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Conclave Knight's Arming Sword

The Arming Sword is a functional ceremonial blade given to those in the New Dusk Conclave bearing the Conclave Knight title.

Arming Swords are often customized for each Knight to some degree and, if appropriate, will be designed with influences based on their liege Lord's own Arming Sword. A basic, standard-issue Arming Sword is also available.

Introduced in YE 42 alongside the introduction of the Conclave Knight.

About the Arming Sword

Part weapon, part key, and part assistant, the Arming Sword is the most important part of a Conclave Knight's equipment. Even if the Knight were to never draw the blade for use in combat, its role as a key for their personal Frame and its ability to manage many of their affairs makes it essential for their day-to-day responsibilities.

Nomenclature Information


Arming Swords come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but most are based on the classic estoc, longsword, or Spada_da_lato. Longer blades, such as a broadsword or greatsword, are possible, but unlikely due to the blade's primary use as a key for the Knight's frame.

The standard, non-customized Arming Sword is a gray-metal longsword with a black cross-guard and hilt. The general design and detailing has much in common with tactical knives, though with a significantly larger blade.

Customized Arming Swords tend to be more ostentatious.


Regardless of customization, all Arming Swords are excellently crafted monomolecular blades made of Madite-M-reinforced Durandium Alloy. Their sheathes are made of similar material, though without an edge.

The blade's hilt is designed to read the biosignature of the person holding it. When the blade is held by its true, living owner, it transmits an activation code when exposed to certain power frequencies. This makes the Arming Sword an effective, secure key for a Knight's personal frame or power armor.

The inner workings of the hilt are particularly well protected. Should someone succeed in forcing it open, they would cause a number of small explosives to ignite and destroy the hilt's electronics. The specifics of how a Sword identifies its owner and converts that identity into an activation code are well-kept secrets.


A non-sentient AI, “EGO”, is stored within the Arming Sword. EGO maintains a connection to the sword bearer's Geist at all times, allowing the AI and the bearer to communicate with each other. EGO's default personality is something like an unflappable butler - cool, professional, and respectful. They are not typically chatty, more akin to a modern digital assistant1) than a true companion.

Knights are allowed to give the sword's EGO a name of their choosing.

EGO provides a variety of functions for the Knight and the NDC both:

  • Black Box - The Arming Sword is a highly resilient piece of equipment. The built-in AI monitors the Knight, including their vitals and position. Should the two be separated or harm befall the Knight, the Arming Sword can be used to determine what happened to the Knight.
  • Security - A key component of how the Arming Sword ensures that it is being held by the appropriate owner, EGO can use its Geist connection and biometric data gathered from its hilt to determine if it is being wielded by its true bearer.
  • Access - In addition to acting as a key for the Knight's personal frame, the Arming Sword can be used to bypass many digital locks and security systems. Each blade carries a unique security key that is recognized by the NDC's central access database as having a higher authority than the standard military access. It can not open everything, but it ensures that the Knight can fulfill their duties largely unimpeded when the situation calls for it.
  • Personal Assistant - EGO can perform a variety of basic secretarial tasks for the Knight, including scheduling meetings, keeping track of to-do lists, and similar activities that allow the Knight to focus on their duty and not the paperwork behind it.
  • Oathbound - The sword's AI confirms that the Knight has given and upholds their Oaths and Vows, providing guidance when necessary. In the event that the Knight breaks their Oath or Vow, EGO may revoke the benefits the Knight gains by wielding their Arming Sword - including the ability to activate their personal frame.

The Arming Sword can carry an AI chip, such as one used by the EVE, within its hilt- creating a truly intelligent sword.


In an age of powerful pistols and rifles, a melee weapon such as this is often not the best choice for defense or attack. Under the right circumstances, however, a skilled Knight wielding an Arming Sword is a formidable opponent. More than anything else, the Arming Sword is a sign of Knighthood within the NDC - and the power that comes with it.

Arming Swords are not to be sold or traded, but can be bequeathed to another Knight. This is typically done by a ceremony similar to when the blade was originally granted. At a minimum, the Knightly Oath must be sworn by the intended wielder for the sword to acknowledge its new owner.

The unintentional loss of an Arming Sword is a significant hit to a Knight. It can prevent them from using their Frame and plummet their reputation. No self-respecting Knight would ever consider selling or gambling away their Sword. Were one to be stolen, a Knight would consider it a paramount responsibility to reclaim the weapon with any resources at their disposal.

Arming Swords act as a key for a Knight's personal Frame. Depending on the make and model, the Sword might slide into a slot in the floor, wall, or console. In some cases, particularly ARCO cockpits, the Sword's hilt might act as a control stick. This key function requires that the Sword be held by the Knight and be of sound body; attempts to hold the blade in a dead Knight's hand will result in failure.


Arming Swords are not available for purchase, but a custom Sword may be created by taking an unadorned hilt to a custom craftsman. Such a customization would cost at least 20,000 DS. The hilt itself cannot be purchased.

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