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Ke-S3-X2900 Escape Pod

Ke-S3-X2900 escape pods are hexagonal in design, with a dome-shaped armored shield on top and engines on the bottom; they contain five seats, one on each wall, with a hatch to the outside on the sixth wall. The hatch is equipped with an air containment force-field. The pods are capable of sustaining life for 120 hours (five days), and over a century of cryogenic stasis if needed. Each pod has a homing device that must be manually activated. The pods will automatically put themselves into a safe descent if there is a habitable planet nearby (rather than burning up in the atmosphere). Unlike earlier escape pods, the Ke-S3-X2900 features a 730c (2 LY per day) drive system that will allow it to travel up to 10 light-years to attempt to reach a habitable world.


In YE 31, the Star Army began retrofitting a self-inflating raft system to the escape pods. The updated version, called the Ke-S3-X2900A, keeps the pod upright and floating on the surface in the event of a water landing on an Earth-like planet. In YE 32, toiletry kits were added to the standard inventory for this model of pod.



The standard set of supplies included in each Ke-S3-X2900 is:

OOC Notes

Article by Wes.

Star Army Logistics
Supply ClassificationClass B - SMALL CRAFT
Products & Items Database
Product Categoriessmall craft
Product NameKe-S3-X2900 Escape Pod
ManufacturerKetsurui Fleet Yards
Year ReleasedYE 29

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