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Third Expeditionary Fleet

The Third Expeditionary Fleet was a fleet in the Star Army of Yamatai. It was disbanded in YE 33 due to ongoing logistics issues and to free up ships for combat fleets.

Early History

The Third Expeditionary Fleet's original mandate was to explore and patrol the Yamatai Star Empire's northern frontier. It was headquartered at the Tami system and was led by Taisho Jal, Araiah.

After Ariah's retirement, Taisho Ketsurui Ayame assumed command of the Third Expeditionary Fleet.

When Taisho Ketsurui Ayame left for a post on Yamatai (Planet), the fleet was temporarily left without a fleet admiral. This might have led to a relaxation of security protocols around the fleet.

Terrorist Attack on Tami

Elysian separatists made a daring attack on the fleet headquarters at Tami. During the attack, the Tami Star Fortress was crippled, and the upper levels of the Third Expeditionary Fleet's command structure were decimated.

Rebuilding at Anisa

Taisho Henry Chen was given the task of piecing the broken fleet back together. The fleet headquarters were relocated to Anisa System, were new ships were commissioned and new officers were recruited. Accordingly, the fleet was re-assigned the responsibility of exploring and patrolling the Empire's northeastern frontier.

Henry took the opportunity to make the fleet one of the most culturally diverse in the Star Army of Yamatai, which made it especially suitable for diplomatic missions.

Yui's Purge

When Taisho Ketsurui Yui decreed that only Nekovalkyrja and Yamataians were allowed to remain in the Star Army of Yamatai, many Nepleslians and Geshrins in the Third Expeditionary Fleet willingly upgraded to NH-22C Yamataian bodies. However, many others, along with Elysians, and minor species such as Elves and Trolls, left the Star Army altogether. This left the command structure of the Third Expeditionary Fleet in tatters.

Rebuilding from Valaad

After the decimation of most of the fleet's ships during the failed operation at Valaad (An Rhy), the 3rd XF underwent restructuring under the guidance of Fleet Planner Shosho Kawazoe Sekai, with ships donated by the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet and from Nataria Fleet Depot. The protocol of not reassigning used registry codes was also adopted at this time, as a way of honouring those who gave their lives in service.

The Khorovarolor Incident

The 3rd XF provided aid in the form of its Jihi-class medical ships as a virus spreads among the natives of Khorovarolor.

The Third Expeditionary Fleet is currently commanded by Taisho Nakamura Miku and is based out of the Anisa System system.

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