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Sund Wakir

The following is an article on the culture of the Iromakuanhe and the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth.

The Sund Wakir are a spiritual, survivalist nomadic culture, descended from the highly ritualistic warriors of the old Saali war fleets. They are renowned for their ability to survive in the harsh no man's land between the temperate poles, and for their potent mastery of the martial arts. They see themselves as the caretakers of the Nuocr Expanse, the holiest lands of Maekardan and the resting place of the dormant Makuori, and often function as guides to pilgrims seeking the temples they maintain. Though occasionally seen as brooding and humorless by the jovial Curdatl, they keep generally good relations with the other cultures of the Iromakuanhe, and command respect among their brethren.

Sund Wakir on Hlarai are known as Saea Wakir, while those on Mazerin are known as Ovoc Wakir. They tend to have physical traits and personal characteristics that are more influenced by that planet's metropolitan culture.

Physical Traits

Color (Hair/Eye) Eyes Hair
White None Uncommon
Gray Uncommon Uncommon
Black None Very Common
Brown Common Common
Red Common Very Common
Orange Common Rare
Yellow Common Rare
Blue Very Rare None
Violet Very Rare None
Green Very Rare None
Skin Color Rarity
Chalk White Very Rare
Brown (“Black”) Common
Rose Pink Very Rare
Flesh Very Common
Pale Purple None
Average Stats
Male Height 5'10“
Female Height 5'6”
Male Weight 150 Ibs
Female Weight 130 Ibs
Male Build Very Toned/Athletic
Female Build Toned
Bra Cup Size B


General Behavior

Difficult, harsh and beautiful, much like the desert they live in. The Sund Wakir are a fierce, honorable people that are quick to trust and make friends with newcomers, but very slow to forgive offenses made against them. They are also zealous about religion, and may have poor tempers when engaged in heated arguments about their faith. Overall, Wakir make very good allies, but very bad enemies.

Marriage Practices


With lifetimes spent in the harsh climes of the Expanse, the Sund Wakir have long believed in the values on long standing relationships for the sake of survival. Couples spend lifetimes together, expected to be deeply devoted and faithful to eachother. Extra marital affairs are frowned upon in general, and bastard children are taken from their parents and raised by the keepers of the temples that dot the sandblasted landscape of the Expanse.

The Ceremony

A sparse celebration, Wakir have plain religious ceremonies that end with blood oathes and are followed up by feasts among the extended family and friends. Mariages are typically held in the largest yurt available, and are decorated with plenty of oranges, red, bright yellows and blacks, while aromatic fruits, flowers and herbs are spread everywhere to make the round tent smell nice. The ceremony can be held by a priest, elder or either of the fathers of the newlyweds, and celebrations afterwards can last up to a week.

Familial Practices

Sund Wakir families are nuclear, with two parents and 2-3 children. Families will take care of the early childhood of their children, but quickly return to the Expanse once they are right around age 5. Once the children reach this age, they are placed in monasteries until adolescence, whereupon they rejoin their families. This is done because the parents cannot expect to stay away from work for too long, and so that the children may learn important skills, such as reading and writing, and proper study of the Book of Dreams.


Though homosexuality is tolerated because all strong bonds between people are valued, they will only allow heterosexual couples to marry. Should a former couple wish to see eachother after they are wed to other people, they will be allowed, but it is frowned upon by the culture. Most fetishes and sexual practices are seen as obscene things, though the Wakir tend have an odd fetish for well toned legs and nicely rotating ankles.


Though they spend the majority of their lives in welcoming and richly decorated yurts, the Sund Wakir have many stone structures in the outcrops around the Expanse. These have a distinctly Spanish/Middle eastern flair to them, but are swept and inclined in a manner to slow down wear and tear from the wind. Most of these structures are temples and monasteries, though there are a few great stone marketplaces scattered in the safer regions of Sund Wakir territory.

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