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Star Army Mission Operator

The mission operator is a starship operator that can be found on the bridge of a starship of the Star Army of Yamatai.

Their primary job is to speak between the commanding officers, usually the captain, of starships and the away teams that are acting under the commanding officer's orders. They can also be tasked with opening up lines of communication between ships, as they share the same seat as communications operators on many bridges.

Yuuki said:
Mission Operations is really fun to play. You can always be part of any scene, even if your character isn't physically there!


In YE 43, the minimum rank for this occupation was set to Shoi Kohosei and the maximum rank was set to Chusa.

More about the Mission Operator

Their overarching goal is to be a point of reference between the starship "actual" — the officer in charge of the starship which the away team is operating out of — and the away or armor team outside of the ship.

During breaches, the mission operator may be tasked with relaying the offensive assault on the intruders as it happens.

The mission operator may also sit in the communication officer's position on certain starship bridges and, thus, may be asked to open lines of ship-to-ship communication on the commanding officer's request.

They rely heavily on communication equipment, the condition reports from armors and those of fighter pilots, and the SPINE access granted v their oft-used Starship Chair, Type 35.

Jobs of the Mission Operator

The mission operator's job includes the following duties:

  • Relay orders to the away team(s)
  • Update the officers of the bridge on the away team's status when appropriate
  • Attend briefings and be up-to-date on the specifications of the missions the ship undertakes
  • Open lines of communication between ships, vessels, craft, and etc.
  • Alert the bridge of offensive counter-strikes during boarding actions

Position on the Bridge

On a bridge such as the Standard Medium Starship Bridge (Sakura type), the mission operator is at a central point of the bridge, which is an elliptical table. On the Fuji-class Bridge and the newer Standard Small Starship Bridge (Plumeria Type), the mission operator's seat may also be filled by a communications officer and vice versa. 1)

List of Star Army Mission Operators

OOC Notes

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OOC GM Note: On these vessels, do not “over-staff” and have a communications and missions ops officer. Try to have just one or the other.

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