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Ke-V8 "Teisatsu" Fighter

The Teisatsu Reconnaissance fighter is a variant of the Ke-V8 "Kawarime" Fighter originally developed for Star Army Intelligence, it became available in YE 32. In YE 34 this class of fighter was upgraded to the Ke-V8-2x. SAINT began retrofitting Ke-V8-3A Super Kawarime fighters with Teisatsu sensors packages starting in YE 42, effectively creating the Ke-V8-3A/X “Super Teisatsu” variant. All three types remain in service with both SAINT and the Second Expeditionary Fleet.

Teistasu - Stealth

About the Teisatsu

Like its predecessor the Teisatsu fighter is capable of fulfilling various mission types by altering its configuration. Some of the new systems developed for it are backwards compatible with the Ke-V8 "Kawarime" Fighter. The Teisatsu comes in two variants a stealth version 1C for Star Army Intelligence and the 1D for use by other Star Army of Yamatai forces. The Teisatsu 1C is slower than the 1D because of having to divert power for some of the special systems. Both models of the Teisatsu are single seaters.


With the rollout of the Rikei-Class Science Vessel Star Army Intelligence was quick to take up the stealth variant. The group in the 2XF wanted to adapt a newer craft for use by their operatives. They wanted a vehicle that could be configured for missions, small, stealth capable, and capable of engaging the enemy when necessary. The Teisatsu fighter is the result of that initiative.


The Teisatsu initially looks like a Ke-V8 "Kawarime" Fighter. However, the forward two aether cannons are removed and a transparent panel is in place covering the enhanced sensors. The Teisatsu are painted with a flat charcoal colored radar absorbing paint.


Statistical Data


Class: Teisatsu-class Type: Recon fighter Designers: Ketsurui Fleet Yards, Takumi Manufacturer: Ketsurui Fleet Yards Organizations using this ship: Star Army of Yamatai, Second Expeditionary Fleet


Nomenclature: Ke-V8-1c - Stealth Nomenclature: Ke-V8-1d - Non-Stealth


Nomenclature: Ke-V8-2c - Stealth Nomenclature: Ke-V8-2d - Non-Stealth


Length: 13.95 meters (44.28 feet) Wingspan: 8.25 meters (27.06 feet) Height: 1.95 meters (6.396 feet)


The Teisatsu is very responsive fighter craft.

1C only

  • Atmospheric:
    • Cruise 3,581 kph (2,225 mph) Mach 3
    • Max 7,163 kph (4,450 mph), Mach 6
  • Sublight Engines: .3c (~89,937 kilometers per second) (~55,884 miles per second)
  • Speed (Hyperspace Fold): 262,980c (0.50 ly/m) (Only with Ke-T8-P3102 Hyperspace Fold Module attached)
  • Range: Maximum fold distance crossed in a single jump is 20 light years.
  • Duration: 10 minutes for maximum fold
  • Charge Cycle:
    • 10 LY or less - 15 seconds
    • More than 10 LY up to 20 LY - 30 seconds
    • 5 minute cool down between folds

1D only

  • Atmospheric: Mach 6
  • Sublight Engines: .35c (~104,927 kilometers per second) (~65,198 miles per second


Teisatsu with fold module


The Teisatsu 1C has an outer layer of Xiulurium to help with stealth on its plating.


The Teisatsu 1C has a compact cloaking system based on the one used on the Elysian Nariel Assault Battlecruiser which renders its power supply invisible to aetheric-energy sensors.

Enhanced Sensors

The Teisatsu features an enhancement to its sensor package. It features the Ke-T8-E3101 Science Sensor Package mounted in place of two of the Ke-V8-W3100 Turbo Aether Cannon. This provides enhanced tactical information gathering capabilities.

Teisatsu - SAOY Variant

Enhanced Propulsion

The Teisatsu 1C is capable of mounting a Ke-T8-P3102 Hyperspace Fold Module using a modified mounting bracket. When attached this systems is normally reserved for escape and evasion.

The Teisatsu's Ke-T8-P3103 Combined Field System is modified to allow propulsion when the cloaking system is engaged.

Weapon Systems

The Teisatsu removed two cannons from its design.

Wing Loaded Armament

One of these can be installed on each of the wing mounts.

Wing Loaded Mission Equipment

OOC Notes

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