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Amit Base

Amit Base (also known as Sugita Base) is a former Star Army of Yamatai Frontier Starport located on the largest moon orbiting the second planet of the SX-01 β€œVale”.


Built in YE 39, Sugita Base was made to house Star Army Intelligence operations and the forward deployment of Star Army of Yamatai personnel. The base was intended to provide ongoing support the covert missions of Star Army Intelligence Operatives in these remote star systems and others in this particular region of space.

In mid-YE 41, the Star Army closed the base and stripped the base of Star Army assets, leaving only the facilities and some basic equipment. By the end of the year, the New Dusk Conclave decided to claim the base and renamed it Amit Base.


As the moon has no atmosphere, the above ground portions of the installation are contained within a dome of transparent Zesuaium. The SAINT analysts were located in 4 underground bunkers beneath the main installation. There were additional physical security measures in place to ensure that unauthorized personnel did not accidentally stumble into the SAINT facilities, but most of these were deactivated when the Star Army abandoned the system in YE 41.


The former Frontier Starport has the following features, they once provided facilities for Star Army of Yamatai and civilian vessels arriving at the planet:

  • The Port control tower contains the following:
    • Traffic Control
    • Customs area
    • Emergency services area
      • Medical treatment area (only a few medical kits were left behind)
    • Passenger terminal (troop movements and civilians)
      • Shops and food vendor stalls
      • Empty barber shop
      • Empty clothing store with racks
      • Empty post office
      • Empty Coffee shop
      • Empty sushi store
      • Empty hospital
      • Empty barracks with beds and bedding left behind
  • Eight recovery/launch pads
    • Anti-gravity modules to lift and lower ships, intended to assist damaged vessels
  • Eight subterranean repair bays, located twenty meters beneath the pads
    • Bays are capable of making both structural and system repairs.
    • They do not have construction capabilities.
    • Bay Dimensions
      • 325m long
      • 250m wide
      • 125m tall
  • Four underground, reinforced cargo areas. They are accessed by either tunnels from the repair bays, and from the Reinforced bunker above each which houses four cargo elevators.
  • 8 emptied H Bunkers located beyond the towers.


  • There are no items stored at this facility at this time.

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