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Sarah M7 Samurai Power Armor

Ketsurui Fleet Yards Ke-M7-1A Samurai Advanced Robotic Armor, Heavy “Sarah” The Ke-M7 “Sarah” is the seventh LAMIA (Light Advanced Mechanized Infantry Armor) unit designed by Ketsurui Zaibatsu, designed for Ketsurui Samurai in the field. It is KFY's answer to the heavier armors being employed by its enemies, and relies on outright force to dominate.

About the Sarah

Faced with reports of Mishhuvurthyar and “rogue” power armors able to best the pride of the Star Army, the Mindy, KFY began to consider a new armor. This would be an improvement in their available technology, utilizing everything that could be packed into the frame while making it a resilient fighter that could topple the new enemies of the Empire.

Commanders wanted an armor that combined the best of the three spacy armors at their disposal (Lamia, Mindy and Kylie), but also borrow from other armor concepts to fully complement the armor for all the rigors of modern combat. Portable positron weapons were also important, as the adoption of Zesuaium by enemy armor meant aether weapons alone were not enough.

General data

Government: Yamatai Star Empire Organization: Star Army of Yamatai Type: Hemosynthetic-core Spacy Power Armor Class: Light Advanced Mechanized Infantry Armor: Series 7, Model A (Type 29) Designer: Star Army Research Administration

Manufacturers: Ketsurui Fleet Yards Star Army of Yamatai (Aboard starships)

Pilot Information: Requires one NH-27 Nekovalkyrja pilot in good physical shape to operate. Pregnant NH-27 may safely pilot the Sarah M7. Pilot must be between 153 cm (~5') to 175 cm tall. An average NH-27 is 160cm (5' 3“) tall.

Height: 175 cm (72.8 in) with a 160 cm (5' 3”) NH-27 inside. Width: 73 cm (28.74 in) Mass: 100 kg (~220 lbs).

Speeds: FTL: 10c STL: 0.97c (CFS), 0.53c (Auxiliary thrusters) Atmospheric: Mach 2.3 at Earth sea level Underwater: 70 kph (~45 mph)

Note: The M7 Sarah's CFS still operates (though at reduced efficiency) in the presence of anti-FTL fields.

Systems Listings

Ke-M7-E2901 Armor Integrated Electronics System Ke-M7-E2903 Conformal Psionic Signal Control Device Ke-M7-F2901 Andrium Alloy Endoskeletal Frame Ke-M7-F2902 Hemosynthetic insert Ke-M7-F2904 Outer Armor with Active Camouflage Ke-M7-F2903 Xiulurium armor coating Ke-M7-G2902 Aetheric Generator and Capacitor system Ke-M7-R2901 Inertia Redirection System Ke-M7-P2901 Combined Field System Ke-M7-R2902 Auxiliary Gravimetric Engine and Thruster Clusters (Back of calves, equipment pack)


Ketsurui Fleet Yards Ke-M7-W2900 Aether Beam Saber: A very late addition, the armor was actually completed without it. But it is arguably the most potent weapon it carries. The unit is basically a small Zesuaium cylinder 40 cm long and about 7 cm in diameter. The weapon produces a variable-length energy blade just like that of the Aether Beam Rifle does in saber mode, but without the help of a Zesuiaum blade to cling to while cutting. This makes the weapon unsuitable for cutting into hulls, but excellent for cutting into enemy armor. The blade itself looks unruly, as the aether is constantly crackling along its white surface. It starts as a diamond shape at its base before it slims down to a tip in typical sword fashion.

  • Purpose: Anti-armor.
  • Damage: Severe to unshielded enemy armor. Depending on type of attack, moderate to moderate-heavy to shielded armor.
  • Range: Blade length is 1.2 meters. Can be reduced to 0.3 meters.
  • Rate of Fire: Constant or pulse.
  • Payload About one hour of operaton in constant mode. Pulse mode is variable, but lasts about 8 hours if used in moderation. W2901 Saber batteries are kept pressed into the back of the distended portions of shoulder armor. To load a new battery, simply grab the pommel, turn two clicks and pull.
  • Carry location: One saber is built into a carrying slot fixed to the bottom of each forearm weapon.

Ketsurui Fleet Yards Ke-M2-W2901 Aether Beam Rifle: The new Mindy aether saber rifle. It uses spatial distortion to release condensed potentials from the aether in a coherent phased beam. Because of the subspace effects of beam, it naturally pierces distortion-based shields. The weapon's range can be reduced to proportionally increase power and output duration, giving the rifle the ability to also function as a sword. The rifle has a long, thin sword-like shape with a pistol grip and a bullpup-style butt housing the battery magazine.

