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Nikanor Avarolis

Nikanor Avarolis is a player character played by Legix.

Nikanor Avarolis
Species & Gender: Separa'Shan1) Male
Year of Birth: YE 09
Organization: Ayla's Crime Syndicate
Occupation: Interrogator & Combat Specialist
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: Crimefest

Physical Description

A dark, sable-skinned male who “stands” at a height of 6'2“, while his tail makes him a full length of thirteen feet. His snake half has a black back and a pale khaki belly, slightly darker than his human half's skin. Small scars dot his stomach and chest, marking where he has been shot and injured over his career as a mercenary. This makes his somewhat athletic build a bit more intimidating, though still lacking in the sheer width of most brutes and lean enough to allow him to be an agile fighter. He weighs a rather traditional 180 lbs, gaining much of the weight from his muscle and lengthy snake end. Slitted snake-eyes of amber-yellow are set on his rugged features well, accented his undercut-styled black hair and lack of facial hair. Fin-like ears sit on either side of his head rather than ears, his almost snout-like nose indicating the strong snake-blood running in his veins.

Clothing-wise, he often wears a brown tunic with a gold belt to secure it to his form. Black bracer-like gloves affixed to his hands allow him a stronger grip, while the tunic's low-cut neck allows him to easily open his jaws to the max to swallow larger amounts of food if necessary. As one might expect from a Venis, anytime he might smile or speak, one can see his fangs along with the lengthy snake-like tongue that allows him to better detect smells. Worn at the bottom of his tunic and often around his belt, however, is a large sash that's tied tight and draped down his snake half's back to keep his clothing still, as well as allow him to more easily carry things. From all the time he spent as a warrior-monk among his people as a Templar, Nikanor carries the scent of oils and smoke, while speaking with the voice one might expect from a soldier with a gruff bite to cut over the bark of gunfire.


A soldier most of his life, Nikanor is what many could consider a hard man. As a Venis, his anger has been refined into an aggressive edge, often leading him to take offense rather easily. However, this anger has defined him further when combined into his objective look on the world by making the Templar into one of the most stubborn men around. Almost masochistic, pain pushes him forward and his zealous nature leaks out when he's starting to lose. In short, there is little to stop him from simply “letting go” when in the heat of battle, driving him into a battle lust that could make an ID-SOL blush.

Socially, because of this, Nikanor prefers to grunt and scoff while providing little helpful input. This doesn't stop him from speaking, of course, but simply enjoying to pick on both friend and enemy alike for any signs of weakness they might portray. Only when someone is acting to his expectations, often meaning they're praising or paying him absurd levels of respect, will the facade of a rude man slip away and reveal the more softer side that's shared only among his closest kin. A sore spot that often leads to barfights would be to insult his clan, something that even after his banishing has always been a thorn in his side. And, like most men who make their way to Nepleslia, bringing the Separa food will result in Nikanor giving you acknowledging grunts… as the best way to a Templar is through their stomach.


Nikanor Avarolis was born in YE 09 among his people like so many others. For much of his life, he lived a very standard one where he grew to try and become his clan leader. However, in YE 29 when his people came into contact with Yamatai, he was one of the sole clan heirs among the various families of his kind to oppose the idea of being bossed around. As a Templar, his views were simply that Yamatai would make their species weak through their many frivolous luxuries beyond their military. However, this opposition threatened the Avarolis to the point that the family couldn't take the risks for their people nor their lineage to allow Nikanor to lead. As such, he was banished and told to leave the planet immediately, to preserve some of their family's name. As one who held their culture so tight to his chest, this was a blow that practically broke even the strong-willed Templar… but did not stop him from leaving and performing his duty.

In Nepleslia space, Nikanor made a pathetic living on Nepleslia Prime. As a soldier, he was able to find work among mercenaries to at least keep himself fed and afloat. A small, cramped home that left him living a life of poverty rather than having the chance to become the leader of his clan with pride. It was a lot to bear… to the point that he finally had a moment of insanity slip through his zealous training. This was a test that the Gods had wanted him to display his ability with. To show that he could change and become the knife of efficiency necessary to return to his people and at least live underneath the Yamataian thumb. Many others had been able to remain silent and temper their fury, but he had not and that would be his punishment to receive redemption.

