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YSS Wyvern

The YSS Wyvern, NG-X1-517 belonging to the First Expeditionary Fleet, is a Fuji-class Expeditionary Gunship built at the Gemini Star Fortress in late-YE 39 by Ketsurui Fleet Yards for the Star Army of Yamatai. She is commanded by Shosa Aerlia Lei'Shela.

The YSS Wyvern is known to be an 'interceptor' ship used by the Star Army Military Police and is quite practiced in this role.

This article is about the ship. For plot information, see YSS Wyvern (Plot).

About the YSS Wyvern

The YSS Wyvern's official mission is to teach the Elysian Celestial Empire how to police itself, using Yamataian knowledge and experience to assist in the training of their own lawbringers. Unofficially, they are tasked with patrolling the Elysia/Yamatai border for any discrepancies from the arranged peace between the two nations.

In addition, they perform the duties SAMPs are expected, tracking terrorists, corruption, mutineers and other such national security issues to the Star Army. To this end, they are often called out to incidents far from their patrol area and have become reasonably adept at handling such encounters and intercepts.

Ship Emblem

A Fuji-class in the foreground. Two dragons curled around a sword in the background. Circular shaped, with a cyan blue rim and a navy field within.

Ship Motto

Duty, Honor, Yamatai

Ship Name

A Wyvern is a creature of legend, a two-legged dragon with a poisonous breath.

Crew Roster

OOC Notes

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