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Kira Alexandrovna Kragginsky Kuznyetski

Kira Alexandrovna Kragginsky Kuznyetski is a player character played by ShotJon.

Kira Alexandrovna Kragginsky Kuznyetski
Species: Nepleslian , Kuznyetski
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Height: 5'8β€œ = 172cm
Weight: 115lb = 52kg
Organization: Hellion
Occupation: Vehicle expert
Current Placement:

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'8” = 172cm
  • Mass: 115lb = 52kg
  • Measurements: 33C 28 30

Build and Skin Color: Kira is neither slender nor thick, her build is rather average. She does have some well toned muscles from physical work. Her skin is pale and covered with freckles.

Eyes and Facial Features: Almond shaped, green eyes sits in Kira's heart shaped face above her rather cute, smallish nose. She has red lips covering a perfect set of teeth. Her cheekbones are well-defined and covered in freckles.


Hair Color and Style: Kira has bright red hair, which reaches up to middle of her back. She ussualy braids it or put it into two tails.

Distinguishing Features: One of the easiest thing to notice is when Kira speaks. She has a thick Kuznyetski accent. Kira can drink an amazing amounts of alcohol.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Kira is quite friendly girl who tries to stay out of trouble. If trouble finds, she is usually fairly calm under pressure and tries to resolve it as fast and with as little pain as possible. If there is something that has to be done she is not afraid to get her hands dirty. She hates killing, but if she has to, she is capable of it.

Other then that, Kira likes to joke. Humour is important to her and that is why she tries to be in group of people rather then be alone. She is a chummy fellow, who likes company more then anything. She loves drinking and eating and driving and fighting for fun.

Kira is inherently lucky person. Cards go her way in poker and generally things tend to go out their way, when she needs them. Sadly that only really counts a small things. Kira herself does not consider herself too lucky, because she would not end up in her current situation.


Family (or Creators)

Simon Petroc Kragginsky (Grandfather) Ivan Simonov Kragginsky (Father) Alexandra Ivanovna Kragginsky (Mother) Petr, Ivan, Anya, Katy and Tanya (younger siblings)


Born a Kuznyetski on planet Vandenberg, Kira was almost never alone. She grew up on the outskirts of Craggston an industrial city. Growing up in kuznyetski community meant, that she had a lot of uncles, aunts, grandpa's and grandma's, even though most of them were not related by blood. While her mother and father worked, she was raised mainly by elderly who resided home.

Home was a large building surrounded by fields where community members work. Even industrial city like Craggston needs to eat and community where Kira grew up made food their half of their trade. Seconds half of it was fixing things. Especially her grandfather Simon was very good and Kira spent a lot of time with him.

They were mostly fixing machinery needed to tend the fields in exchange for goods. Other farmers around rather went to Simon, then hire expensive fixers in the city. Kira helped him taking great interest.

Soon she was working with him and by age of 13 she even knew how to operate most of the things. That meant also vehicles like tractors and trucks needed for tending the fields.

Driving became something she was very very fond of and her her grandpa only supported in it. When she found out there was an unofficial driving league withing Craggston she went and became part of it.

At first she only worked on vehicle of her friends that driven in the league. Later though she fixed her own car and started racing as well. Her driving was fairly aggressive and very often she needed to fix her car after a race, if not rebuild it. Luckily Craggstown was full of scrap-yards.

Then suddenly when she was 19 years old she was approached by stranger that offered her job. He did not tell what job exactly it was to be at first, but that she would be helping her country. Though young and naive, the agent eventually revealed more and made her clearly understand the nature of exactly what she was getting into - despite this, she agreed.

The Man started training her into a hellion and before long she received combat, infiltration and mind training. The man made her capable to kill if needed. She knew that what she got herself into was dangerous, but she did not mind.

Her first assignment was rather vagues. The new group called Paragon was being created and she was sent to just be amongst them. A sleeper agent. She became one of the paragoons, as mercenaries were called sometimes. A tank-driver. Luckily no job came to her and before she knew Paragon fell apart. She hid her tank in the underground of Funky City and secured it.

After that she returned to Vandenberg and lived with her family, until she received new orders. Order to go to planet called Purgatory and meet someone at certain bar.



Kira is very good driver. She knows how to operate everything from car, tank to an air bike. She is both self-taught and experienced. The Man also gave her additional training in this field. She can drive both precisely and aggressively if needed. Her great reaction time in vehicles allows her to control the car very well even at great speeds.


From young age, Kira helped her grandpa in his workship. They fixed engines, machines and even guns. Kita later on started pretty much building her own vehicles, put together from parts found on scrap-yards.


During last few years, Kira recieved some extra training. She was taught to pilot and use weaponry of shuttles and small spacecraft, from a fighter, to a medium sized cargo-freighter. She can also do basic maintenance on these machines.

Fighting (ranged)

Kira's grandfather also taught her how to fix, create and operate firearms. Every kuznietski is taught this. Kira knows how take care of rifles and capable of create simple firearms. She also knows how to operate these weapons. A skill even more enhanced during her training to become hellion.

Fighting (close-combat)

The Man taught Kira how to take care of herself in hand-to-hand combat. She does not like to use her fists though and prefers to use tools like batons, knives or staves. When she is forced to use her hands, she likes to use arm-locks and throws rather then strikes.


Cooking is important thing for Kuznietski as all important deals should be done over meal. Inviting someone to eat is also great way to present oneself. Kira learned how to cook from her mother and knows how to prepare a large amount of dishes. She also learned how to mix some drinks and present them.

Rogue and physical

The Man trained Kira how to move silently in shadows, without making a sound and how to get to someone without being seens. He also taught her how to get into places, normally out of reach. She is fairly good climber and runner. Also since that is very useful skill, considering her occupation, she was taught how to pick locks.


Kira likes a bit of a risk sometimes. She likes to play cards or dices. She was fairly good at it even before meeting The Man. He then developed this skill even better and taught her how to cheat and read peoples face. Kira herself knows how keep her own β€œpoker face” and even learned a sleight of hand and advanced card deck shuffling.


Kira Alexandrovna Kragginsky Kuznyetski has the following items:

  • Weaponry:
  1. Retractable staff - Yama-dura, monomolecular knit
  2. .357 magnum revolver, snub-nosed, night-sights
    1. two speed-loaders
  • Misc. Items:
  1. Toiletry kit.
  2. Wardrobe (2sets of pants, coat, 2 jumpsuits, 4 T-Shirts, underwear)
  3. Tool-belt (with set of screw-drivers, pliers, hammer, ratchet set)
  4. Box of cigars


Kira Alexandrovna Kragginsky Kuznyetski is currently a in the Hellion.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
4000 DA 2000DA bought weapons and stuff
Character Data
Character NameKira Alexandrovna Kragginsky Kuznyetski
Character OwnerShotJon

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