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Leo Star Fortress

“Leo Station?” Fujiwara's ears perked a little bit, the angle a barely noticed shift, “I have not read the reports entirely as I have been off, but despite the fact that these people are our cousins as citizens, the entire place feels relatively Nepleslian. As a headquarters, I do not believe it to be the most defensible considering that it is a Pisces-Class station, and even then, all reserve weapons have been removed. From what I could understand from the statistics gathered by the local authority, the citizenry is victim to local Smuggling rings and predatory food merchants, both of which are reported to be extremely dissatisfied with our presence. Even further, the citizens themselves may view us as yet another problem to their day to day lives.” - Fujiwara Miu (藤原 美羽)

Leo is a Zodiac-Class Star Fortress constructed originally for the Star Army of Yamatai, and ceded to the United Outer Colonies in YE 30. In YE 33, Leo returned to service in the Star Army (YSS Eucharis Mission 13.1). In the following year it became the active base of the Tenth Fleet. Near the end of YE 37, it was stationed in the Asura star system.

Leo while it was still damaged.

A New Future for Leo

In YE 43, Leo Star Fortress was transferred to the First Expeditionary Fleet and is currently undergoing repairs and refurbishment.


5XF and the UOC

Leo Star Fortress was originally built for use by the Star Army of Yamatai's Fifth Expeditionary Fleet but was retained by the United Outer Colonies when the Yamataian citizens within the Yugumo Cluster seceded from the Empire to form the United Outer Colonies in YE 30. The condition for keeping the Star Fortress was a forced demilitarization of the Zodiac.

It was utilized by the United Outer Colonies Peacekeeping Forces and by the Motoyoshi Bakufu as a base of operations. During the blackout that led to the decimation of the United Outer Colonies by the NMX forces in YE 32, Fleet Admiral Mitsuya Ember sent out a call for assistance from the Star Army of Yamatai that led to evacuation of survivors from all over the Yugumo Cluster and the official return of Leo Star Fortress to the Star Army of Yamatai in YE 33.

Rebirth within the 10SF

Taisho Mitsuya Ember sat behind the desk in her office, the stacks of data pads and papers were large but neatly distributed across the desk's polished black surface. The tall former Nepleslian woman wore a completely black version of the old bodysuit uniform, with the front unzipped to above her ample bust line. Her shiny gold Fifth Expeditionary Fleet Taisho pin appeared to be a small star in an endless moonless sky. Her dark blue eyes were focused on a polished black and gold volumeric projection frame that hung prominently on the wall across from the desk at eye level.
The frame contained pictures and names of every Jiyuuian and Yamataian that lost their life during the war within the Yugumo Cluster and it rotated every 15 seconds. Ember had it especially made as a reminder of what happens when good political intentions get in the way of the harsh reality of logistical capabilities. The rest of her office held a few mementos of the people that touched her life but they were kept mostly as reminders of the cost of what had happened when the United Outer Colonies formed and when the blackout crippled their forces.

Mitsuya and many of the other United Outer Colonies Peacekeeping Forces that regrouped at Leo Star Fortress rejoined the Star Army of Yamatai and set to tending to their dead and wounded.

At the end of YE 34, then Taisho Mitsuya Ember turned over her command of Leo Star Fortress to Shôshô Morioka Naoko and was retained as a member of Tenth Fleet as Chujo Mitsuya Ember.

With the beginning of YE 35, Leo Star Fortress started undergoing renovations and receiving much needed food supplies with the arrival of the Tenth Fleet and Task Force Lantern. The members of the Ryuusei decided to personally distribute the food rations and in an effort to boost morale, revive an old noodle cart into a thriving noodle restaurant.

The Issues at Hand

No, that does not make sense, said Fujiwara's head, and she spoke again. “I would use all of these problems to solve the biggest of them all, the trust of the people. If I am to understand, the authority here has been limp-wristed, and the citizenry have been victimized by criminal and capitalistic ventures. I would use our current forces to isolate criminal elements, and continue introducing our surplus rations as an answer to greedy food-peddlers. As for the station's defenses, I would have use of the station's manufacturing abilities to surplus cannons for the purpose of mounting and defending this place. As for the disgusting, dirty Nepleslian feel… I would coax local station council committees to enrich the former UOC citizenry with decorative themes of our Yamatai's culture. Other than that, I would attempt to handle problems one at a time as they come and use our military resources to surgically remove them.”
“You are entirely correct.” The recumbent admiral pushed her thumbs together, spreading her hands against each other. “There are apparently a few who do not agree with the change in command. But, they do not have an official method of recourse. Part of the problem is that very soon, and very quickly, many of those tradesmen will lose their jobs.”

