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Love Day

Love Day is a recognized and government-sponsored holiday of the Yamatai Star Empire to promote relationships amongst the population and provide an economic benefit to Yamataian businesses that would profit from such a holiday. It was a proposal passed as Proposal 110 by the Senate of Yamatai on 4日 2月 (yokka nigatsu) on the Yamataian Calendar.


In YE 37, Hanako submitted “Proposal #110: Love Day” to the Senate of Yamatai, proposing the establishment of Love day on 4日 2月 (OOC: the 14th of February) in (2015). It passed unanimously after a brief exchange the day before the first Love Day on on 3日 2月.

In YE 43, some people celebrated Love Day on on 14日 2月 at The Chrome Catgirl in Kyoto1). The Star Army of Yamatai created a kit for Love Day that year, the Star Army Love Day Kit Type 43.

On YE 45.2.4, newly-elected Imperial Premier Ketsurui-Shinjuku Hanako gave a short speech in Kaiko Park to kick off Love Day Festivities2).


The law that created Love Day is below.


  1. To promote relationships amongst the population of the Yamatai Star Empire.
  2. For economic benefit, specifically in regards to florists, chocolatiers, candy makers, and textiles.
  3. To create a new, romantic, holiday


  1. 4日 2月 is designated a national holiday known as “Love Day,” which is a personal celebration of love that all citizens are encouraged to participate in.
  2. The customs of Love Day are as follows:
    • In general, proclaiming and showing love to other people
    • Bestowing one or more more gifts, such as sweets, chocolates, roses, stuffed animals, bedding, and lingerie to a person whom one has developed or maintains a romantic attraction for
    • Making love as much as possible.
    • Take time to consider moving to the “next step” of a relationship (marriage proposals, having a child, acquiring a home, et cetera), if applicable.
  3. The YSE Government will establish a “matchmaking” service that single people can use at their leisure to find a partner for them. This service will be available year-round. These people can safely date each other using the Virtual Collective Experience service if desired.
  4. The YSE Government will take measures to expand the sites available for Virtual Collective Experience access.

OOC Notes

Love Day is basically Star Army's in-universe version of Valentine's Day.

Created by Wes.

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