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Ayla Sozon

Ayla Sozon is a player character played by SirSPT.

Ayla Sozon
Species & Gender: Nepleslian Female
Date of Birth: YE 15 (27 years old)
Organization: Unaffiliated
Occupation: Criminal Mastermind
Rank: N/A

Physical Description

Ayla weighs 134 lbs and is 5'10“. Her body has a white skin tone and has an fairly slim figure. Her eyes almond shaped and are have a sky blue color.

Her hair is a golden blonde and is very long and flowing, reaching half-way down her back and tends to cover her left eye when at rest. She rarely ever puts it up in a bun or has it cut.

One noticeable feature she has is scar on the back of her right hand from a chemical burn she earned after attempting to steal from a criminal with a lot more influence than her. She is touchy about people staring at it and tries to keep it hidden.


Crafty, quick-witted, and slightly greed, Ayla has the makings of a thief looking to make it big. If she sees an opportunity to make some money, she'll hop on board the task. Though she is easily influenced by her own greed and has gotten herself in trouble trying to rip off the wrong people.

Ayla's usually not the most serious person, attempting crack a few jokes when the situation permits or to break tension of a situation. She can get little defensive to criticism but can get pretty vindictive when crossed or backstabbed.

She prefers flight over fight, but she isn't afraid to attack or even kill anyone that stands in her way. On the other hand, she'll more than likely bolt if she's outnumbered even slightly unless she has back-up on her own.

  • Likes: Making money, 3 piece suits, mobster movies, earning her money (through honest larceny).
  • Dislikes: Being robbed, lemons, lye, people staring at her chemical burn.
  • Goal: Start her own crime family.


Ayla Sozon was born in YE 15 to rich family of Nepleslian higher-class and under a different name. She was eldest sibling of two younger brothers. Her life was never a pampered one though, as both her parents pushed to her join the NSMC when it was formed. Her father tried to instruct with some military drilling and instruction from his time in the former Star Army of Nepleslia and her mother tried to instill some patriotism in her. she was not happy with the “indoctrination” and rebelled quite often against her parents and the state, even getting into fights some of the more patriotic kids at school. On her 19th birthday, her parents came to her with the documents to sign up for the NSMC, but she was gone, missing on her accord. Her parents didn't care much, but both of brothers were affected deeply by this.

Ayla deiced to leave everything behind her, changed her name, dyed her hair, and moved onto to life on the streets. She wanted to get a lawful job but the thought of paying the Nepleslian government sickened her. She committed her first spending three weeks on the streets, robbing a purse off a random passer-by and earning her first 300 DA. She found this profitable and kept robbing random pedestrians when needed and refining her skills of pick pocketing and soon moved up breaking and entering theft and even had several elaborate yet small heists planned out.

Eventually, Ayla's skills as a thief caught was noticed by several organized crime families and began hiring her for steal from each other. She got her first taste of blood during a botched knock-over of a racketeering operation when one of the thugs protecting the place pulled a gun on her. She eventually was invited to take place in a bank heist that went off fairly successfully but left her with most of the cash. She got greedy with all the money tried keep most of the money for herself. The mob enforcer she was working with didn't take too kindly but respected her skill and left his mark on her in the form a chemical burn on her right hand before taking all the money from the heist.

She now spends most of her leading a gang of ragtag criminals on their quest to become criminal kingpins. Or to just make herself one.

Social Connections

Ayla Sozon is connected to: An unknown family of a father, a mother, and two younger brothers.

Skills Learned


Ayla knows how to talk and write Trade (language) and just speak Yamataigo (邪馬台語). She knows how operate a radio to some degree.


Ayla has been in quite a few fights growing up, losing very few of them. She is quite the one-on-one brawler and can take quite a few swings to bring down, but tries to avoid a punch-out brawl whenever possible. Her father taught her how to shoot with a pistol when she was nine and how to shoot a fully automatic rifle at ten. Her proficiency with firearms isn't up to military training but can out-shoot most street-thugs even on a bad day.


Relying on larceny to pay for life ever she ran away from home, Ayla knows to pickpocket items from almost any pocket without getting noticed, even going so far as to replace a stolen item with something of equal size and weight to make it seem like nothing was taken a couple of times. She has had to pick a lock a couple of times on a door but no safe-cracking for yet. She is aware of many avenues and hideouts to run to when on the run from authorities or gunmen due living in Funky City most of her life. She also has quite the knack of hiding, being able to move around silently and remain hidden in certain thanks to her run-ins with the law. Any items she needs to fence usually goes through small time peddlers to avoid suspicion but she has done business through channels of organized crime, sometimes with mixed results.


Given that she's done quite a bit of running, Ayla can maintain a full-on sprint for a quite a while if need be. She's also great at traversing the urban terrain with ease, almost be considered a free-runner when she's not stealing.


One of Ayla's brother was aspiring to be a doctor growing up and was usually the one to patch her up after a fight before she ran away from home. He did teach her some basic first aid every so often, learning enough to stabilize herself for someone with actual medical skills to help her.


Ayla know enough of Nepleslian law to stall or duck out of arrest every so often. This doesn't always work in her favor though…


Having botched quite a few pick-pockets and thefts, Ayla has become quite proficient at making up believable lies or sob-stories to keep from being arrested and/or shot. She also seems to know a lot of trivia about Nepleslian and Yamitai film industry.

Inventory & Finance

Ayla Sozon has the following items:


  • 3 T-Shirts (Yellow, Green, Black)
  • 2 long sleeve shirts (Both black)
  • 3 pairs of cargo pants
  • 2 pairs of sneakers
  • 2 pairs of reversible hoodies with deep pockets (Green to pink, Black to red)
  • 1 paid of aviator glasses (black)
  • 1 pair of gloves
  • 1 White silk collar button up shirt with 1 layer of plastgel
  • 1 Black suit coat with 3 quick access pockets
  • 1 Black pair of cloth suit pants 1 quick access pocket
  • 1 Black suit vest with 1 layer of plastgel
  • 1 pair of leather oxford shoes
  • 3 thongs
  • 3 bras




  • 1 Hygiene Kit
    • Toothbrush
    • Tube of toothpaste
    • Bar of soap
    • Bottle of shampoo
    • 1 Stick of Deodorant
    • Hairbrush
    • Pair of Nail Clippers
    • 3 Razors
    • 1 Washcloth
    • 1 Can of Shaving Cream
  • Crate of Ammunition, 10mm KZ
  • QNC Engine parts
  • Lorath datapads
  • Armor engine parts
  • Bartender's Cabinet

OOC Information

In the case SirSPT becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? NO
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? NO
Character Data
Character NameAyla Sozon
Character OwnerSirSPT
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