  • Purpose: Anti-starship surgical attacks, hull cutting tool.
  • Damage: Total annihilation in a 3-inch-wide beam (improved over previous rifle).
  • Range: Up to 400,000 miles (643,737 km). 7 feet (2.13m) for sword.
  • Rate of Fire: Three three-second blasts every 15 seconds. Sword can be constantly sustained. 9 Pulses per second (automatic pulse mode).
  • Payload Effectively unlimited when properly attached to the Sarah. Free-floating 2901 rifles rely on a battery magazine (BU-M20) which holds enough power for 20 three-second shots or one minute of rapid pulse mode. The Sarah carries two extra magazines on its thighs.
  • Secondary Weapon: Phased Pulse Rifle - An integrated rifle equivalent to the Nekovalkyrja Service Pistol, Type 28.
    • Range: 300+ meters
    • Firing Modes: Single/Auto, Heavy/Auto Stun/Heavy Stun
    • Capacity: Effectively unlimited.
    • Purpose: Anti-personnel
    • Damage: Lethal or stun, medium damage against most vehicles.

Ketsurui Fleet Yards Type W2901 Particle cannons(2): Based on the cannons of the Himiko-class cruiser. Two 4-foot long cannons similar in style to the Kylie's railgun cut through any shielding and matter in a short amount of time. The cannons also penetrate most distortion and repulsion shielding, ignores scalar and “hard” shields, and cuts into even Zesuaium and Yamataium. These are by far the most draining weapon the Sarah has and carry limited ammunition besides. Using these weapons more than once per second will limit the output of other weapons (rate of fire and damage) and could cut into CFS power. The cannons are mounted onto the equipment pack and are closer to the head than the edge of the shoulders.

  • Primary Purpose: Anti-mecha
  • Secondary Purpose: Anti-starship
  • Damage: Heavy. Piercing.
  • Range: 0.8 AU (Practical range is 100,000 miles).
  • Rate of Fire: Once per second is most effective. Three times per second maximum.
  • Location on armor: Attached to the equipment pack, rising over the end of the collarbone of the armor and pointing forward.
  • Payload 300 shots per cannon. Weapons can be fired independently or linked.

Ketsurui Fleet Yards Type W2901 Scalar Pulse Cannon: Mounted in the right forearm of the Sarah. Because of the nature of this weapon, it can be especially deadly. Scalar fields can detonate ammunition or fuel, fry pilot's nervous systems, or destroy electronics; They also penetrate non-gravitic shielding. This is accomplished using electrogravitational wave interferometry. This weapon must be manually activated through AIES.

  • Primary Purpose: Anti-Personnel.
  • Secondary Purpose: Anti-Mechanized Infantry.
  • Damage: Destroys ammo, fuel, or electronics. Kills animals. Ignores non-gravitic shields.
  • Range: 200,000 miles (321,868.8 km).
  • Rate of Fire: Beam fires constantly until trigger signal ceases.
  • Location on armor: Right forearm.
  • Payload Unlimited. Note: Also has a stun setting for taking captives.

Ketsurui Fleet Yards W2901 Aether Projection Weapon: Mounted in the left forearm of the Sarah, this weapon is a modified Kylie projector that rises up from the forearm. It draws aetheric energy from space and projects it out into an energy blade. This blade is powerful enough to ignite objects on fire, cut through starship hulls and blast doors, and slice most other power armors in half. Additionally the blades can be fired in piercing pulses as a short-range energy submachinegun of sorts. It also allows carries its own set of capacitors, allowing it to draw and store energy and then release it in a more powerful (but still short-range) shot. Takes about 8 seconds to charge a shot.

  • Primary Purpose: Anti-Power Armor
  • Secondary Purpose: Anti-Personnel
  • Damage: Moderate to heavy
  • Range: 5,000 m for submachine gun mode, 7,500 m for charged shot
  • Rate of Fire: Constant in sword mode. 600 pulses/sec in submachinegun mode.
  • Location on armor: Left forearm.
  • Payload Effectively unlimited. Power source is in the forearm with the weapon.

Ketsurui Fleet Yards Type 2902 Augmentation Pods: Located along the Sarah's outer lower legs, the two conformal pods contain launchers for wormhole-killing mini-missiles, as well as a countermeasure system. When not in use, the missiles are protected by the pods' launcher covers. These pods are similar to those on the M6 Daisy, shaped along the legs instead of being simple boxes. However, the armor can also mount new Mindy II pods as necessary.