After the Tenth Fleet started re-militarizing and repairing Leo Star Fortress, it was discovered that the remnant Peacekeeper Forces only managed to maintain control over half of the Star Fortress arms and the central fortress core with the other three arms being contested by the re-emerging criminal elements that had been hiding in the chaos caused by the war. With the influx of Star Army of Yamatai resources and people, the security forces on Leo are working to drive out the predatory elements that have been feeding on the refugees. Purging the station of the smaller elements is only one solution to the problem, they have to locate the root of the problem to truly eliminate it.

Order returns

Chusa Belinda Blake stood before the small team of armed Peacekeepers and deputized yakuza that formed her Security team for this particular mission. The situation was a mess, a Star Army Soldier had been shot dead in the sewers by one of Voss's men after being fired on first, it was an act of self defense but would the Star Army truly see it that way? They were responding to act as back-up for the man's mission to rescue the little girl, Ginger that the Waking Dog had dragged from the Chou Cho District back down into the sewers.
Chusa Blake gave the Ryuusei a quick acknowledging glance as they finally arrived. “Quickly, get into a kit and pick up a rifle from the armory. They're in, we need to move ASAP. We're going to eliminate one of the criminal elements on this station, the Waking Dogs. They have been abducting children and fighting them in the sewers in the damage arm of Leo. We've been unable to reason with them, so it comes to this: we are executing every member of the Waking Dogs we encounter and rescuing the children.” The muscular security officer tossed two bundles of light weight armored clothing at Ayano and Kumiko and indicated the large cage behind her for the weapons, noting that the Juni had her own gear.

After the aggressive effort of Morioka Naoko's Task Force Lantern with the Chou Cho District Police Security Forces and Leo Security Forces, they were able to drive out or terminate the criminal elements on Leo before the end of YE 35. Many of the gangs pledged themselves to the Yakuza family members that did not want to be legitimized for protection and work. Many left for Asura star system to try their hands at settling new territory.

Important NPCS

Atogo Hinoko, Taisho - 10SF Commanding Officer, Fleet Admiral Mitsuya Ember, Chujo - 10SF Logistics Admiral; Former UOCPK Admiral and head of Leo Station Stacy Fleming, Shosa- 10SF Admiral's Aide; Former UOCPk Captain Marit, Taii - Head of Leo Security Forces LEO R04R, the Voice of Leo Station-Radio Station; 3 DJs: DJ R4bb1t, DJ N3k0-ch4n, DJ F0>< Justus, Lead Star Army Emergency Services; Leo Station Security Forces

District AIs

  • Karasu, 1st arm, Yatagarasu District AI
  • Hibiki, 2nd arm, Hosho District AI
  • Chouko, 3rd arm, “Chou” Cho District AI
  • Riko, 4th arm, Jinsei District AI
  • Bachi, 5th arm, Fushibachi District AI
  • Honoka, 6th arm, Hono District AI

The Former Criminal Element

  • The Cho Yakuza Family
  • Ye, Head of the Bachi Yakuza Family
  • The Waking Dogs - Gang
  • The Anathema - Gang
  • The Blood Wings - Gang
  • The WET - Gang

Station Amenities

Leo is configured like a regular Zodiac-Class Star Fortress with the exception that the inside has no remarkable Star Army of Yamatai systems or equipment installed. With the proper supplies, Leo could easily be reconfigured for military use and ship manufacturing again.

Leo's vast facilities were used to house displaced United Outer Colonies Peacekeeping Forces and Jiyuuian refugees. After the arrival of Morioka Naoko and her Task Force Lantern, the attitude of the civilian population changed. Many decided to re-assimilate into being Yamataians again while the others that were still apprehensive of the Star Star Army of Yamatai migrated from the station to Asura system or to Nepleslian controlled space. The overall attitude of the Jiyuuians on Leo towards Star Army of Yamatai personnel at the beginning was one of apprehension, they want to trust the Yamataians again but are unsure just how much they can trust their former Empire again despite being rescued from the invading NMX Forces.

