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Mocca Cargo Plane

The Mocca is a large cargo plane manufactured as a utility craft by Origin Industries. It specializes in carrying small to mid-sized loads in atmosphere without needing the use of spacecraft.


  • Enclosed, sealed cockpit
  • Leather seating
  • High Cargo capacity
  • Moderate speed


  • Manufacturer: Origin Motors
  • Nomenclature: OI-LT1-1A, 1B
  • Organizations Using This Product: Origin, Independent
  • Type: Cargo aircraft
  • Designer: Ray Gladstone
  • Price: 23,500 KS
  • Durability: 35 SP (Vehicle)



The Mocca Is a craft made with a reinforced Durandium Alloy structure, covered in a skin of Aluminum. The floor is made of Durandium Alloy as well, and contains loops for straps and rollers to manage cargo. The cockpit is raised above a small section in the nose which contains a small bathroom and storage for equipment. The Mocca also has two rear-mounted bubble windows, with small 1.5 meter wide shelves, allowing people to sit on them and look out. The landing gear is retractable, to help the craft's Aerodynamics. The interior is reached either by a small door on the port side of the fuselage, or a large ramp on the back. This ramp is also used to load and unload cargo, and can be opened during flight to allow cargo to be dropped.

In YE 35 a 1B model was added, which uses Fusion power instead of Aether power.


Top speed: 555.6 kph (345 mph, 300 knots) Stall speed: 168.9 kph (105 mph, 91 knots) Range: Limited to Atmosphere Crew: 2 Pilots, up to 50 passengers. climb/descent: 80 Degree/-85 Degree Maximum G force: The frame can take up to 28 G's of force. Most pilots Black out at 6.


Mass: 20,992 lbs unloaded Length: 52.5 Meters Height: 21 Meters wingspan: 49.5 Meters




Power for the 1A is provided by a luggage-sized Aether Generator in each engine nacelle behind the electric motor. This provides plenty of power for the craft.


Power for the 1B variant is provided by two HONEY CRUSH Fusion generators, which are located within the nacelles. The fuel supply is stored within the inner wing sections of the plane, and can be transferred from one tank to the other in order to balance the aircraft if one generator uses more fuel than the other.


A small radio set allows the pilots to communicate with the control towers at airports and spaceports, as well as other craft in the air.

Navigation is done by a combination of a small radar set in the nose, and a weather probe on the starboard wing of the Mocca, inboard of the motor assembly.


Length: 27 meters Width/height: 9/9 meters Volume:2187 cubic meters. Up to 12 Large SSCCs can fit inside the Mocca.


  • Cloth seats: Subtract 500 KS
  • Folding Wings: Add 2,000 KS
  • Remove bubble windows: No change in price
  • Carbon Fiber Skin 1): add 4,000 KS
  • Water Landing Kit 2): Add 5,000 KS
Products & Items Database
Product Categoriessmall craft
Product NameMocca Cargo Plane
ManufacturerOrigin Motor Corporation
Price (KS)23 ,500.00 KS
Star Army Logistics
Supply ClassificationClass B - SMALL CRAFT
Increases efficiency and lifting capacity
Makes hull 'boat' shaped, adds stabilizing floats on the wingtips which fold down during landing, makes fuselage water-tight, and modifies rear cargo ramp to accommodate loading and unloading in the water

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