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Hayai-Class Gunboat

The Hayai-Class Gunboat was built as a replacement for the Yuuko-class Gunboat by the Ketsurui Fleet Yards for use by the Star Army of Yamatai, it became available in YE 32.

About the Hayai-Class

Hayai means (Swift), and that is a key facet of the Gunboat. The Hayai-Class Gunboat is designed to operate in groups, and in fact the survival of the ships depends on the group when facing most enemy warships. The Hayai-Class Gunboat is lightly armed with only three anti-starship weapons capable of firing forward.

The primary role of the Hayai-Class Gunboat is simple, to find and engage the enemy by means of stealth and speed. Focusing on hit and run style tactics, and looking for targets of opportunity, such as damaged ships making their way back to home port, or attacking enemy supply lines.

The Hayai-Class Gunboat can also serve as part of a system defense group operating out of an Ikoi-Class Light Starbase, acting as a delaying force, by harassing and haranguing the enemy ships buying time for a response to be mounted.

The Hayai-Class Gunboat can be carried to a battlefront by attaching to a large ship by means of its KFY Graviton Beam Projector. This has the effect of concealing the number of ships arriving. Or they can lie in wait for enemy ships by attaching themselves to debris and pouncing at the last moment.


The Hayai-Class Gunboat is a small, sleek design. It is designed so as to provide the minimum target when approaching the enemy. It features the Star Army Hinomaru on the top of the hull. Along the sides are the sheaths for the cannons, and the torpedo tubes covers can be seen as well. Two control canards can also be seen protruding from the bow. The Hayai-Class Gunboat is available in two hull colors, Star Army Blue, and Black. The coloration depending on the specific mission the ship is built for.

Flight Mode

Hayai-Class - Flight mode

Battle Mode

Hayai-Class - Battle Stations


The Hayai-Class Gunboat was designed from the keel up, with all aspects being how to improve the performance and survivability of the small gunboat. Initially the prototype did not even feature dedicated STL engines. But those were added later in development to improve maneuverability. Additionally control canards were added to help improve its flight characteristics when operating in the atmosphere.

In YE 37, the Hayai completed its five-year review and was reauthorized for construction and use until at least YE 42.

Statistical Data


Crew and Accommodations


  • Minimum: 1 starship operator
  • Typical: 1 Officer, 3 Enlisted
  • Max: 2 Officers, 6 Enlisted (Two shifts)

Crew: The Hayai-Class Gunboat has accommodations for eight with double occupancy.

Emergency Capacity: 16 people can fit aboard in an emergency, but the ship would be extremely cramped.


  • Length: 54 meters (177.2 feet)
  • Width: 21 meters (68.9 feet) - Fuselage
  • Width: 30 meters (98.4 feet) - Overall
  • Height: 6 meters (19.7 feet)
  • Decks: 1 (3 meters)

Where it Fits

Propulsion and Range


The Hayai-Class Gunboat is a fast vessel.

  • Atmospheric: Cruise: 2,450 kmph (1,522 mph) / Maximum: 3,675 kmph (2,283 mph)
  • Sublight Engines: .375c (~112,422 kilometers per second) (~69,856 miles per second)
    • Acceleration:: .025 c/sec 0 to max in 15 seconds.
    • Minimum: Resting motionless
    • Cruising Speed: 15,778.8c (~1.8 light-years per hour)
    • Maximum Speed: 19,723.5c (2.25 ly/h)
  • Hyperspace Drive: None

This ship is equipped with Anti-FTL field countermeasures.

Durability and Maintenance

The Hayai-Class Gunboat as a ship intended to operate typically without support, it is built with ease of maintenance in mind and is very durable, particularly its frame and primary systems.

  • Minor updates via the PANTHEON network.
  • Refit every 5 years for maximum efficiency.

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

Hull: 8 Shields: 10 (Threshold 1)

Damage Rating (Version 3): Tier 10

Inside the Hayai

Starboard View

Deck Plan From Bow

Deck Plan

Deck Plan From Stern

Deck Plan


The Hayai-Class Gunboat has a standard airlock on the starboard side. Located in it are two EVA lockers. It is located just forward of the Cannon Maintenance Bay, and aft of the Ship's Locker.


