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Elysian Rank System

The Elysian rank system is a rather complex one. It reflects either their formal position in the case of the Temporal and Spiritual ranks, or a more unofficial but nationally recognized position for the Social ones. Calling someone by what they perceive to be their incorrect rank is considered a grievous insult. The most obvious impact of the ranks is how it changes how Elysians refer to different people – they do this by adding a Epithet before the persons name.

An example of this is that if there was Senator Charlius Browna he would be referred to by a Plebeian as ‘Exalted Master Browna’, whereas a Patrician would refer to him as ‘Sir Charlius Browna’ or ‘Senator Charlius Browna’.

One thing to note about everything listed on this page is only how it is intended. In practice, many Caelisolans have not yet gotten used to addressing the upper echelons in a new way, and many Patricians still disagree with the idea that the newly promoted Plebians deserve the titles, so there is a bit of friction.

Temporal ranks


Senators are the only rank of the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary. They are elected by the Patricans and they sit in counsel in order to make all decisions regarding Elysia. It is also from the senate all of the highest military officials are drawn. Each Senator receives only one vote – however the influence of some individuals means that they can sway others to vote with them.

Plebeians refer to Senators as ‘Exalted Master’. Fellow senators refer to them as ‘Honourable Colleague’. Patricians and Caelisolans refer to them as ‘Sir’ or ‘Senator’.

Civil Servant:

The Civil servants are the bureaucrats of Elysia. The lower orders consist of talented Plebeians, the higher of Patriarchs – although a Plebeian can become a Patrician through hard labour. This is one of the more common locations for well-respected Caelisolans to be found.

Plebeians refer to Civil Servants as ‘Esteemed’, while all others address them normally.

Spiritual Ranks


The Exarchs are the highest ranking official and wield ultimate spiritual authority over their jurisdiction – which is suitably huge given that there are only seven of them currently for the entire population of Elysia. They are regarded by Plebeians as being almost living embodiments of the will of God and to be treated as such, and Patricians/Caelisolans regard them in a somewhat awed style. They automatically have a place in the senate.

Plebeians refer to them as ‘Holy Lord’. Patricians and Caelisolans refer to them as ‘Holy’.


These are the more local overseers of the faith. They are treated with great respect by both social groups, and often are elected into the Senate.

Plebeians refer to them as ‘Blessed Lord’. Patricians and Caelisolans refer to them as ‘Blessed’.


Priests are the ordinary spiritual rank, but they are still regarded with great respect from Plebeians and to a degree Patricians and Caelisolans, seen above the social rank of Patricians but below Lord. The actual respect given to a Priest varies greatly, but so do their responsibilities. There is usually one Priest for every Temple.

Plebeians refer to them as ‘Ordained Master’. Patricians and Caelisolans refer to them as ‘Ordained’.

Social ranks


Paragon is the ultimate term of respect, the highest social grouping. At one time it is only held by two or three Elysians. To earn the widespread use of this title you must have more than simple material wealth but great and heroic actions to your name. You must be a living legend. Patricians and Caelisolans treat them with the highest degree of respect whereas Plebeians treat them as Gods on earth. Elysians who hold this position are literally guaranteed a Senate position should they wish it (and in a way are expected to take it regardless), and are universally assumed to have a very good reason for anything they do.

Plebeians refer to them as ‘Peerless Master’.

Patricians and Caselisolans refer to them as ‘Peerless Lord’.


Archangel is the default social grouping for all of the Elysians save Plebians. They are the social elite of Elysia, and rule over the Elysian society through a combination of an aristocracy crossed with a meritocracy. This is the class where the average upper/middle class citizen falls, and is one of the larger sources of Senators. Plebians are allowed to rise to this class through hard work, but usually must transfer bodies before the change will be accepted among most Elysians.

Plebeians refer to them as ‘Master’.


Plebian's make up the former lower class of Elysia's nation, mostly gone now with the free transitions to Caelisolan bodies. This was the working class that was largely viewed as useful only for manual labors, and as such had little social power or standing until very recently. This is no longer a major social class, with the transition, consisting almost entirely of criminals, elderly Elysians who no longer with to change, and Elysians who are not currently residing within the Empire's boundaries.

The upper classes referred to them formally as ‘Citizen’, although an insulting term such as ‘Helot’ was often used instead.

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