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War Games

War Games is a Yamatai roleplaying plot based at Fort Hikari (all IC training/location info in the link) to be run by GM ethereal that surrounds the training and off-duty life of a new cohort of potential Admirals and Generals.

Here they learn how to be leaders and hold the respect of their troops, strategy, battle tactics and logistics. The experiences and knowledge they possess from the past will surely come in useful to complete the tasks put to them and help them prove themselves higher than their peers and worthy of Fleet or General rank.

Only the best few will receive the final confirmation, earning the ability to become a member of High Command. The most outstanding officer earns the commemorate Sword of Command.

This plot will include battlefield simulations, depending on the outcome and how well the officer uses their assets, from which points will be allocated. The points will be public and only the highest will pass out.

Status: War Games is accepting new players at this time.

Plot Overview

War Games is a training, strategy and slice of life plot, revolving around the current class of General Officer and Admiralty candidates and their fight to earn not only the respect of their peers but also credit with which their passing out hinges on.

The IC aim of this plot is to equip the candidates with everything they need to command, to lead and to become strategists.

The OOC purpose is to allow players to gain actual military knowledge, to better RP their characters in other plots - especially those in leadership roles. Any potential GMs can use this plot to develop a Captain for their vessel or Admiral for their corps until such a time they kick off their plot rather than fabricating their background!

This plot is aimed at players with characters in officer or NCO roles in other plots given the extensive knowledge required to perform at such a level but but all are welcome if they can keep up with the speed and not fumble on the content.

Rules and Pacing

  • Age Requirement: 16
  • Format: Joint Posts, occasional Play-by-Post Now emails with participants until more join, roster not updated
  • Pacing: Variable, performed in “rounds”. All players must complete their JP of a “round” before the rest may progress.

Crew Roster

Training Staff

Rank Name Position Color Player Notes Picture
Shôshô Chinchu Rhikiya Academy Director ethereal NPC
Taisa Byintama Shinko Program Director ethereal NPC

Officer Candidates

Rank Name Position Color Player Notes Picture

Characters to Join





Recruits are exclusively from the ranks of Captains, Commanders and other professions which control a single installation, battalion or ship.

During their training all attendees are referred to as Kenshūsei or Trainee regardless of what rank they may have had prior. All trainees are automatically placed on the Yamatai Prestige System for the duration of their training.

Note: Those without an Star Army Enlistment Contract cannot be trained.

The programme has a maximum student capacity of 28 trainees. Sessions start every two months.


Trainees receive a subset of the Star Army Standard Issue Items. The following is the Trainee issue:

Trainee Issue


The program is 120 days and provides the following training:


Graduates of the School are approved to be able to gain Admiralty or General ranks.

Wash Out

Any soldier who fails to graduate has two options. They can come back and try again a maximum of twice, or they may return to their post indefinitely with no chance of promotion above line/field ranks.

OOC Notes

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