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Kyopelinvuori is a futuristic city built on Sudran as part of a joint project by the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth and the Azorean Commonwealth over the course of a six-year project spanning YE 33 to mid-YE 39, for the purposes of promoting strong bonds between the peaceful and ecologically sensible Azorean and Iromakuanhe races.

General Information
Pronunciation Kee-Oh-Pell-In-Vou-Oh-Ree
Allegiance IAC/AC
System Azorea
Planet Sudran
Population 917,931
Founded YE 33

The purpose of the city is to function as an embassy city for both races involved, particularly the Iromakuanhe who are leery of inviting the various races of nearby space to their homeworld. The Azoreans meanwhile benefit from the effect of attracting various corporations and technological think-tanks to their homeworld, allowing them to naturally uplift their technological level at a pace they are comfortable with. The city is clean, safe, elegant and above all else, it is beautiful, designed to make a mint on tourism from the nearby Nepleslian Colonial Expanse as well as the various Yamataian worlds within navigable distance of the world.

The city is also intended to be the sole location where non-Iromakuanhe will be able to purchase and receive various examples of their biotechnology, thanks to local biotech firms (which also contribute to the maintenance of many of the biological portions of the city).


Quote from Ametheliana [Dream World] Chapter 1: Of Air and Water
โ€œWater splashed against the ARTC windows that curved upward from the floor of the room, which was shaped like a bulbed dome with panels of ARTC on all sides. There was no door to the room, just a central cylindrical elevator that led both up and down whose top was wrapped by a light that would turn on to signify an arrival and had a bell tone to go with it. No matter which way an occupant of the room looked, they would see a few scattered superstructures with stacked sphere levels much like this one that ascended from the quasi-ground of Kyopelinvuoriโ€” Kyope for short. The windowed spheres of the other buildings looked distant and lacked clarity, but the rain drops that had found their place on the ARTC were sharply detailed and easy to focus on. There were other superstructures to be seen, both far and near. Some rose up as if they were violin bows, but instead of a simple stick on one side, there were intricate inlays and cutouts that made up the buildings. Others, still, rose up like tiered pages of a book that ripple outwards and inwards. Some were giant and some less so, but all had an elaborateness to them in more ways than were typical. They dwarfed ovular double or single story buildings, girthy and low-lying dome structures, and even stalls or carts with wide Cerocrete umbrellas. Save for the stalls, carts, and single story buildings, every building was connected on the second level by ARTC windowed tunnels that served as bridges from building to building to save the residents from the perpetual rain that wracked Sudran.โ€

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