The bridge for the Hayai-class Gunboat is similar to the Basic Small Starship Bridge, except that there is no step level difference between the command chair and the other stations. Each chair is equipped with a SPINE interface.

Hayai-Class Bridge

On the aft wall of the bridge there is a secured blast shutter, that leads to the computer room. On either side of the shutter is a Standard Damage Control Station.

Cannon Bays

The Hayai-Class Gunboat has two bays for maintaining the Ke-E1-W3200 Positron Accelerator Cannon. The weapons can only be serviced when retracted, and the covers deployed. The floor of the outer portion of the bay is a catwalk surface that retracts when the cannons are deployed. A Star Army Tool Locker is present in each room, and a crane is built to help move heavy components. They are located on each side amidships.

Cargo Area

The Hayai-Class Gunboat has a small cargo area that can double as a vehicle area. It is located in the aft behind engineering. Cargo is loaded into the cargo area by cranes that lift the items and deposit them in the hold. This allows the ship to use as much of the limited space as possible. The cargo hatch can accommodate Medium Standard Starship Cargo Containers or smaller. The ceiling is 3 meters high.

The cargo area can fit a Ke-T8 "Kuma" Multi-role Shuttle parked on the cargo doors. The shuttle can only be deployed while the gunship is in flight, and while the shuttle is parked the cargo doors can not be used for loading cargo.

Two Star Army Tool Locker are present to work on equipment and any vehicles in the area.

Computer Room

The computer room is located directly behind the bridge, and is accessible only by the blast shutter on the bridge. It has the typical features of a Standard Computer Room to house the ship's Compact Integrated Electronics System (CIES). As with all ships, this is a restricted area.


The Hayai-Class Gunboat has a single deck Star Army Engineering. Most notable is the lack of a hyperspace drive. Which houses the generators, life support systems and control systems for the various propulsion systems. The Engineering room also has a small workshop with capabilities similar to a Ke-P1-06a - Workshop. There are two Star Army Tool Locker present in engineering

Landing Gear Room

The Hayai-Class Gunboat has four rooms that house the landing gear mechanisms. They are located fore and aft on either side of the Torpedo rooms.


The Hayai-Class Gunboat has a compact magazine for storing torpedoes. The magazine has a capacity to store eighteen torpedoes. A transfer tube in the over deck delivers them to the Ke-E1-W3201 Torpedo Tubes. The transfer tube is normally deactivated during combat. Activating the transfer system requires the Commanding Officer, or the Compact Integrated Electronics System (CIES) authorization. The magazine is located in the cargo bay to facilitate loading.


Over Deck

This is the region between the upper hull and the main deck. It is an oversized maintenance conduit. This area varies in height up to 1 meter. The torpedo transfer tube runs through this and there are water storage tanks as well.


The Hayai-Class Gunboat has accommodations for seven crew members unless the ship is operating under double occupancy.

Crew Section

Ship's Locker

The Hayai-Class Gunboat's size and crew complement is too small to warrant a full armory. So extra weapons and munitions are stored in the Ship's locker. The Ship's locker is located starboard next to the Air lock.

Torpedo Rooms

The Hayai-Class Gunboat has two single tube torpedo rooms. They are located in the bow and stern.

Under Deck

This is the region between the bottom hull and the main deck. It is an over-sized maintenance conduit. It is where the landing gear, cargo bay doors and the vehicle bay door/ramp mechanisms are located. This area varies in height up to 1 meter. Containers of emergency air are stored in this area as well.


Hayai-Class Gunboat features a compact Star Army Wardroom. The wardroom can accommodate eight personnel, with two tables that can be folded into the floor when not required. There is a storage closet where unused items like extra chairs can be stored. It also features a Ke-T8-M3102 Comfort Module to provide easy access to drinks and snacks.

The galley is rather limited. It has a stove, oven, sink, and a dishwasher. A small larder and freezer completes the galley.


Rear View

Ke-E1-H3200 Armored Hull

The Hayai-Class Gunboat comes in two hull configurations, the second one is produced in a limited number, and typically restricted to ships intended for covert operations.


This is the standard hull design based on providing a durable structure for increased survivability. The hull is constructed as a fifty centimeter hull constructed out of two twenty-five centimeters layers of overlapping Yama-Dura. The ship's frame is constructed out of Yama-Dura.


