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Komorebi is a planet once used as a colonization attempt by the L'Kor after they had gotten into contact with the Kuvexians. It was the site of the Battle of Komorebi Cabin in YE 39. The planet's colonization attempt was a failure, but the L'Kor still have many secrets as of yet unearthed on the planet. It is far west of the Kikyo Sector map. Currently there is a Star Army Cabin, Type 39 located on the planet. It was visited by YSS Kaiyล in which they found rocks with hallucinogenic red goo on them, tree forts with no furniture or equipment on them, and a fighter and a shuttle scuttled away under tarps. They returned later to take back the cabin and planet from the enemy L'Kor.

More about Komorebi

Komorebi is a beautiful planet on which several derelict buildings of no significance but of old L'Kor use when they tried to colonize the planet many YE ago. The population is unknown and is currently being explored.


The star that Komorebi rotates around shines on the planet and is a bright yellow star, one that creates 20 hour days on the planet and shines on it without cessation, as of yet. A full rotation around the star roughly translates to one YE on the Yamataian Calendar.


Komorebi is a densely forested planet with pines, redwoods, and other trees as well as many short grasses with a breathable atmosphere. It is green and verdant with many different plants, but no wildlife. The planet is one that is made for living, though for some odd reason, the L'Kor as a whole were unable to live on it very long without resistance of some kind.


The planet has several hundred large and small cities, each of which has the classic L'Kor bearing of being made up of high buildings, made as if on stilts. The buildings are precarious and made as if for those with the benefit of flight in order to be sure death is not imminent while standing atop them.


The population is currently unknown.

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