The station is fairly crowded with the large amount of refugees that were displaced from the Cluster's planets.

Notable Locations

Morioka Bakufu Building

The place was separated from the area around it by a long, white wall, and that was somehow representative of the spirit of the place as well - it was set aside by huge, pale, pine doors, closed to the outside world.

It was in the section of the station that still benefited from artificial lighting, and the impression, carefully crafted, of daylight strangely bereft of an actual sun. Although the flats around it had fallen to either ruin or the cultivation of staple foods such as rice or barley, the former Motoyoshi Bakufu building on Leo station seemed untouched. There was a strange reverence given to it by the local Jiyuuans. Although there were some minor scrawls of graffiti on the walls, and a few lean-to's against the further walls where the refugees had clustered, they had stayed away from the doors.

The dark wood drained doors had been cut from Tamashii no Jiyuu, the first city upon the face of the planet which had been the beginning of the whole Colonies affair, and above them, the Motoyoshi emblem was embossed proudly into the thick beams supporting the portal.

“That will have to go,” Morioka decided, after looking at it for a while.

Fujiwara, primed next to the ever radiant admiral, was guiding along a small volumetric pad, which was linked back to the YSS Motome. She turned to the pad, but hesitated a moment.

“The locals here hold this area sacred to the family that took care of them, are you sure it's wise to take apart the last image of their legacy?”

The sleeves were long, wide, and came over her hands, but she still touched her chin in a distinctly thoughtful fashion. “I am not going to take it apart,” Morioka explained, molten orbs of light shifting beneath the shadow of her bangs. “I am going to have it redone, and shall occupy it.”

Ocean Breeze Spa

The receptionist's desk at the “Ocean Breeze Spa” was a warm chestnut brown with a holographic bouquet of lilies sitting on the right corner and on top of the desk was a touch screen with a list of their services with prices. The Jiyuuian woman behind the counter was a smiling, older woman with soft creases at the corners of her warm brown eyes and light grey hair that was pulled into a loose braid over her left shoulder. She was dressed in a simple light blue blouse with a flowing white skirt. “Good morning, Miss! How can we help you this morning?”

Located in the old Mecha Bay 3 is a “Hot springs” styled spa decorated with various small herb and vegetable gardens. Patrons can get a variety of massages, beauty treatments and the chance to rejuvenate their spirits in a relaxing atmosphere with gentle soft music and the sounds of the ocean.

The elder woman smiled kindly, “Well Miss, we offer relaxing muscle massages, treatments to soothe and beautify your hands and feet, we can wash and style your hair, but we can do almost anything that you might desire to feel relaxed and pampered. If you just prefer not to be touched, we have a lovely hot spring style bath that you can simply enjoy.”

Personal Spa Rooms

The personal spa room she was escorted to was warmly lit with floating lantern lights placed generously around the room with its walls painted a cheerful light yellow with a symmetrical repeating white pattern. The air was filled soothing piano music and with a sweet smelling floral perfume that was similar to honeysuckle. There were muffled content noises that echoed throughout the spa, distantly, was the playful laughter from the hot springs. Anju’s room felt warm but it was an overall comfortable temperature.


A large noodle stand near Dock 20 in Arm 4 where the Ryuusei and the crew of the YSS Motome staged food distribution to refugees.

In a rather large corner of the station, there was an abandoned noodle-stand. Nobody could seem to remember who owned it, or even who'd manned it; but its relative location to the loading bay made it the perfect place to offload undistributed supplies.

At some point while she and her co-workers were filling it up, Miria got the idea that it'd be fun for everyone if they prepared the rations for anyone who lined up to get one. After the unloading was finished, and the quartermaster suitably puppy-dogged, they'd set up shop. And now, the old stoves were running again, the rice cooker was boiling away with a few bottles of sake floating in it, and refugees were gathering in huddled masses to receive their free hot meal.

Third Arm, Main Concourse (Chou District)

When the Ryuusei stepped through the sliding airtight doors of the third arm’s main shopping concourse, those with enhanced senses were almost overwhelmed with the heavy smell of fresh paint and sandalwood incense; and nearly blinded by the level of increased illumination that poured through the entry doors.

