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NDC Nobles

Within the New Dusk Conclave's aristocracy are a number of nobles of various import. They are responsible for the management of the faction's territories large and small, including their defense.

Nobility comes with its perks, of course. The scope of a noble's influence and the impact of their decisions gives them the ability to make a significant contribution to the faction's success. These contributions directly improve the standing of the noble within the eyes of others in the faction - and can earn them a significant amount of income. As such, nobles tend to be very well dressed, have impressive estates, and command a significant amount of respect from those they come across.

All nobles hold their title at the pleasure of the Archdukes and/or Archduchesses who lead the faction. The position is largely based on personal merit; should a noble perform poorly, someone who is more capable will take their place.

Despite the meritorious requirements of nobility, noble titles are nonetheless hereditary. It is expected that all nobles work to ensure that their heirs are as good or better than they at the management of their territory.

While nobles are allowed to live in opulence and command significant military powers, their first priority is to protect the peoples of the NDC.


The establishment of the aristocracy in YE 43 significantly shook up the faction's social systems and power dynamics. The new noble class, carefully selected for their loyalty to the NDC's leadership and a belief in their abilities, immediate set out to secure their power and begin developing the NDC's growing territories.

Each noble is given considerable resources to use in the name of creating a better life for the peoples that they are responsible for. Construction capabilities, personnel, defense forces, and more can be requested and granted to a noble so long as their need is justified. In time, the nobles are expected to provide for themselves - and improve the faction as a whole.

The scope of a noble's influence varies based on their title, which ranges from a Baronet, who may manage little more than a frontier town, to a Duke or Duchess who might be in charge of an entire system.


Civilians and military personnel alike are eligible to become nobles. Both must prove themselves to be excellent leaders, capable of making long term plans, getting others to follow those plans, and seeing the plans through to completion time and time again.

The actions of a noble represent the actions of the New Dusk Conclave. Only those in high standing and have proven themselves to be trustworthy are eligible for nobility.


Nobles within the NDC are much like nobles in classic settings. A more modern interpretation would be the various Houses from the Dune series or the nobility from Legend of the Galactic Heroes. A noble will have wait staff, servants, an estate, and more.

It is is important to remember that nobility is more than simply a title. It is a job, an extremely important one, that requires much of the nobility. Whether they are managing a small town or an entire system, nobles should dedicate themselves to their responsibilities.

Often focused on some major project, expedition, or other effort that will improve the development of their territory, nobles are driving forces within the world of the NDC. New nobles should be prepared to spend considerable time establishing and growing their territory, whether being granted/inheriting an existing territory or settling a new one.


Nobles come from a diverse background and, as such, no single set of skills would represent them fairly. All nobles, however, are well served by the following skills:

  • Art and Vocations
    • As with classical nobles, various personal talents are always an important aspect of any noble.
  • Construction
    • While nobles may not be building things themselves, much of their efforts are spent on new buildings, settlements, cities, colonies, or space stations. Knowing how things are built and ways to improve the process is useful for any noble.
  • Engineering
    • In addition to constructing things within their territories, nobles may find themselves having to develop solutions to new and/or challenging problems. This could be as simple as designing their new estate to long-term city planning.
  • Entertainment
    • Throwing fancy parties, dancing, and more are as important as ever within the realm of nobility.
  • Humanities
    • Understanding people and how to use diplomacy to achieve what you want are crucial.
  • Knowledge
    • History and law are useful areas of focus for any leader, nobles especially.
  • Leadership
    • Perhaps the most important skill on this list, a noble is expected to lead anywhere from a few hundred to several billion individuals successfully. The ability to appropriately present themselves, get their ideas across, and inspire others to follow them are essential requirements for an effective noble.

Player Expectations

Playing a noble comes with large in and out of character responsibility.

You're committing to a long-term effort to develop a section of the faction's territory, promote stories in that territory, expanding the setting inside and outside of the territory you manage, and more. As such, any noble character must be available as a GM NPC for the Faction's Managers and either be adoptable or have a clear plan for how you'd like your character to be replaced should you no longer be writing on SARP. Should a plan not exist, the NDC's FMs will use their best judgement to decide on a fair path forward to continue your character's leadership or remove them from the role.

