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Rikugun Structure

The following chart displays the current organizational scheme of the Star Army Rikugun. As of YE 42, a lot of tactical focus shifted away from the centuries to the battalion and regiment as building blocks of the Rikugun legions.

Current Structure

Unit Type (邪馬台語 name) Trade name Typical Command Rank Description Symbol
Hōmen-gun 方面軍 Area Army (Field Army) Chujo Multiple Armies in a theater. 548,700+ soldiers XXXX
Gun Army (equivalent to corps) Shôshô 5 Legions/Divisions; 109,700+ soldiers XXX
Shidan 師団 Legion (Division) Taisa 2-4 Ryodan; 21,900-43,700 soldiers XX
Ryodan 旅団 Brigade Chusa 4 Rentai; typically 10,900 soldiers X
Rentai 連隊 Regiment Shosa 5 Daitai; 2,700 soldiers III
Daitai 大隊 Battalion Taii 5 Chūtai; 520 soldiers II
Chūtai 中隊 Century (Company) Chui 5 Shōtai; 100 soldiers I
Shōtai 小隊 Platoon Shoi 5 Kumi; 20 soldiers ooo
Kumi Fire Team NCO 4 soldiers Ø

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