  • Location on armor: Outer lower legs (sides of calves).
  • Warhead: Ke-M2-W2703-SDMM Subspace Detonating Mini-Missiles
    • Purpose: Creates holes in shield systems, disables FTL flight, collapses wormholes.
    • Damage: No direct damage.
    • Range: 50 miles (80.47 km)
    • Rate of Fire: Individually, or in volleys of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 10 from each pod.
    • Payload 10 Mini-Missiles each for a total of 20.
  • Warhead: Ke-M2-W2703-MFMA Multi-Function Missile Avoidance
    • Purpose: Distracts enemy missiles with intense heat and electromagnetogravitic spikes.
    • Payload 10 in each pod for a total of 20
  • Warhead: Ke-M2-W2703-ARMA Anti-Radar Missile Avoidance
    • Purpose: Distracts enemy missiles with aetheric distortions and chaff dispersal
    • Payload 10 in each pod for a total of 20

Ketsurui Fleet Yards Type 2901 NSB Launcher: The Mindy was the first Lamia to include include use of PANTHEON's Nodal Support Bits (NSB), which are finger-sized self-recharging multi-function drone units under the armor AI's control. Launched by the Sarah during combat, these bits (up to 12) will form a small cloud around their host and correlate targeting data. The NSBs are good for poking around corners and getting alternate points of view. They can also or act as countermeasures and even shoot at the enemy. The NSBs are mounted into molded hip launchers (six in each launcher). They automatically programmed to attack incoming missiles as necessary.

  • Nodal Support Bit: Ke-M2-W2704-NSB
  • Damage: Very light
  • Range: Line of Sight
  • Rate of Fire: Individually, or in volleys of 3 or 6.
  • Location on armor: Hips.
  • Payload 12 Nodal Support Bits

Hand to Hand Combat: The Sarah is as agile as a Samurai Nekovalkyrja, which is more agile than an older NH-17R and far more agile than most humans. Sharing the abilities of the Nekovalkyrja in order to maximize the ease of use, the Sarah has extremely flexible joints and a great deal of physical strength. With the armor's inertia-controlling abilities, the force, speed, and particularly, the mobility of the armor is enormous, and the movement can be made as erratic and unpredictable as the pilot can think.

Additional Weaponry: There is a rifle mounting point on either side of the equipment pack on the armor's back, allowing for another rifle to be stored. The rifle mounts can also be used to attach an external fold booster, teleporter unit or extra shield generators to the armor's back. Additionally, the Sarah can serve as the focus for up to 10 Ship Orbital Support Drones. Some Sarah have one or more “pet” SOSD which carry additional NSBs or mini-missiles. The Sarah can fully utilize any human-scale weapon as well. All pilots use the CFWEP Package by putting it on the back of the equipment pack.

Systems Layout

Defensive/External Systems

Outer Armor: Defense is the other hallmark of the Sarah. Above the Zesuaium-coated titanium-carbide plating standard on most LAMIA are actual plates of Zesuaium, giving the armor much more protection. However, there is additional Zesuaium scale armor added to the torso, equipment pack and butt. Yarvex is once again used for the joints, but with small panels of Zesuaium extending over the sides of the elbows and knees to protect them from fire. The panels are on small pins, so they have some ability to move, but not much. There are also shoulder “shields” in place over both shoulders. These shoulder armor pieces would cover most of the arm if it were at its side and cover the tops of the shoulders well. Built on a swiveling piece built into the shoulder portion of the armor, the shields rotate parallel with the arm as needed, to allow the pilot free mobility. The pieces are made Zesuaium as well, but with a semi-hollow center to make them a bit lighter.

Note that the helmet is removable (and is removed before entering or exiting the armor) and, while not entirely necessary to operate the armor, it is strongly recommended.

Combined Field System (Shields): The Sarah is the first LAMIA to equip CFS-style shields, forcing both solid and energy projectiles to be warped around the armor's field without actually touching the armor. Such a system is taxing on the armor and is usually employed only in heavy combat. The shields are capable of taking a good amount of punishment (roughly 15 3-second aether blasts from a W2901 rifle, as tested). It also protects the Sarah against scalar attacks.

Ketsurui Fleet Yards SM-2 Handheld Shield: A compromise between the original SM-1 shield and the Daisy's smaller shield, this 1.6-meter tall elliptoid shield consists of a transparent Zesuaium center mounted in a gray Zesuaium-coated paintable frame. The “lens” of the shield itself is actually hollow inside (it contains a permanently sealed vacuum) to make the shield lighter. The back of the shield contains flexible Yarvex attachment straps for mounting on the forearm of the power armor, as well as six adjustable pouches along the inner frame for any storing ammunition, grenades, explosives, or batteries desired.

Active Camouflage: Can place the image of what is on one side of the craft onto the other, creating the effect of invisibility. The Sarah can also use this system to project holograms.