While your character is developing their territory, you should be developing their territory, as well. Build up your portion of the setting on the wiki and in plots focused in your character's portion of space. What places exist in their territory? Who lives there? What struggles do they face? How does your noble help to overcome them? These are all good things to add to your territory on the wiki.

In some ways, you are a 'mini FM'. Stay in touch with the Faction Managers of the NDC, share and get feedback on your plans, and help to grow the setting as a whole! If you are managing a system, you may wish to find others to manage smaller portions of the territory - keep them in the loop, as well.

Your character should be well connected to other nobles and stay informed of military matters. They are responsible for the basic command of their system's garrison fleet, though the fleet can choose to disobey any orders that are clearly ill advised. Your character may attend balls, trainings, and so on.

One of the best ways to develop your territory is to start up a plot to write through all the things your character is doing. There's no rush to get everything done all at once - instead, find others to write with you and enjoy the journey.

Nobles should, largely, stay out of plots that don't involve other nobles. Use your best judgement. If a noble seems to be getting too involved in places that are unproductive, FMs may step in and help find a resolution.

If all of this seems like too much, a noble character may not be a good fit for you and that's okay! If it sounds exciting, reach out to an FM to see what opportunities exist.

Noble Obligation

Nobility extends beyond merely the entitlements and privileges and requires that they uphold certain social and governmental obligations.

The most important obligations of a noble, known as their Noble Obligation, are:

  1. Uphold the will of the Archdukes/Archduchesses.
  2. Ensure the safety and well-being of their territory's peoples.
  3. Ensure that the New Dusk Conclave's laws are being upheld.
  4. Ensure that trade and the economy at large are operating smoothly.
  5. Conduct themselves in a manner befitting their noble title.

Any noble found to have failed their Noble Obligation and would be subject to censure or loss of title.

Oath of Fealty

Knights and nobles alike swear an Oath to the faction's leadership as part of gaining their title. Breaking the Oath of Fealty is viewed as a terrible act and will lead to ostracization at best and, likely, exile.

For a noble, being allowed to swear the Oath and uphold it is a great honor.

The Oath:

“I promise on my engram that I will in the future be faithful to the (Archdukes and/or Archduchesses). I shall never cause them harm and will observe my fealty to them completely against all persons in good faith and without deceit.”

Noble Titles

Sitting below the Archduke and Archduchess in the aristocratic hierarchy, the various nobles of the New Dusk Conclave hold varying degrees of power and influence.


Dukes and Duchesses manage entire star systems. They have direct command of the system's garrison fleets, direct trade and production, and are accountable for the welfare of the system's citizenry.

All Duke/Duchess titles are bestowed by an Archduke/Archduchess.


A Marquis/Marquess oversees a planet with a sufficiently large population or extensive production facilities. They owe allegiance to the system's Duke/Duchess and follow their guidance to ensure that the system functions as a whole. The planet's local garrison and military forces answer to the Marquis/Marquess.

All Marquis/Marquess titles are bestowed by an Archduke/Archduchess. They are hereditary titles, but held by merit. A temporary title can be granted by the system's Duke/Duchess, but it only holds true authority once confirmed by an Archduke/Archduchess.


Akin to a noble mayor of a large city or territory, Counts/Countesses handle local management on behalf of the Marquis/Marquess. This includes ensuring that the law is upheld, that citizens are well taken care of, and that local business is being conducted in an efficient and fair manner.

Count/Countess titles can be bestowed by the system's Duke/Duchess. The title can be temporarily granted by the planet's Marquis/Marquess, but holds no true authority until confirmed by the Duke/Duchess.


Essentially the same as a Count/Countess, Barons/Baronesses are responsible for a smaller swath of territory such as a newly developing settlement.


An honorary noble title granted to those who have significantly distinguished themselves in trade or military endeavors. It holds no true authority, does not confer nobility to the rest of the Baronet/Baronetess' family, and is not hereditary. It does, however, recognize the holder of the title as being a member of the nobility.

Baronets and Baronetesses, rather than using the Lord/Lady title of higher nobility, use the Sir/Dame title usually reserved for Knights.

The Noble Look

Part of being a noble is all the fancy clothes! This is a moodboard to give you some ideas of what a noble or their retinue might wear in the NDC.

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