This is the restricted hull design, which incorporates a layer of Xiulurium on the inside of the hull for added stealth.The hull is constructed as a fifty centimeter hull constructed out of two twenty-five centimeters layers of overlapping Yama-Dura. The ship's frame is constructed out of Yama-Dura.

Computer and Sensors

The Hayai-Class Gunboat uses a Compact Integrated Electronics System (CIES) for its computer and sensors, and is fitted with a Type 31 Electronic Warfare Suite. The Sensors and EWS equipment is distributed between the Underdeck and the Overdeck. It is also equipped with a Psionic Signal Controller.

Emergency Systems

The Hayai-Class Gunboat contains all Star Army Standard Starship Emergency Systems. It also features the new Star Army Fire Suppression System, Type 32.

Blast Shutters

On the Hayai-Class, blast shutters are located:

  • at the entrances to the bridge
  • at the entrance to the computer (always locked and closed)
  • at the entrance to engineering
  • at the entrance to the Magazine
  • at the entrance to the cargo area
  • at the entrance to each Cannon Maintenance room
  • at the entrance to each Torpedo room

Damage Control Stations

On the Hayai-Class Gunboat, damage control stations are located:

  • in Engineering center of rear wall.
  • in the Cargo Bay port of torpedo room
  • in the Cargo Bay on starboard side of magazine
  • on the Bridge each side of door to computer room
  • in each cannon room on front wall
  • in port forward landing gear room

Escape Pods (2)

The ship's two Star Army Escape Pod, Type 30 escape pods can be found on either side of the computer room, ready in case the crew needs to evacuate the ship. They are accessed from the side hallways, and can be launched ventrally or dorsally. For stats and contents, see their article.

Ke-E1-P3200 Thrust Vectoring Aether Drive

The Hayai-Class Gunboat features two Ke-E1-P3200 Thrust Vectoring Aether Drives to give improve its maneuverability.

Ke-E1-P3201 CDD

The Hayai-Class Gunboat features a pair of Continuum Distortion Drive for FTL and non-combat STL travel.

Ke-E1-P3202 Thrusters

The Hayai-Class Gunboat has sixteen clusters of Ketsurui Fleet Yards Maneuvering Thrusters arranged at various points along its axises. These Ion thrusters are used primarily attitude adjustment, docking and station keeping.

Ke-E1-S3200 CFS

The Hayai-Class Gunboat features a state of the art Combined Field System for shielding. As with its predecessor the Yuuko-class Gunboat, it can be used for stealth.

Ke-E1-W3201 Torpedo Tubes

The Hayai-Class Gunboat has two torpedo tubes designed for firing Ke-Z1 Series Anti-Starship Torpedoes. One is mounted in the bow, and the other is mounted in the stern. When not in use, there are doors that protect the tube. Behind each tube is a reinforced storage area for three torpedoes. A loading mechanism moves them into the tube for firing. The additional fire and forget weaponry was added early in development to give the Gunboat more fire power and provide a rear firing starship weapon.

Ke-E1-M3200 Landing Gear

The Hayai-Class Gunboat has four landing gear mounted in pairs fore and aft. The pneumatic systems automatically level the ship, and are capable of lifting the ship providing two meters of ground clearance. Each landing gear deployment unit has a physical lock that engages once the pneumatics are deactivated.

Ke-E1-V3200 Environmental

The Hayai-Class Gunboat has all the typical Star Army Standard Life Support Systems. Emergency air is stored in the canisters in the underdeck; it stores enough air for 48 hours with full compliment. Potable water is stored in two 500 gallon tanks in the overdeck. The life support system is broken down into three zones:

  • Primary: Bridge, Quarters and Medical
  • Secondary: Engineering, wardroom, hallways, laundry, showers and toilets
  • Tertiary: Torpedo rooms, cargo hold, magazine

Cooling Systems

All major heat-generating pieces of equipment are paired with appropriately-sized scalar-based heat absorbers, which rapidly and effectively absorb thermal radiation and convert it to usable energy. Energy conduits throughout the ship are also lined with liquid cooling systems.

Excess heat can also be radiated out through the canards, and the wings.

Ke-E1-S3201 Active Camouflage

Ke-E1-1b Only The Covert variant is equipped with an active camouflage system. It is based on the same technology created for power armors and allows the ship to appear invisible or create a false image.

Weapon Systems

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