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Star Army Legion

The level of organization above the Star Army Brigade and below the Star Army Area Army and Army, legions are the default tactical unit deployed by the Star Army of Yamatai for independent operations. They are typically commanded by a Taisa.

The first 21 legions to be formed carry the special distinction of making use of ancient numerals such as Legion I and Legion IX. Legions that are formed on a permanent basis use ordinal numbers, like the 72nd Legion. Remaining legions formed by the Star Army of Yamatai and placed in the Star Army Reserve use the old format Legion #, for example the 777th Legion was known as Legion 777 before it became a permanent and separate element.


  • Headquarters Battalion
    • S1 (Admin/Personnel)
    • S2 (Intelligence)
    • S3 (Operations)
    • S4 (Logistics)
    • S6 (Communication/IT)
    • S9 (Public Relations)
    • Support Enlisted and Emma Androids for each staff section
  • 2 Brigades

2 Brigades is the standard number, but legions with as many as 4 Brigades can be found as well.


The standard Star Army Legion contains the following occupations:

  • Headquarters Battalion
    • Command Century
      • Legion Commander (typically a Taisa)
      • Legion XO (typically a Chusa)
      • Legion Senior Enlisted Adviser
      • Headquarters Centurion (typically a Taii)
      • G1 Personnel Officer (typically a Chusa)
      • G2 Intelligence Officer (typically a Chusa)
      • G3 Operations Officer (typically a Chusa)
      • G4 Logistics Officer (typically a Chusa)
      • G6 IT Officer (typically a Chusa)
      • G9 Public Relations Officer (typically a Chusa)
      • 90 Enlisted personnel and Service Android, Type 36A "Emma" divided between the staff sections.
    • Legion Band
    • Giretsu Century

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