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Minyas is one of the three new systems colonised by the Elysian Celestial Empire, consisting of ten planets orbiting average star.

Planet 1:

Planet One is the closest to the sun. It is too poor in mineral resources and too hot to make mining or habitation unprofitable.

Planet 2:

Planet Two is a slightly larger planet with a distinctive coloration of dark reds and yellows. It is uninhabitable without major modifications and not rich in resources. Perhaps a mining area once other, more rewarding, planets in the system are depleted.

Planet 3:

Planet Three is significantly larger, and further out, and is composed largely of carbon. Its appearance is largely black rocks covered by a yellowish (highly sulphur rich) atmosphere and thick clouds. The planet also has enormous mountains and gorges betraying a highly active geographical past. A facility will be constructed there – although the atmosphere is both toxic and acidic, which calls for special care to be taken.

The planet has a single moon.

Planet 4:

Planet Four is around the size of a normal planet and is dominated by great deserts, punctured by seas and with active plant-live in the north and south hemispheres. It is the largest of the inner planets, and is easily habitable without additional equipment. However the majority of the surface is inhospitable desert – colonization outside self-contained environments will have to take place in the temperate zones found in the north and the south. The atmosphere has a high oxygen content which has prompted these areas to be dominated by forests of huge trees and insects.

The planet has three moons.

Planet 5:

Planet Five if further out, a slightly smaller planet. Underneath the thick clouds which obscure the surface the planet is dominated almost entirely by ice with a β€˜green belt’ around the equator – mostly alien forms of moss and lichen. Underneath the ice the planet is particularly rich in material resources and some of the sensors read life-signs – perhaps large indigenous life. Over most of the surface an Elysian will require specialist equipment in order to survive – around the belt stand habitation is possible.

Asteroid belt:

Around an AU wide, consisting of several million bodies which could be utilised for resources, and several hundred which could support space habitats.

Planet 6:

Planet Six is an enormous solid planet – thirteen times the mass of Elysia Novus. Its gravity renders it un-inhabitable outside using S18 workers or gravity shielded environments. However scans read an extraordinary deposits of valuable materials. After establishing a colony on Planet 3 the primary objective of the Minyas branch of the project is to establish a mining colony there.

The planet has a small ring around it as well as three moons – one of which rivals the size of Yamatai. This planet has been name Catriel.

Planet 7:

Effectively a generic gas giant. Likely to be used in the same way that Veritas has been used, strong source of Hydrogen and matter.

Planet 8:

Planet Eight is the largest of the gas giants and has a particularly large and impressive ring.

Planet 9:

Plant Nine is slightly smaller than Planet Seven, although it does possesses a distinctive storm system at work in the atmosphere.

Planet 10:

A small ice world which is barely larger than an asteroid and of little interest to the Elysians

The Kuiper belt and Oort cloud are the same as they are in most systems – a potential source of materials.

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