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Urufu-Class Light Cruiser

The Ge-C1-1a/1b Light Cruiser is Geshrinari Shipyards return to military production; it became available in YE 33.

About the Ge-C1

The Ge-C1 or Urufu-Class is a Light Cruiser designed by Geshrinari Shipyards under a contract with the Star Army of Yamatai. Urufu means wolf in Yamataian. Size wise the Urufu-class is a little smaller than the Eikan Heavy Cruiser. The Urufu-class was designed to serve in a strike capacity by adding a Standard Infantry Platoon for planetary operations. The Urufu-class features a formidable array of weapons, and has autonomous and controlled defensive weaponry.

Ge-C1-1a "Urufu-Class"|


In YE 30 during the First Mishhuvurthyar War Geshrinari Shipyards enjoyed a lucrative contract with the Star Army of Yamatai to produce the Ge-D2-1A Type 30 Mass Production Escort. While none of the Ge-D2-1A's survived into the Second Mishhuvurthyar War, Geshrinari Shipyards was contacted by the Star Army to yet again produce a warship. The concept was to create a ship that fit between the Plumeria-class (2D) Medium Gunship and the Super Eikan-class Heavy Cruiser. During the design effort it was decided that the Urufu-class would be a Light Cruiser but would have the means to deliver a standard infantry platoon. Design work was started at the end of YE 32, the keel for the prototype Ge-C1-xx was laid mid YE 33.

In YE 37 the Ge-C1-1b was created which incorporated the Ge-C1-M3700 Breaching Module. Also that year, the ship completed its 5-year review early and was reauthorized until at least YE 43.


The Urufu-Class hull is a tapered diamond shape. It is painted Star Army Blue and features the Star Army Hinomaru and registration on the top. It has a pair of wings along the forward hull to improve atmospheric performance. At the base of the wings the two torpedo tubes can be seen. Along the aft there are four Aether Plasma Drives painted gray which propel the ship for STL travel. The non-retractable weapons are visible, and on the underside just before the engine pylon are the two clusters of shuttle bays.

Statistical Data

Geshrinari Shipyards Logo

A TC Company


Crew and Accommodations

The Urufu-Class carries 56 Crew and 56 Infantry.


  • Officers: 6
  • Crew: 50


  • Officers: 2
  • Squad Leaders 6
  • Infantry: 48


  • Maximum Capacity: There are accommodations for 112 personnel
  • Emergency Capacity: 500 people can fit aboard in an emergency using some of the other compartments.


  • Length: 320 meters (1,050 feet)
  • Width: 150 meters (492 feet)
  • Height: (Main) 32 meters (105 feet)
  • Height: (Overall): 40 meters ( 131 feet)
  • Decks: 7 (4 meters each)

Propulsion and Range


The Urufu-Class has typical class 1 warship speeds.

  • Sublight Engines: .375c (~112,422 kilometers per second) (~69,856 miles per second)
    • Acceleration: .01 c/sec 0 to max in 37.5 seconds
    • Minimum: Resting motionless
    • Cruising Speed: 15,000c (~1.71 ly/h)
    • Maximum Speed: 18,750c (~2.14 ly/h)
  • Hyperspace Drive: 394,470c (0.75 ly/m)

This ship is equipped with Anti-FTL field countermeasures.

Durability and Maintenance

Service Lifespan: Estimated 20 years of constant use, possibly longer with refits.

Refit Cycle: Frequent minor updates through the PANTHEON system and a refit once every four to five years.

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • Tier 121)

Inside the Cruiser

Ge-C1 Side view

Deck 1

This deck houses the upper sensor array and a standard lounge, the lounge covers the forward section of the deck, it is kept clean and has the only windows the Urufu-class features. The windows are made of transparent Yamataium. There is a two person restroom at each end of the lounge. There are also two large airlocks in the rear of the deck. A damage control station is located outside of the sensor array room.

Deck 2

This deck is considered officer country as such it houses the Main Bridge, the Wardroom and galley are located behind the bridge, the Captain's Suite, five Officer Cabins. A two person restroom is also available for bridge personnel. A laundry room is also present.

Deck 3

Deck 4

This deck houses the Engineering, Life support room, Medical Center, AMTC, Ship's Store, Star Army Alterations and Embroidery, Fitness Center. Also located on this deck is auxiliary control a compact bridge that the command crew can transfer to if the primary bridge is damaged. It is possible to control the ship from the auxiliary control by a single operator. There are also five Star Army Escape Pod, Type 30s.

Deck 5

Also referred to as the Infantry Deck Alpha most of the facilities on this deck are living quarters for the Infantry Platoon it has the following: six Shuttle maintenance bays, 6 Squad Cabin, 3 Crew Cabin, 2 Officers Cabin, 3 eight-person communal showers, 3 eight-person communal toilets, Armory upper level. There are also ten Star Army Escape Pod, Type 30s.

Deck 6

Also referred to as Infantry Deck Beta most of the facilities on this deck are for the support of the Infantry Platoon, it has the following rooms; six Shuttle launch bays, Power Armor bay which holds 60 power armor, Armory lower level, Fitness Center. A Laundry room is present for the Infantry.

