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Star Army Rikugun Commander

Rikugun Commanders are commissioned officers tasked with commanding the many types of units within the Star Army Rikugun. This occupation does not replace an individual's primary occupation such as Star Army Infantry.

The MOS code for a Rikugun Commander is 10R and the panel color is command white.


Historically the focus of the Star Army Rikugun was the Star Army Century, with Star Army Legion just consisting of numerous centuries under it. But in YE 42, additional unit levels were created under the Rikugun Reforms and Base Realignment YE 42. With centurions existing only at one level, it was decided to create a general command occupation for the Rikugun. Centurion still remains the name of a century commander due to tradition.


To become a commander of a Rikugun unit, an individual must be a commissioned officer. There are two main ways to accomplish this: attend a Military Academy or attend Basic Officer Training (BOT). A 4-year degree or years of experience is needed to attend BOT, while graduates of a Military Academy are automatically granted a degree.


The minimum rank for this occupation is Shoi and the maximum rank is Taisho.


There are two main types of commanders: the soldier and the politician. Lower-ranking officers (Shoi, Chui, and Taii) are “soldiers” that have lower amounts of moving pieces. Instead of being the Chess Master, they are the pieces on the board that get the mission done. These commanders are usually found directly working in the field (be that combat or just moving boxes around). They also get to know their subordinates to know any issues that will affect the mission and to motivate them.

Commanders ranking above Taii begin to function more like politicians and bureaucrats. The higher in the organization they become (battalion, regiment, brigade), the further away from the direct work of their primary occupation they become. Their main task is instead to ensure their subordinates have the training and equipment needed to do their jobs. They issue out orders and may conduct inspections to ensure mission readiness.

Players leading a unit above a Century are typically found in an office of a Rikugun installation or carrier vessel directing units.


All Rikugun Commanders, regardless of primary occupation, are leaders. They are expected to eventually command large numbers of people in stressful situations. They have a broad knowledge of military strategies and tactics, personnel management, and logistics. They learn to become experts in management and planetary-based (and even some spaceship-based) warfare of every scale.

  • Leadership
  • Knowledge (Diplomacy)
  • Humanities (Psychology, Yamtai Star Empire/Star Army of Yamatai laws)

Player Expectations

Players are expected to provide leadership and fully accept the consequences (both good and bad) of their decisions. Please reference Rikugun Structure for an idea of how many soldiers are under your command.

Junior level commanders (platoon, century XO, Centurion) can still participate directly in the job of their primary occupation (infantry, logistics, etc.). But they must defer to lawful orders from their higher-ranking commanders.

Senior-level commanders (battalion, regiment, brigade) are expected to not only focus on providing guidance but also be a manager on how lower-level units will act. Without your guidance, lower commanders have to make up their own tasks to accomplish.

Those that are flag officers that command Legions, Armies, and Area Armies are expected to regularly maintain their unit's wiki articles with RP history.

Learning about basic principles of military leadership will help to roleplay as an officer.

List of Characters

(If available, we can use struct to automatically list characters in that occupation)

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