fight from becoming too protracted while suffering some injury.

With the Magomi back in SAoY hands, her crew safe or recovering, and the dispatch of the pirates; Yoshi returned with a drone fleet to augment their forces, and Asrid's spirits came up even more. This extended through to steak dinner, then a night of play after being moved to the captain's cabin. The sleep was sweet until Jeeves showed up to personally issue reveille with some unfortunate findings.

The crew woke up to two destroyed civilian ships for breakfast - one a tanker, and another a cruise ship. While half the crew went exploring, Asrid had a bad feeling about how things seemed arranged, only for someone on the away team to locate a nuke. It was a race against time, but Sakishima made it through to a far enough point to handle the blast.

Episode 2.5

However, it seemed the mine was not enough and the fleet ended up in a battle with pirates for brunch. The battle at first seemed overwhelming, but with Asrid's apt use of in combat fold and the weaponized drones things mostly went in the Sakishima's favour. The young Minkan, however, made a fold mistake that nearly cost the fight; but with quick thinking and some luck, everyone managed to pull through again.

Interlude 2

After quite the battle and limping the ship back home, Asrid and the gang were given some much deserved leave. Time the young Minkan began with a little shopping that resulted in a few “toys” she was not initially expecting to get and a nice date with Yoshi. Unfortunately, the date was cut short by some problems at the condo complex that sporadically continued on through the next morning.

Interlude 2.5

After a significant refit and repair, the Sakishima is back in action; however its first mission is a shake down cruise to the home world to deliver cargo and spend Yule “at home”. Asrid took this time to introduce Yoshi to her family. Unfortunately, with all the good intentions the home showed the fractures that had been growing over time, resulting in the couple having to leave early.

Before take-off however, Yoshi had decided to bring Asrid's younger brother, Lars, back with them to help him become a man. An education he ended up receiving in the form of a night with the [stararmy:yss_sakishima|Sakishima's]] cute, but troublesome SAINT operative, Dakura Dakura.

Episode 3

After the crazy Yule party they had, the Sakishima was sent back to Leo Star Fortress for their next set of orders. This was soon interrupted by a strange force that captured the ship, preventing it from moving and eventually shutting it down completely. The craft also seemed to be getting boarded, though all that anyone managed to notice was a gas that flooded every compartment knocking everyone out.

When everyone woke up in a strange rendition of the old American West - a time and place none of them had ever been to - stuck between two feuding crime families vying for domination of the small town, San Miguel. however, they had no memory of their original lives, instead believing histories that were implanted as if more real than what they had experienced before. Here Asrid was the owner of a general store, running it with Lars in place of their “parents” whom had died a while ago.

The morning started out alright; but when the delivery man came to get his entertainment, the store manager, Crazy Asrid sent her brother to visit the Sheriff, Yoshi, in order to keep him out of trouble. Having recognized this, as a weekly occurrence, the law-woman felt it was time to put a stop to what was happening. Due to this intervention, nearly the whole town was pulled into a retaliatory gunfight with the family that the delivery man was from, which incidentally caught a few of the opposite family.

This time, the one major crime family lost; but the family head came by the jailhouse to let the Sheriff know that if his people were not released, things would get ugly. Yoshi declined and thus, the next day, things got ugly and eventually the two major families were fighting as well due to all that had happened. Luckily, Dakura's minions managed to rescue everyone from this insane, chemically induced nightmare.

One by one the crew was woken from the dream to a reality almost as bad. They had been strapped to tables which they eventually were pulled free of and had to fight their way off of an alien ship against creatures that looked like gigantic insects. From protecting her store, to needing to get the Sakishima going again, Asrid watched for the right opportunity to get back on the ship taking her brother with to ensure his safety.

The pilot, having regained enough of her senses again, took her proper place on the bridge and helped to bring down the alien craft where they had been imprisoned. It was a nasty fight, but eventually the Sakishima came out victorious once again; however things did not end up returning to normal.

Episode 3.9

Continuing on the way back to Leo Star Fortress Asrid noticed her captain taking a quick break away. Due to a few discussions she had with her lover previously regarding a family, the girl wondered about what could be done. She too took the time to leave the bridge needing to see the medic and made her way to the med bay.

