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Vandenberg is a planet of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia located in the heart of the Kovax System. It was colonized sometime during or after YE 30.


Land Masses

Planet Vandenberg has, for the most part, one huge land-mass that acts as its only continent. There are many coastal islands along the natrual land-bridges that stretch along the southern hemisphere of the planet, though they are for the most part small and uninhabited. The northern hemisphere of the planet is very dry and mountainous. Deserts give way to massive rock formations near the equator, and at times mountains give way to thick forests. In the far north, deserts are replaced with tundras– cold broken wastelands that fill the gaps between mountains. High winds cut across these tundras, and exploration is rare.


Vandenberg is, in many parts, uninhabited by wildlife. The dry, cracked lands of the north are inhospitable to all but the hardiest forms of life. In the select few regions which carry rolling green hills and forests at the foothills of the many mountain ranges, creatures that once roamed Nepleslia Core and Delsauria find their home. Horses, wolves, rodents, and goats roam the hills and forests, feeding on both the local plantlife and each other. Near settlements, formerly domesticated cats have become an invasive species. In farming areas, it's not uncommon for cows and pigs to live in the wild due to poor containment conditions during the earliest years of Vandenberg's settlement. These animals graze and are sometimes responsible for crop destruction– though their effect is negligible accounting to the massive size of the fields, and such creatures are often ignored excepting the occasion when they are hunted for a quick and easy meal.


Type sub-arid terrestrial planet
Radius 5,864 KM
Surface Area ~425,000,000 sq.KM
Land Area ~200,000,000 sq.KM
Mass 5 x 10*24 KG
Density No one's really bothered to check.
Composition Primarily silicone


Climate Types Varied
Flora Density Sparse on most of the desert land mass. Moderate near bodies of water.
Fauna Density Moderate
Length of Day 32 hours
Average Temperature Daytime: 42 degrees Celsius; Nighttime: 10 degrees Celsius

Major Cities

Planetary Demographics: 51% Nepleslian, 43% ID-Sol, 5% Geshrin

Capitol City: New Dallas

A dense urban center located on a flat natrual land-bridge which makes an ideal region for landing spacecraft. Home to a large spaceport and a broad office district, New Dallas is the seat of the government's presence in the Kovax System.

Industrial City: Craggston

Lying at the foot of the planet's largest mountain range, Craggston is a sprawling industrial city. Large apartment complexes fill residential areas which snake their way like rivers through massive plants and oceans of warehouses. Craggston has a large population of Kuznyetski living within the city.

Mining City: Cyrus

Cyrus is positioned on top of a large network of natural resources that stretches deep down into the planet's crust. Large mining companies set up shop in this city, which aside from its large residential area seems to be only populated with skyscrapers and refineries.

Farm Town: Ag

Ag is a large area devoted to the growth of food crops that serve not only Vandenberg, but other planets as well. Due to advanced agricultural technology, there is very little need for inhabitance. Massive fields stretch out as far as the eye can see with warehouses and harvesting facilities dotting the landscape ever ten or twenty kilometers.

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