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Collapsible Rapid Deployment Module

The Ke-P1 (Series) Collapsible Rapid Deployment Module is a portable habitat module with the ability to fold up for transport. It was first manufactured by Ketsurui Fleet Yards beginning in YE 31.


The Collapsible Rapid Deployment Module (CRDM) were originally created to fulfill the requirements of the Scientific Studies Service (SSS). They needed to transport their base camp structures in a compact and efficient manner, and using vessels that were sometimes limited in their storage capacity. It was out of this situation that the CRDM was conceived.



The structures are 4 meters tall. Due to cost considerations, the Star Army opted to use Durandium Alloy rather than Zesuaium for the body. This had the unfortunate side effect of leaving the CRDM somewhat under-insulated, necessitating the need for an optional quilted interior liner (available from Star Army logistics) when in extreme environments.

Mission Specialization

Each individual component of the CRDM has its own purpose and specialization.

Standard Module Equipment

Additionally, all Collapsible Rapid Deployment Modules have the following equipment:

  1. Enviromental system
  2. Side hatch location
  3. Power supply
  4. Refresher station
  5. Integrated Computer core
  6. End hatches

Environmental system

  • Air recycling system which scrubs the air, and provides thermal control as required. Vents are places through out the module.
  • A closed water system, that recycles all water used in the system. It also processes moisture removed from the air through the air system.

Gravity control

  • Installed in the lower portion of the CRDM are gravity controls. These serve two purposes, first is to facilitate the installation of the module. They are activated by an external control to reduce the effective weight/mass of the module so that the team can safely deploy it. Once the module is deployed the gravity systems are only to adjust the internal gravity in the module if necessary.

Integrated Computer core

  • This is where a Backup Integrated Electronics System is installed. This provides super-high-speed data-churning and possesses untold memory. It is capable of networking with the other CRDMs.

Power supply

  • A compact Aether Generator provides the power needs of the module and all of its equipment

Refresher station

  • A small bathroom featuring a small sink and a toilet.

Standard modules


The CRDM is constructed from a Durandium Alloy (or rarely, Zesuaium) frame, and covered in 1 cm thick sheets of Durandium Alloy (or rarely, Zesuaium). There are three hatches on each module. One on each end and on on the side.

Viewed from the end they are hexagonal. A split hatch is centered on the ends. When opened the top half swings up, and the lower half drops down.

A plastic umbilical can be attached at the point indicated in white. This allows modules to be connected together and provides an environmental seal.

End view

Side view

CRDM deploying

When the CRDM deploys the top section raises up, it slides in slots in the front and rear upper panels, and lifts them into place. Once the top section is in place the end panels are swung up and secured.

The CRDM uses standard equipment, that is mounted into racks made for the CRDM. These lock into the tracks in the ceiling and floor of the module.

The .3 meters (1 foot) of the top and bottom sections is used for wiring, plumbing, and embedded lighting. The surface of these has power and data connections as well as tracks for equipment to be moved. This allows equipment to be repositioned prior to collapsing the module. All equipment that is mounted to the floor or ceiling must be no more than 1.5 meters in height.

The doorway on the front of the module, can be attached to a Star Army Portable Shelter, Type 30 by a similar umbilical as is used to connect separate modules.

The header and footer sections leave 3.4 meters (11.45 feet) of space floor to ceiling.

Statistics and Performance

Statistics and performance information can be found below:


General notes about armor stats and performance

General Statistics for the CRDM
Year Introduced YE 31
Class/Nomenclature Ke-P1
Designers Ketsurui Zaibatsu Research and Development teams, Scientific Studies Service (SSS)
Manufacturer Ketsurui Fleet Yards
Fielded By Scientific Studies Service (SSS)


Length: 14 meters (47.18 feet) Width: 6 meters (20.22 feet) widest Height: (Collapsed) 2 meters (6.74 feet) Height: (Deployed) 4 meters (13.48 feet) Floor space: 4 meters (13.48 feet) x 14 meters (47.18 feet)

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • 10 SP (Armor)

OOC Notes

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