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SAINT Operative Field Suit, Type 31

The Star Army Intelligence Operative Field Suit (SOFS) is a body armor for use by Operatives in the field. It became available in YE 31.

About the SOFS


Operatives have always been at risk because their work often denies them the use of some of most powerful Star Army of Yamatai's technologies. After reviewing the redacted reports of top Star Army Intelligence operatives; Star Army Research Administration compiled a list of requirements. The SOFS was developed from those requirements to help agents in the field do their jobs better.

In YE 40 a limited number of SAINT Operative Field Suits were provided to Star Army Reconnaissance for use in missions behind enemy lines after a request was sent to Taisho Ketsurui Yui1).

After Star Army Special Operations was established in YE 43, the SOFS was considered requisitionable special forces equipment.


The SOFS is designed to give all Operatives equal protection from most small arms, assistance with climbing, and a convenient means of disguising themselves for infiltration, or evasion.

Key features

Holographic disguise

The SOFS is covered in a network of miniature holographic emitters that allow the wearer to project a variety of clothing. If the hood is attached and pulled over the face it can also provide a different facial appearance.

Passive and Active Defense

The underlying layers of the SOFS are para-aramid fabric, providing protection from most small arms fire. In addition to this there is a force field emitter integrated into the belt to provide additional protection.


The SOFS is a black form following body suit; it has the appearance of having padding in areas such as the power cells in the thighs. It consists of a body suit, low heel boots with sound reducing soles, gloves and a removable hood/mask.


There is a Separa'Shan version which replaces the legs with a large snake tail.



Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

Armor: 1 DR Personnel scale Shields: 3 DR Personnel scale (Limited duration)

Dimensions and Mass


The SOFS adds approximately 5cm (2 inches) to the wearer's height and width. This includes the heels.


The SOFS adds approximately 9kg (20lbs) to the wearer.


Armor Passive

Ke-M10-A3100 The body suit and boots are layered with para-aramid fabric in a ballistic weave configuration. Under that is a layer of visco-elastic polyurethane foam that ensures that the body suit conforms to the wearer's body.

Armor Active

Nomenclature: Ke-M10-S3100 On either hip small force field emitters, these generate a skin tight field to provide additional protection. However this places a heavy load on the power system resulting in limited operating time. Since operatives normally avoid protracted combat situations, this was deemed acceptable. They connect to the belt for power and control purposes. The emitters are a low powered version of the Ke-M2-P2701.

Climbing Gloves and Boots

The SOFS gloves and boots are designed to assist the wearer in scaling surfaces. Each has the ability to dispense molecure solution from a container on the belt. This allows the boot or glove to create a bond or release it. Before using this feature the wearer must enable the system. A small switch on the container enables/disables.


The SOFS gloves are available in three and four finger versions.

The Molecure solution comes out in the upper palm. See image.


The dispensing of the solution or the electrical discharge to release it is controlled by either manual controls or by the suit computer.

There are two switches on each glove to dispense the solutions, and apply the electrical charge to release.

The innermost button causes a precise amount of solution to be expressed onto the pad. The outermost button sends a precise electrical charge causing the solution to release.


The SOFS boots are available for both Yamataian and Nekovalkyrja.

The solution is dispensed from both the heel and outsole.


The manual switches are located above and below the big toe in each boot, the suit computer can also be used to control this.

Pressing the bottom switch dispenses the solution. Pressing the upper switch sends the charge to release.


The SOFS has no integrated communication system. It features a compartment on the leg where a Star Army Communicator, Type 29 can be stored. This allows the communicator to be operated by the headset.


Nomenclature: Ke-M10-E3100 Located in small module on the back between the shoulder blades is the SOFS computer system. It is a powerful microcomputer with extensive graphical capability, designed primarily to handle the disguise aspect of the SOFS. The other suit functions are relatively easy for it to control.

The computer is normally controlled by a touch panel on the right forearm. The panel also has a data port for cable connection to other computers to transfer hologram data.

However it can be interfaced by a telepathic link, Covert Operative Sunglasses, or by a headset that picks up the wearers thoughts, a simpler version of the headset developed for power armor. The headset is used when the wearer is not telepathic, or there is concern about telepathic activity being detected.

It has 1 terabyte of data storage for storing holographic image data.

Disguise & Evasion


The primary purpose of the SOFS is to provide operatives with disguise capabilities. This is accomplished by the network of holographic emitters.

Prior to using the wearer uploads a selection of clothing items for their usage. When in the field the wearer can select and change items as necessary.

The wearer can also upload additional items in the field, by viewing the desired garment or accessory with Covert Operative Sunglasses and uploading the images to the computer. For this to work properly, a garment must be viewed from all sides.

If the wearer desires to use the disguise feature to mask their facial features, they must attach the hood and pull it over their face. Many wearers find the hood uncomfortable as it restricts vision and becomes warm.


The SOFS can create a holographic camouflage for a limited duration. For this feature to work the wearer must have all parts of the SOFS on. This works by using three video pickups located in the small of the back and on each shoulder. The computer then takes those images and creates a hologram to hide the person. This system is limited, and only works effectively when the wearer is standing still. If the wearer moves when using this, it will cause a ripple effect. This functions effectiveness decreases in low-light situations. It also uses a higher level of power than disguise.


Nomenclature: Ke-M10-G3100 The SOFS uses a pair of capacitor power cells based on the Ke-M2-G3001 Leg Capacitor for operation. They are located in the front of the thighs.

The cells are quickly recharged by attaching them to a standard power connection. The suit has a series of Photovoltaic cells which recharge the capacitor. They are located on the shoulders of the SOFS. To fully charge the suit the holographic system must be turned off for the Photovoltaic cells complete this task. Otherwise depending on the availability of light they are intended to extend the operating time.

In YE 41 Wyatt Fujiwara came out with a new design of power supply, the Ke-M10-G4100 Long Life Power Cell is an alternative option of a power supply for the suit, while slightly larger it does provide indefinite power and remains covert due to the Xiulurium that makes up part of its composition.

Operating times
Usage Situation Duration
Force Fields All 10 minutes
Camouflage All 30 minutes
Disguise Sunlight 8 hours
Disguise Interior 6 hours
Recharge Power port 1 hour
Recharge Solar 4 hours
With Ke-M10-G4100 Long Life Power Cell
Usage Duration
Forcefields Indefinitely
Camouflage Indefinitely
Disguise Indefinitely
Recharge N/A

OOC Notes

Authored by Nashoba and approved by Wes on Jun 30, 2009 2)

Art by Angrygrizley, Xhromer, and other artists (who?) FIXME

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