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She Brew Coffee

She Brew is the name of an Iromakuanhe Coffee shop chain that originated in the hands of several female Ivuori that started on Mazerin and ended up being taken over by big business and spread throughout the Iruotl System.

More about She Brew

She Brew began as a small business run by three women that bought the business together. Each had a background in the sciences and had an aptitude to learning how to roast and brew Coffee. One of them was handy and created a platform on which the cups of Coffee are poured and, thus, brewed. They are a single-pour Coffee shop, meaning they brew each cup fresh when it's ordered.


When Lavana Pertaneya, Hivurya Sitomon, and Peruya Netiyo got out of their scientific schooling, they were a close-knit trio of friends that found themselves disenchanted by the idea of going to work at separate job sites. They all applied to work at the same office, a medical research lab in Mazerin, but only one of them got in. They applied at a second one, and a different one of the women was accepted. Finally, they tried a third, and the third woman was accepted. Instead of take the jobs, they took out small loans separately and, combined, the money was enough to start a business together, doing what they loved, drinking Coffee. Hivurya had some mechanical expertise and was able to weld together a metal platform in which four typical baskets could be placed for single cup pours. Peruya was gifted with managing barista employees and worked well with customers. Lavana was easy on the eyes and drew the attention of businessmen. It was one of these men that bought out the business from the girls, who retired on a Hlarai airship soon thereafter. Once bought out, the business grew and grew. Multiple locations were opened.

Currently, She Brews CEO is going out on a limb and opening locations out of the Iruotl System, on foreign planets that only Iromakuanhe that work for BEST KEBABS Kebab Stands, Treasure Trove Frozen Treats, and other independent Iromkuanhe have ventured to.


The process goes as follows:

  • Customer chooses a roast, with or without help from the barista serving them.
  • The barista scoops out a measured amount of roasted beans and grinds them with a specialized machine.
  • Once ground, the Coffee is put into a filter inside of a metal basket that holds the filter and Coffee in place. This basket is one of four that sits on the platform designed by one of the three original owners.
  • Hot water that is near boiling but not yet there is poured out of a heating tower to a precise measurement and is poured over the ground Coffee. There is a finesse to this, as the water must be poured from a great height and while being swirled over the entirety of the ground beans.
  • The hot water seeps through the ground Coffee and into a cup below the platform. Once fully filtered through the Coffee beans, the cup of she brewed Coffee can be enjoyed black.
    • If the cup of Coffee is not to be enjoyed black, but with cream or milk, at this time the barista will shake a container of zoloat milk or cream, depending on which the customer desires, until it is foamy within the container and will pour this into the cup until filled before quickly stirring it with a spoon in a circular direction, careful to not hit the sides of the cup nor keep the spoon in too long, lest the spoon's coldness dulls the hot temperature of the drink and makes it more tepid.
    • If the cup of Coffee is going to be enjoyed with a leaf of minty rysari, the leaf will be placed in the palm of the barista's hand and smacked by their other hand's fingers in order to release the flavors of the ice tongue.
  • The barista will then ask the customer to taste it and make sure it's perfect for them.


There are a wide range of varying roasts that She Brew serves. They go from light to medium to dark, to even decaf. The notes of the Coffee are known by all of the baristas and they are adept at helping the customer decide which roast will fit their current desires perfectly. The lighter the roast, the more caffeine will be in it. The darker the roast, the more flavor will be present.

Name Roast Notes
Leva Light Fruity
Tekor Light Porun, Nutty
Hait Light Kwirin, Floral
Hafta Medium Earthy, Toasty
Lumi Medium Butter, Nutty
Pero Medium Herbal
Reyo Dark Smoky
Kule Dark Woody
Nimu Dark Dry
Nil Decaf Earthy


Size Price
Small 2 KD
Medium 2.5 KD
Large 3 KD

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