Stealth Armor: For stealth concealment, the armor plating is coated with Xiulurium. Xiulurium is a “stealth” armor that lacks protective value and is used to generate a stealth field around the armor. This stealth field also masks the armor's presence to scalar wave and quintessence differentialometer type sensors. Xiulurium is similar to Zanarium in composition, but this alloy is more flexible, requires less energy (to use its stealth), and has only negligible protective value. Xiulurium bonds to the Zesuaium and Yarvex sections of the Sarah.

Conformal PSC Device: The SARAH uses a Ke-M7-E2903 Psionic Signal Controller.

Internal Systems

Interior: The Sarah's insides are composed of muscular flesh that is soft, slimy, stretchy, and wrinkly. The organic components provide shock absorption as well as augmented strength to the pilot. The flesh includes a sophisticated hemosynthetics (blood-based femtomachine) system that can repair damage to the Sarah's interior. The interior is shielded from heat and radiation, to protect the pilot from the rigors of space travel and atmospheric reentry. Piloting the Sarah is done through SPINE and can only be done by a Nekovalkyrja.

Life Support: The fleshy core of the Sarah houses the life support systems, which include the hemosynthetics system, a rebreather system, an oxygen supply, and a nutrient-enriched (sterile) water supply. The Sarah can support a pilot for up to 15 days before replenishment is needed, or up to 10 years in stasis. If needed, the Sarah can filter outside air to replenish its supply (not usually done until absolutely necessary, though). The Sarah's interior includes a catheter organ that wriggles its way into the pilot's urethra and bladder, keeping the pilots from having to exit the suit to urinate. Pilots receive oxygen through the skin. The interior flesh also will massage the pilot's body from time to time to encourage blood flow and provide increased comfort.

Control Systems: Actual operation of the armor is natural to Nekovalkyrja and is fairly simple and easy to learn. In a Sarah, the pilot's nervous system gains an extra circuit through the SPINE system. All signals to the body are routed through the Sarah and control it like as if it were the Nekovalkyrja's body. Signals to and from the body during piloting are sent from the Sarah's nervous systems. Unlike other KFY armors, this one lacks the kill stimulus.

Self-Destruct: Although the Sarah lacks a dedicated self destruct system (primary for space efficiency reasons), the mecha can be destroyed by the pilot (or AIES, if the pilot is dead) by deliberately overloading the G2901 Generator and Capacitor System. The process takes only a few seconds and results in an aether energy explosion powerful enough to totally destroy the armor (and anything within sixty meters).

Armor Integrated Electronics System: The Sarah uses a Ke-M7-E2901 Armor Integrated Electronics System (AIES) for sensors, computing, and communications.

Propulsion and Miscellaneous systems

Combined Field System: The Sarah's CFS sustains a small “pocket universe” around the armor by nesting electrogravitic and electrostatic fields. The combined field can serve a number of purposes, including propulsion, defense and weaponry (powering the NSBs); for this reason, it is almost always on to some extent.

Propulsion: The Sarah propels itself at speeds many times the speed of light by generating continuum distortions in the CFS and nesting them to create asymmetric peristaltic fields. This allows the armor to travel thousands of times the speed of light. Distortion based systems allow the armor to stop or move nearly instantly because the armor has not “moved” in the traditional sense.

Equipment Pack: This protrusion looks like a built-in backpack on the Sarah's back. It houses part of the extended aether generator, the bases for the two positron cannons and the auxiliary engine. It is a smaller engine than other spacy armors get, leaving the Sarah more reliant on its CFS system to propel it as necessary. However, samurai testing the armor found the back-up thrusters on the calves to be incredibly helpful when delivering kicks. It has the two racks for weapons, a small rack on top of it for a CFWEP Package, and another rack on the other side to store the SM-2 shield as needed.

Sword holder: A samurai's sword represents its honor, integrity, indeed its very life. Some samurai choose to carry their swords with them to any battle; the Sarah has a small sword holder that fits into a miniature mounting spot on the back of the armor's equipment pack, in the middle between the CFWEP Package and the SM-2.

Aether Generator and Capacitor System: The Mindy's aether generator was a revolutionary bit of micronization when it was introduced, but refinements have been made over time to maximize the output of the original generator. The Sarah represents the latest in that development; its generator produces 150 percent of the power of a Mindy 1F while taking up only slightly more space. The capacitor system, however, has not developed at quite the same clip, and can handle only 125 percent of a Mindy 1F's power output. To compensate for the flaw, the positron cannons and aether projector have capacitors that are drawn from first before taking power directly from the suit, and the CFS shields are recharged progressively instead of in intermittent bursts. Sarah pilots can manually control the generator's output as necessary.

Star Army Logistics
Supply ClassificationClass C - VEHICLES AND POWER ARMOR
Products & Items Database
Product Categoriespower armor
Product NameSarah M7 Samurai Power Armor
ManufacturerKetsurui Fleet Yards
Year ReleasedYE 29
Mass (kg)100 kg

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