Upon arrival, the young Minkan worked her way around to asking about the physiological needs for a family with the new Kodiansmedic, Zuyev Gorshkav, whom they picked up from the alien ship. Little did the pilot know that Yoshi was hiding behind a curtain, listening to everything, or at least the part where the girl was not sure if she was ready. Asrid got her questions answered to her satisfaction, however unknowingly left her lover with panic at having forced her to consider it in the first place.

In a good mood, the young woman wanted to bring Yoshi a Coffee while she did paper work. This pause at in the galley was enough for the captain to get to her quarters to do what she had originally said she was, but spent the time only worrying. When Asrid arrived, things went from happy, to frustrating, to angry as things turned into a fight about what could and could not be done. Eventually the decision was made to talk about it later, after shift, resulting in the pilot not so happily returning to the bridge.

Oddly enough, again without Asrid's knowledge, Yoshi asked the girl's father for permission to marry her, and began working on the paperwork for that. When the time for discussion came again, things eventually were straightened out and the young Minkan accepted her Neko lover's marriage proposal. She also ensured that they both had signed off on the SAOY paperwork required to get command approval for their union.

High from this advancement in their relationship, Asrid and Yoshi got around to talking to Lars about this. Due to some things that happened in the dream world, the boy was nervous about the whole thing, but congratulated them, glad that he hadn't put a wedge between the two of them. Soon, however, things turned to him having wanted to stay on, but his guilt would not allow it and the resulting discussion ended in a fight between him and the captain as well as a black eye for the teen.

Interlude 3

After the results of the previous week and the SAINT interrogation about their ordeal with the bugs, Asrid spent the morning with her guts in knots while she waited for the judgement of their freedom, permission to marry, and how things would continue with Lars. A gaming session did not seem to help much of anything, and seeing her brother's black eye helped even less. However when Yoshi returned from Squadron Command, the words of release were easing and she was at least a little happy about being promoted to Ittô Hei; but not easing enough as she continues to wait on the permission and word on her relationship with her brother.

The other two questions were soon answered. One took a forced conversation with her brother, which later allowed things to settle down between Lars and Yoshi as well. Then, another conversation with her lover about future plans brought about the answer that they truly did have permission to marry. With that, the day finished up with a grand shopping trip that saw Lars get a new gun, and the family a new car.

Episode 4

The leave time was short, but Misato's Passage never takes a day off and there were still pirates to be dealt with. The next morning saw the whole DESRON 2 squadron in a briefing room for their next mission - to take out the base the Sakishima had found last fall. It was time to take the fight to them and make them pay for their crimes.

The plan was to have the squadron's two cruisers take out the major defensive placements while Sakishima and two other Chiaki-class (1B) Escort Destroyers took out smaller placements and guided in the Legionaries to allow them to take the station. While this first part went off not too badly, many of the drop ships still got hit badly or destroyed. After dropping off her away team, even the Sakishima got banged up pretty good by a nuke while one of her sister ships was destroyed.

The bridge crew now needed to keep the ship running and fighting while the away team continues their takeover the pirate space station. They took their time to make sure they were alright and ready to go before doing anything suggesting life, then switched on full blast to take out their first target - the one that took out their sister ship. They then continued on to the next and the next, holding the line as the rest of the squadron arrived.

Of course, with all the damage taken, the Sakishima, again, needed repairs and refit resulting in yet another break. Only this time leave was not on Leo station. The Sakishima's crew got dumped off at the last imaginable place in the galaxy for where they were based - Hanako's World.

Interlude 4

Hanako's World was a nice break, and with them finally having permission to marry, Yoshi and Asrid set up an engagement party with the Sakishima's crew. The set up for the party, however, involved the staged theft of alcohol that had already been allocated for it as well as a frustrated Asrid going for a long walk. Not everything in life is perfection though; the young woman knew that the worst had not yet out weighed the best, prompting her to return before the party got started.

Episode 5

With a rather long leave behind, Asrid is feeling sluggish at the helm and working on getting her edge back. With some unexpected gifts from Yoshi to her brother Lars, it is becoming more obvious of the Captain's desire to plan for their future. Of course, as comforting as that was, and as easy as their mission to shuttle a SAINT Operative ought to be, things would not go nearly as planned.

First, the ship they were meant to meet was nowhere to be seen near the planet it had been expected around. There was debris everywhere; but even worse - signs of a starship's destruction were noticeable. With a rescue beacon soon coming over the horizon however, it was soon discovered that a few of the crew had made it - though it was difficult to make out whom. It was up to a brave few to take a jump down and have a look while the Sakishima kept an eye on the surrounding space - littered as it was.

