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Tsuyosa was originally colonized under the control of the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet. It is currently under the control of Fourth Fleet and serves as the capital of the Bard Cluster.

Flag of the Yamatai Star Empire

In YE 30, Tsuyosa was released to the Yamatai Star Empire's control as part of the Intergalactic Armistice Agreement of YE 30 (IAA) signed at the International Relations Conference of YE 30 at the end of the First Mishhuvurthyar War.

The Yamatai Star Empire placed a global communications network of Emrys Satellites into orbit in YE 36.

Civilian cargo shipping is primarily provided by Trinary Star Shipping, which has storefronts in all of the planet's major cities.

System Details

System Description

Quoted from the Miharu plot (Mission 1, Day 4):

Kotori's eyes returned to Mara. “What does it look like out there?”

Mara turned back to her displays. “Well, it's a fairly spaced out star system. The star is a F-class yellow dwarf. There are four planets: the first is 0.6 AU away from the sun, is terrestrial and has an atmosphere… though the volcano and greenhouse effects makes it a lifeless, uninhabitable sauna with lots of tectonic activity. No moons.”

“The second is 3.7 AU away from its sun and is pretty much your typical, crater-infested airless rock that happens to be big enough to be called a planet. No moons here either.”

“Then, we have lots and lots of smaller floating rocks between 4.1 AU and 17 AU of the sun… which is a whole lot of asteroids. We have about 12% of Type Cs, 29% of type Ss and 16% of type Ms. The rest are actually in a pretty big patch of asteroids which emits high enough radiation to mess up with our sensor reading: I'd bet most of them are Type Ms and would probably be good for mining if our instrumentation would work around there.”

“The third planet is a rather cold gas giant - can't really blame it: it's 29 AU away from its star. It's sort of bluish, has a ring system and about 54 moons which I won't detail.”

“The fourth planet is 36 AU away and terrestrial dwarf. Moons around the third planets are actually bigger than this one. Tourists would probably go there for ice skating… since what this small thing has in abundance is ice.”


"Guriddo" Defense System

In YE 32 the Fourth Fleet deployed 4SF Standard "Guriddo" System Deployment for the defense of Tsuyosa.

Map Locations
Map to UseKikyo Sector
Map Display NameTsuyosa
Map Coordinates1710,1263
Map ImportanceMinor RP Location
Map Marker
Show label?yes
Marker AnchorBottom Center
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Place Categoriesstar system

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