Deck 7

This deck is taller than the other decks with four meters of space from floor to ceiling. It holds the cargo hold and vehicle bay. It also houses the redundant sensor array and the landing struts. The cargo/vehicle bay is 25 meters wide; 4 meters tall, and 40 meters deep. The maximum capacity of medium SSCC's is 150. This is due to leaving clearance for the crane and clearance for personnel to get around the crates safely.


The Ge-C1 is equipped with a standard magazine. It has a capacity to house thirty Ke-Z1 or Ge-Z1 series torpedoes, and sixty warheads. It takes fifteen seconds for a torpedo to be transferred from the magazine to the launcher.

Shuttle Bays

The Ge-C1 is equipped with six small shuttle bays. The bays are mounted on three to a side under the upper hull before the engine pylon. These can house one or two aerospace craft depending on type. They each have an external blast door that protects the bay. Above the bays are the maintenance areas. The vehicle is raised on a platform to the maintenance bay. The platform is also used to rotate the craft when it is lowered into the bay. In the maintenance area a Star Army Tool Locker is available for each craft.

Bay Doors


The Ge-C1 uses Standard Passageways for horizontal movement on the warship. Vertical movement is by Zero-Gravity Passageways.


Cruiser above

Ge-C1-H3300 - Armored Hull

The Ge-C1 is the first warship to be constructed using Osmiridium for its frame, and a .5-meter-thick hull of Yamataium. All interior passageways and rooms are surrounded by Yarvex sheeting and protected from scalar fields by the internal gravity systems. The windows on the Ge-C1 are made of transparent Yamataium.

Ge-C1-E3300 - Computer and Sensor Suite

The Ge-C1 is equipped with a Ge-C1-E3300 - Computer and Sensor Suite. The primary sensor array is located on deck one and the redundant array is on deck seven. A Psionic Signal Controller is installed.

Emergency Systems

The Ge-C1 is equipped with all Star Army Standard Starship Emergency Systems

Item Notes
Star Army Escape Pod, Type 30 25
Star Army Fire Suppression System, Type 32
Soul Savior Pod 1
Type 41 Blast Shutters Locations Engineering room Both Bridge and Auxiliary control Both Armories All shuttle bays Power armor bay Between decks on all vertical passages.
Standard Damage Control Station Locations Engineering room Both Bridge and Auxiliary control Shuttle maintenance area Power armor bay three on each horizontal hallway (both ends and one in the middle)


Ge-C1-P3300 Modular Aether Plasma Drives

The Ge-C1 is equipped with four Ge-C1-P3300 Aether Plasma Drives. These are the first Turbo Aether Plasma Drive that Geshrinari Shipyards has manufactured. They are restricted to military craft. The Ge-C1-P3300 is a completely modular system which allows the entire drive to be swapped out during repairs. This helps the vessel to be turned around faster after combat.

Ge-C1-P3301 Hyperspace Fold Drive

The Ge-C1 is equipped with a standard hyperspace fold engine of Geshrinari Shipyards design. It uses components that are compatible with other Ketsurui Fleet Yards fold engines.

Ge-C1-P3302 Continuum Distortion Drive

The Ge-C1 is equipped with a Geshrinari Combined Field System which allows for Continuum Distortion Drive FTL.

Ge-C1-P3303 Maneuvering Thrusters

The Ge-C1 is equipped with Geshrinari Maneuvering Thrusters for attitude control and station keeping.

Ge-C1-S3300 CFS Shield

The Ge-C1 is equipped with a Geshrinari Combined Field System that during combat is used to protect the vessel.

Ge-C1-V3300 - Life Support System

The Ge-C1 is equipped with a Ge-C1-V3300 - Life Support System (SAOY).

Ge-C1-W3300 - Torpedo Launcher

The Ge-C1 is equipped with two of these launchers; one on either side of the hull on the leading edge of the wings. When not in use the end of the tube is closed for safety. The interior of the launcher connects to the torpedo autoloader which transfers the torpedo from the magazine. The launcher holds a maximum of three torpedoes. One of the torpedoes sits in the firing position, and two more in the holding rack. This allows the tube to maintain a rate of fire of one torpedo every fifteen seconds.

Ge-C1-P3300 - Aether Generator

The Ge-C1 is equipped with an Aether generator for primary power.

Ge-C1-P3301 - Fusion Generators

The Ge-C1 is equipped with a pair of small fusion generators for secondary power.


Additional Information


OOC Notes

Damage Rating (Version 3) update by Yuuki based on listing of ship as Tier 12 in Damage Rating (Version 3) article.

Star Army Logistics
Supply ClassificationClass A - STARSHIPS
Products & Items Database
Product Categoriesstarships
Product NameUrufu-Class Light Cruiser
ManufacturerGeshrinari Shipyards, Ketsurui Fleet Yards
Year ReleasedYE 33
Price (KS)1 ,800 ,000.00 KS
Damage Rating (Version 3) lists it as an example of a Tier 12 ship, size matches.

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