And after so many years, by YE 39, Nikanor found a job that gave the angle he might need to acquire such funds. Rather than a mercenary, he would become the muscle for a criminal group. Such groups had long been among opponents he faced while working in Nepleslia, to the point that many were shown to even be somewhat honorable. But honor among the stars wasn't a concern to him. Nikanor needed funds, experience, and ties that could one day earn him the chance to retake his clan and return to his homeworld. And the Venis fully intended to achieve that goal, no matter the costs it would bear upon his physical form.

Skills Learned


Among even his kind, Nikanor is what many would consider informed. As a Templar, he was expected to be more than just a warrior. He is well-informed in the culture and religious practices of his people, understanding the basics and connections of many religions as a result to that profound depth. From his time in Nepleslia, adapting to their laws, he has even grown skillful at determining angles to work out the legality of various actions. All of this, combined with a photographic memory, allows Nikanor his scheming and planning capabilities to function on a very strong situational basis, such as allowing him to recall blueprints during a job to make a sudden escape route that might not have been the intended one.


Originally a Templar, Nikanor is an adept warrior both unarmed and with firearms. He had been trained to wield both his kind's ceremonial weaponry as well as their newer technology, making him exceptionally skilled at close range. Coupled with his biting venom, Nikanor's major weakpoint is a lack of proficient long-range skills, often accented by his ability to utilize power armors with sophisticated targeting systems. Spears, shotguns, and automatic rifles make up the livelihood of any good soldier, just as much as his capabilities in hand-to-hand combat.


While his venom is extremely potent and useful for paralyzing a target, Nikanor's physical strength is rather average for a soldier. His tail lacks the muscles to strangle an opponent like a Pythus, but makes up for it with a somewhat agile mobility for circling opponents. Speed-wise, he is only a bit slower than someone running but makes up for it with a greater sense of stamina and the ability to climb rough surfaces with more ease, using the scales and grip of his snake half to even somewhat climb eighty degree walls.


As a Templar, Nikanor was expected to be a representative of his people to some capacity. A distance to the frivolities that most find necessary, Nikanor is adept at parting things and making the objective view his priority. What he might lack in a social softness he makes up for with a wit and a sharp voice, skilled at barking orders above the sounds of battle and spotting shifts in the enemy formation that might signal a new attack plan. This isn't to be confused, however, with an ability to win a war but rather win the fight.

Survival and Military

While he rarely has to rely on such skills, Nikanor is capable of operating in survival conditions. Making improvised weaponry, finding water and food, and preparing hideouts are all within his skillset. Though these constructions would be far from ideal, they often serve and at least allow Nikanor to rest on a makeshift bed rather than on the floor.


Although he never underwent specific training, Nikanor is capable of handling and arming basic munitions while identifying blast points and the types of munitions being used against him. This has been built up from his time as a mercenary, utilizing Power Armor missile-packs and having to sacrifice drones to keep himself from being hit by various types of seeking explosives. Don't expect him to disarm bombs, but he will at least know how best to try and stifle the explosions.


Well-versed in his native language and Trade (language), partially in both Freefolk and Six Cog from a stint with some Freespacer mercenaries, and a basic understanding of Yamataigo and binary all combine to make Nikanor a rather scary degree of an interpreter. Where modern machines could fulfill his role, this means that Nikanor can often rely on his photographic memory to read all of these languages while speaking them with little accent. However, this has become a two-edged sword in that his languages all have a funky accent gained from being able to speak so many at once, losing his genuine Separa'Shan trademark hissing without being intentional.

Social Connections

Nikanor is connected to the following…

Who/What Description
His Clan Though he was banished, Nikanor views his clan as one of the most important things in his life. Even his father, who made the decision to banish him, was seen as acting reasonably and for the betterment of their people. Someday, he hopes to return to lead them…

Inventory & Finance

Nikanor Avarolis has the following…


Financial State

Nikanor is currently living in average condition with a small apartment with improved utilities and luxuries. In terms of prizes and trophies, he has acquired the following:

  • Removed Armored Truck Side-Mirror = (Bank Heist Gone Wrong)

OOC Information

In the case Legix becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO
Character Data
Character NameNikanor Avarolis
Character OwnerLegix
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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