The concourse was well lit with each overhead panel radiating soft white light from clean uninhibited light fixtures and working light bulbs. Between every other shop, there were traditional looking lantern shaped sconces mounted to the freshly painted bluish white walls. It was still considered daytime in this part of the concourse as the shops’ lanterns were not lit.

The steel deck plates beneath their feet had suddenly transformed into light grey cobblestone walkways that ran the entire length of the concourse. There were floating red planters every 10 feet filled with unknown greenery that were connected by ivy garland. The walkways appeared remarkably clean and well kept, and the walls were otherwise unmarred in their newness.

This concourse was not as heavily populated as the others, at least from their initial impressions but the people they did see were content and working. A few shopkeepers stood in the doorways of their businesses and swept the dust out of their shops and there was a café with people dining at outside tables off in the distance.

It was almost as if they had somehow walked to Kyoto. The temperature in this part of the station was a comfortable temperature that was neither too hot nor too cold. The air was filled with the smells of the shops around them and soft music that played from unseen speakers . Somewhere down the concourse, someone was baking an apple pie, the cinnamon and the sugar filled the air with its delicious promise of dessert.

A floating volumetric display appeared before them, accented with small lilies that highlighted names and locations of the services they had queried the station’s computer for…

In the bottom of the menu was the smiling image of a pretty young Jiyuuian girl with deep purple eyes and soft opalescent hair wearing a short dark dress that hugged the girl’s soft curves. “Welcome to the CHOU district of Leo Star Fortress. I am CHOUKO and I am this concourse’s AI guide. If you have any questions or wish to have any recommendations for shops to visit, just say my name and I will appear to help you.”


Located immediately to the right of the CHOU concourse's main entrance. It features a nice window display that utilizes living models to display new fashions, the favorite models are a pretty young female Helashio, Lilly, and a male Helashio, Haruki. Owned and operated by Apocynum who is assisted by Freesia.

The doors to the shop were closed once all the Star Army soldiers were inside browsing Apocynum’s wares. The sounds from the outside concourse were replaced with the clearer sound of female voice from well hidden speakers. “This next song goes out to our newest visitors, Taskforce Lantern and the Tenth Fleet. ” There was a soft giggle before the female DJ continued, “We so love heroes, here’s ‘Rescue Me’ from Sasa Shigeho. This is DJ R4bb1t and you are listening to R04R, Leo’s Star Fortress’s premier radio station!” The DJ’s voice transitioned to the female vocals of a Yamataian rock song.

The inside of the shop’s doors were tinted in a way that made it difficult for people to look inside but allowed for those inside to see what was in that immediate field of view.


Located immediately to the left of the CHOU concourse's main entrance. A sword and weaponry shop with very simplistic store front that features a traditional stone cut sign mounted on the wall with a large, heavy wooden door that led into the interior of the shop.


Cafe with outdoor seating. Serves sandwiches, soups, and pastries.


Member exclusive sake den and main office for the Chou Cho District Police, headed by Michael Voss.

Voss glanced back towards the sake den where his companions had ducked beneath a cloth awning, taking seats in the shadowy recesses. The place did not seem too poorly lit, but compared to the brightness of the street, which was near fully synthetic daylight, it seemed too shady by comparison.

The den itself was mostly low to the ground; a bar counter stretched snug around one corner, with a Jiyuuan manning it under dim lighting. The booths were in the traditional Yamataian style, long couches and tables close to the knees. Each table had a waitress, a Helashio or a Jiyuuan - dressed neatly, but not conservatively - helping the Chou district 'police' settle back into their grab-ass routine.

Voss had a clear shot to the stairwell at the back, and he took it without speaking, although it looked as though at least the Jiyuuan waitress behind the bar wanted to say something. She kept her mouth shut about it, though, and gave Chiyo an odd look on the way by.

The top of the stairs had several apartments; one of them was Voss's.

Ox's Steakhouse

Nepleslian Style Steakhouse

Peony's Envy

Day spa and massage parlor. Offers massages, pedicures, and manicures. Located about six shops down the concourse directly in front of the next hub entrance to the ZLRS.

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OrganizationFirst Expeditionary Fleet
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