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Aetheric Heavy Anti-Material Rifle, Type 41

The Type 41 Aetheric Heavy Anti-Material Rifle, more commonly referred to as ‘AHAMR’ or ‘The Hammer’, is a large-caliber sniper rifle designed for taking out heavily armored targets at extreme ranges, to be used by Star Army of Yamatai as a more extreme version of the Ke-W5-1A Light Armor Tactical Rifle, due to the expensive nature of the rifle and its ammunition it is reserved for only the top marksmen and as such is seen as somewhat of a status symbol among Yamatai’s sharpshooters.


The Type 41 Aetheric Heavy Anti-Material Rifle was designed and prototyped by Galactic Horizon with the final version being finished in mid YE 41, the design was sold off to Ketsurui Zaibatsu

In YE 46.1, the Star Army conducted a 5-year equipment review and reauthorized the weapon for use until at least YE 51.

About the Type 41 Aetheric Heavy Anti-Material Rifle

The Hammer’s initial design process began in mid to late YE 40 after the young company managed to gain some experience working with the coveted EM-shielding material Xiulurium – it went through various re-designs and alterations before the final version of the rifle was complete.

Due to the restricted nature of the weapon and Galactic Horizon’s adolescence in the military contract game there was a lot of back and forth between the eastern company and the more central organization that would manufacture each iteration but in the end the Type 41 Aetheric Heavy Anti-Material Rifle was born – an extreme-range rifle that leaves very little trace for something using volatile aether as its main method of damage.

Nomenclature Information

  • Manufacturer: Ketsurui Zaibatsu
  • Name: Type 41 Aethetic Heavy Anti-Material Rifle, AHAMR
  • Nomenclature: GH-W3-5C
  • Type: Mass-driver slug rifle
  • Role: Anti-material extreme-range rifle
  • Length: 1.65 meters / 64.96 inches extended or 1.15 meters / 45.27 inches collapsed
  • Mass: 25kg / 55.11lbs


The stock and receiver of the Hammer look like one blocky piece with a large, trapezoidal buffer pad at the rear and an adjustable cheek-rest along the top of the stock – the charging handle is noticeably bulky for ease of use in power armor or when wearing bulkier gloves, likewise the trigger guard can flip up into the underside of the rifle for that same reason. The scope appears to be a larger version of their civilian Multispectral Marksman Scope, scaled up with the rifle and with a carrying handle that wraps around it with two braces at either end that bend around the scope to attach to the body – the barrel of the rifle takes up half its length and is covered by a skeletonized handguard that uses a series of support struts to reinforce and strengthen it, with an integral bipod on the underside.

The rifle uses a rather boxy magazine that is impractical to carry a lot of due to the large caliber, with an interchangeable rubberized grip that is designed specifically to be unique for each shooter and likewise interchangeable cheek-rests and buffer pads.

Two pins may be released to allow the barrel to slide back into the weapon, decreasing the length for transportation purposes.

Discharge Information

  • Muzzle Flash: N/A
  • Retort: Sonic boom as the projectile leaves the barrel, a loud “pung” sound upon impact and then an ear-piercing “hiss” as the aetheric energy is released.
  • Effective Range: 9 miles / 15 kilometers to 20 miles / 32 kilometers
  • Rate of Fire: As fast as the user can pull the trigger, though this is ill-advised due to the immense power and cost of the weapon.
  • Recoil: The AHAMR boasts a large inertial-compensator built into the stock to help deal with the immense recoil, it is optional when the rifle’s user is equipped with power armor though limits unarmoured users to the “soft target” mode and will not fire unless the compensator is activated.
    • Compensator On: With the compensator activated the rifle's recoil will still be heavy though non-PA personnel will not be injured while firing, non-armored users are limited to the “soft target” firing mode, recoil is essentially negated for armored users - it is a heavy and rather powerful weapon that requires bracing for the average human to fire accurately in this mode or sufficient strength enhancements.
    • Compensator Off: With the compensator deactivated the recoil is heavy even for somebody wearing a Mindy or similar, with the recoil being strong enough to severely injure or even kill unarmoured personnel and as such the weapon will lock itself to “soft target” mode with the compensator on if the shooter is unarmoured.


The Type 41 Aetheric Heavy Anti Material Rifle is chambered in 55 x 120 mm Aether-slugs, a large and very lethal round designed to take out mechs and enemy infrastructure with one well-placed shot.

Type 41 Aetheric Heavy Anti-Material Rifle Firing Mode Quickchart
Firing Mode Piercing Damage Payload Damage Range
Soft Target Tier 5, Medium Anti-Armour Tier 6, Heavy Anti-Armour 9mi/15km
Hard Target Tier 8, Medium Anti-Mech Tier 6, Heavy Anti-Armour 20mi/32km

Weapon Mechanisms

  • Firing Mechanism: The Hammer uses a mass-driver system as the method of propelling its projectiles, the barrel is lined with gravitic distortion generators that pulse towards the end of the barrel to fling projectiles great ranges – the immense recoil from this is used to push back a component that then cycles forward to chamber a fresh round, with the majority of the recoil being dampened by the large compensator in the stock that fires a series of small gravitic drives to counteract some of the force that comes with firing this gun.
  • Loading: Fresh rounds are stripped from the magazine and then pushed up into the weapon’s chamber, the magazine release is an ambidextrous spring-loaded paddle that sits behind the magazine.
  • Mode Selector: The rifle has an ambidextrous safety toggle located just above the grip that affects the trigger, with a series of sensors built into the rifle making swapping between “soft target” and “hard target” as well as the state of the inertial compensator digitally controlled either through mindware or a compatible helmet.
  • Physical Firing Modes:Safe6) / Semi-automatic7)
  • Digital Firing Modes: Soft Target8) / Hard Target9) / Inertial Compensator 10)
  • Weapon Sight: A large sensor-enhanced scope on the top of the rifle, built to be accurate even at the rifle’s most extreme ranges, the weapon does not have iron sights.
  • Attachment Hard Points: A durable lug the bipod attaches to, removal of the bipod allows the weapon to be mounted to most mounted weapons systems the SAOY uses.


The entire weapon is shielded with Xiulurium to hide its signature as much as possible, the only alert to its presence is the sonic boom as the projectile breaks the sound barrier and then the aetherical discharge as it impacts.


This weapon is assigned as an organziational item and as such not available for purchase, with no public price being listed due to the weapon’s expensive nature. Internally the price is 4,999 KS.

Replaceable Parts and Components

  • Scope
  • Inertial Compensator
  • Gravitic Rail Assembly
  • Misc Small Electronic Components
  • Bipod
  • Custom Handle

Optional Attachments

  • Heavy-Duty, Treated Rifle Sling
  • Rifle Bag
  • Additional Magazines


The 55 x 120mm Aether-Slugs are not commercially available and as such, no price is listed.

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5-year review thread

Star Army Logistics
Supply ClassificationClass G - WEAPONS INDIVIDUAL SMALL ARMS
First UsedYE 41
Last ReviewYE 46
Products & Items Database
Product Categoriesweapons: power armor, weapons: rifles
Product NameAetheric Heavy Anti-Material Rifle, Type 41
NomenclatureAetheric Heavy Anti-Material Rifle, Type 41
Year ReleasedYE 41
Price (KS)4 ,999.00 KS
DR v3 maxTier 8
developed the ammunition
what kind of target the rifle will pierce the armour of
dependant on firing mode
damage dealt after armour has been pierced
in the chamber
will fire once for every squeeze of the trigger
lesser penetrating power
greater penetrating power
on/off, detailed in the discharge information section

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