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Fuji-class Bridge

The Fuji-class bridge contains eight duty stations and boasts a multi-level deck layout. It is the command center of some Star Army of Yamatai vessels, having been designed for the Fuji-class Expeditionary Gunship in YE 39. It is the hub of Star Army Starship Operator and the captain's natural place within the ship.

More about Fuji-class Bridge

On the center of the ceiling and on the light blue carpeted floor of the Fuji-class bridge is the Star Army Hinomaru. This bridge was created for eight bridge officers to sit and work comfortably. It has deep blue walls and volumetric screens on every wall that highlight every angle of a battle that can be seen or simply what the captain chooses for the bridge crew to see. There are two entrances to the bridge, located on the port and starboard sides of the center deck at the mid-section, which also have emergency passages on either side which house escape pods. On the top level, there is an entrance to the captain's suite. On all levels there are places on the walls where there are storage lockers, primarily for Star Army Environmental Suit, Type 28 (AMES).

All Stations

Stations on the Fuji-class bridge have:


This bridge has three levels which are described below. Level 1 is elevated above Level 2, which in turn is elevated above Level 3. Four two-step staircases, located symmetrically on Level 2, both fore and aft, allow for easy movement between Levels 1, 2, and 3. The steps between Level 1 and Level 2 protrude from the edge of Level 1 while the steps between Level 2 and Level 3 are cut out from Level 2's deck.

Level 1: Command Deck

  • Command: Here is where the captain or commanding officer of the ship sits with full access to the ship's systems and controls.
  • Weapons: The weapons operator works this position and from here the graviton beam projector and weapons can be manned to the captain's starboard-side.
  • Pilot: The helmsmen of the bridge sits in the pilot's seat to the captain's port-side.

Level 2: Operations Deck

  • Engineering: The head of engineering sits on level two starboard-side.
  • Mission Ops/ Communications: the missions operator or communications officer works from this position in the center of level two.
  • Safety and Systems Monitoring: This station is notable for the large diagram of the ship that is usually displayed at eye level above the console.

Level 3: Auxiliary Deck

  • Science and Sensors: The scientist or sensors operator controls what the ship sees via sensors from this position on the starboard-side.
  • First Officer: The first officer resides in this position.

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