Soon there were a few unfortunate surprises as space mines appeared to harass the small ship. Asrid did what she could, but it took everyone still aboard to manage them. Then the mines gave way to missiles, which then brought the enemies into view - or at least the ones that were not on the ground.

Things were quick to escalate further as it was obvious someone did not want anybody to be recovered from that place. The destruction of one of the attacking ships was hard fought; but the destruction of the other took the Sakishima and the life of Momoka. The remainder got to escape in a life craft, and landed on the planet to find out the ground team had also been attacked, but prevailed.

It was not long after that the Yurei arrived to pick everyone up. Another mission completed - just barely - but at the greatest cost they had ever seen together as a crew. It would be nice to get back to Leo though; to relax in a bath, drink all night, and play as hard as possible.

Unfortunately that would not be the crew's fate as they go through screening after screening until they finally got off the ship. Then their weapons were confiscated prior to entering a waiting room where the ended up surrounded by douzens of SAINT and Infantry forces. Yoshi was then peeled off from the rest to report to the Chusa.

Asrid was rather surprised at the announcement that came afterwards - that they were resisting. (Resisting what?) But weapons were leveled at everyone and soon the skirmish began for survival. The pilot remained in shock until brought to reality; at which point she began helping where she could until there was a clear way to where Yoshi had went.

The young woman should have took the fire from Tomohiro-Chusa more seriously; but instead it egged her on to get to the bottom of things. The squadron leader just managed to escape as Asrid came up to get a hold of her; but that did not prepare her for whom else was in the room. Laying on the floor dead from gunshot wounds, Yoshi was found by her fiancee, becoming a further distraction to the emotionally torn Minkan.

When all was said and done, the Chusa managed to escape and the crew and the rest of Tenth Fleet got things under control. Asrid remained devastated however; her fiancee had been killed with no recovery system to revive her from back-up. Deep in her grief, the pilot was an emotional wreck - nearly wishing to die herself. She even missed Yoshi's return, a few hours later, until the revived neko called out to her; but they soon were reunited with much emotion.

Interlude 5

As the dust settled Asrid was soon able to find out how Lars was doing; but had to deal with a very drunk neko at home. Yoshi had slipped into a depression that made the relationship difficult to maintain, and the pilot worried that she was going to lose her fiancee again - not suddenly, but slowly by degrees. Thankfully, after a visit to another crew member, the captain returned home and possibly ready to live again.

Seeing how events unfolded, however, Asrid more than willingly went into advanced flight training to sharpen her skills and become more effective in combat. The events of the past few weeks had taught her that there was much to learn and many more difficult enemies to dispatch, and training was a no-brainer. While out at flight training, though, the pilot was also given the option of officer training. Having already signed up for another three years, she decided to take this up as well to advance her career.

YSS Hana

In a surprising twist, a rapid redeployment order was issued to Asrid to rebase to the YSS Hana immediately. In shock and protesting at having to leave her betrothed for the foreseeable future with no notice, she was told to go anyway.

YSS Wyvern

After the YSS Hana's missions died down, Astrid was transferred to Fort Hikari, no reposting in sight. She undertook a few classes, until she was put onto a Military Police course and very quickly snapped up onto the YSS Wyvern.



Asrid has been trained in the use of civilian and military telecommunications equipment, including radio, FTL comms, video communication terminals, and the Nekovalkyrja wireless system. She is well versed in standard military radio operating procedures over the aforementioned equipment. She was brought up bilingual in Nepleslian and Yamataian, allowing her to use them fluently for these purposes, as well as in polite and operational conversation, documentation, interpretation, and instruction/reading comprehension.

When speaking formally or intimately however, Asrid favours Yamataian; while when curses are on her lips, she unconsciously favours Trade.


Asrid has trained in methods of unarmed combat as well as the use of energy based weapons, knives, and power armour. Due to the variability of combat environments, however, she has been trained to use both sets of combat skills in both Yamatai-like and micro-gravity conditions.

Technology Operation

Asrid has a power user understanding of the Kessaku OS, found on all Star Army starships.


Asrid has been trained up to Hyper Dimensional Algebra and Differential Geometry.

Starship Operations

Asrid has been trained in helm control, navigation, collision avoidance, stellar cartography, weapon targeting and control systems, sheild control, and life support monitoring.


