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Star Army Body Bag, Type 35

To transport the dead, the Star Army of Yamatai developed a standard body bag design in YE 35. Billions have been produced and they are common wherever the Star Army is found.

About Star Army Body Bags

The body bag is made out of thick light gray plastic and contains an airtight seal and a D-shaped plastic zipper on the top side. Two fabric handles are attached to each side near the ends so the bag can be carried by two or four people. The dimensions of the bag are 100 cm wide and 250 cm tall. Inside the bag is a pad of absorbent material.

The body bag's exterior has a clear plastic pouch for holding paperwork or a electronic identification unit. This pouch comes with a water/oil resistant marker that can write on the bodybag. The bag is stenciled with the following text:


Bodybags are stored rolled up like a blanket or Sleeping Bag and are stored in a neon green sleeve with a drawstring opening and an adjustable gray shoulder strap for easy carrying. They are often found in stacks at medical facilities for use by Star Army Emergency Services.

The body bag is washable and reusable once sterilized; however, the absorbent pad must be replaced.

Inside of a body bag is not an appropriate place to have sex.


After a zombie outbreak left a billion people dead, it was clear that some form of standard body bag was necessary for moving the dead. On April 1, YE 35, the Star Army ordered the first billion of these for the affected colony, followed by additional large orders. They were also made part of the standard load on all Star Army of Yamatai shuttle craft.

Soon afterward, the bag design also found use in Nepleslia, where it is usually red-colored: See Nepleslian Body Bag.

Prior to the introduction of body bags, it was common for the dead to be wrapped in a Traditional Military Blanket.

OOC Notes

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