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Ke-P1-11a - Communal Toilet

This Collapsible Rapid Deployment Module has all the standard features. It was developed for the Star Army of Yamatai as part of the Type 33 Prefab Outpost Modules. It became available in YE 33.

Ke-P1-11a Communal Toilet

About the Ke-P1-11

The Ke-P1-11 provides a large scale bathroom facility for use by soldiers in the Outpost. The refresher is removed from the CRDM.


Organization Using This item: Star Army of Yamatai Type: Barracks Nomenclature: Ke-P1-11 Designers: Ketsurui Zaibatsu Research and Development teams, Star Army of Yamatai Manufacturers: Ketsurui Fleet Yards Entered service: YE 33

Internal View

The Communal Toilet has eleven Standard Star Army Toilets, five sinks and mirrors. There are eight electric hand dryers positioned near the sinks.

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