Asrid has been trained to operate the Type 30 Light Utility Truck, the Type 30 Surface Terrain Vehicle, various small civilian transport vehicles and fishing trollers.


Asrid can waltz, foxtrot, and tango; both leading and not, which ever the situation calls for.


Asrid Thorsson has the following items:



  • Red, spaghetti strap halter-top
  • Relaxed fit blue jeans
  • Green sleeveless cotton dress
  • Blue sundress
  • Single-slit, red satin dinner dress
  • Forest green skateboard shoes
  • Beige full strap sandals
  • White heeled shoes, 1“ heels
  • Black tanga
  • Red tanga
  • Bamboo Puzzle Box - Star Army honmaru on the outside, red felt inside
Bamboo Puzzle Box
Item Description Reason
Red Tessen Episode 5 (YSS Sakishima)


Asrid Thorsson is currently a Shoi Kohosei in the Star Army of Yamatai.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3 000 KS Starting Funds
3 221 KS 221 KS April 35 Pay (Santô Hei)
3 442 KS 221 KS May 35 Pay (Santô Hei)
3 663 KS 221 KS June 35 Pay (Santô Hei)
3 338 KS 325 KS Street Clothes and Green Dress
3 258 KS 80 KS Sushi with some crew members
3 590 KS 332 KS August 35 Pay (Nitô Hei)
3 922 KS 332 KS September 35 Pay (Nitô Hei)
4 254 KS 332 KS October 35 Pay (Nitô Hei)
3 754 KS 500 KS TET HALO and other items
4 086 KS 332 KS October 35 Pay (Nitô Hei)
4 418 KS 332 KS November 35 Pay (Nitô Hei)
4 750 KS 332 KS December 35 Pay (Nitô Hei)
3 450 KS 1 300 KS YE 35 Yule presents for fellow crew members
3 782 KS 332 KS January 36 Pay (Nitô Hei)
4 114 KS 332 KS February 36 Pay (Nitô Hei)
4 446 KS 332 KS March 36 Pay (Nitô Hei)
4 889 KS 443 KS April 36 Pay (Ittô Hei)
5 332 KS 443 KS May 36 Pay (Ittô Hei)
5 775 KS 443 KS June 36 Pay (Ittô Hei)
6 218 KS 443 KS July 36 Pay (Ittô Hei)
6 661 KS 443 KS August 36 Pay (Ittô Hei)
7 104 KS 443 KS September 36 Pay (Ittô Hei)
7 547 KS 443 KS October 36 Pay (Ittô Hei)
7 990 KS 443 KS November 36 Pay (Ittô Hei)
8 433 KS 443 KS December 36 Pay (Ittô Hei)
8 876 KS 443 KS January 37 Pay (Ittô Hei)
9 319 KS 443 KS February 37 Pay (Ittô Hei)
9 762 KS 443 KS March 37 Pay (Ittô Hei)
10 205 KS 443 KS April 37 Pay (Ittô Hei)
11 312 KS 1 107 KS May 37 Pay (Nitô Heisho)
12 419 KS 1 107 KS June 37 Pay (Nitô Heisho)
13 526 KS 1 107 KS July 37 Pay (Nitô Heisho)
14 633 KS 1 107 KS August 37 Pay (Nitô Heisho)
15 740 KS 1 107 KS September 37 Pay (Nitô Heisho)
16 847 KS 1 107 KS October 37 Pay (Nitô Heisho)
17 954 KS 1 107 KS November 37 Pay (Nitô Heisho)
19 061 KS 1 107 KS December 37 Pay (Nitô Heisho)
21 061 KS 2 000 KS January 38 Pay (Shoi Kohosei)
23 061 KS 2 000 KS February 38 Pay (Shoi Kohosei)
25 061 KS 2 000 KS March 38 Pay (Shoi Kohosei)
27 061 KS 2 000 KS April 38 Pay (Shoi Kohosei)

OOC Discussion

Play start - March 30, 2013 (YE 35) Shoi Kohosei change over for January base 2 000

Character Data
Character NameAsrid Naoto Thorsson
Character OwnerEthereal
Character StatusNPC Available for GM or FM use
Current LocationYSS Wyvern
PlotsYSS Wyvern (Plot)
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusActive Duty
SAOY RankTaii
SAOY OccupationStar Army Starship Operator
SAOY AssignmentYSS Wyvern
DOR YearYE 44

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