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Anastasia Barlow

Anastasia is a player character played by Pancakei.

Anastasia Barlow
   Caelisolan Anastasia   
  Species & Gender Elysian (Caelisolan) Female  
  Date of Birth:   YE 14  
  Organization:  Havok Customs
  Occupation:   Engineer
  Rank:   Discharged at Jôtô Hei

Physical Description


Anastasia as a plebeian was a somewhat tall (5' 10“) and slender female Elysian with pale white skin, a lazy crop of raven black hair, and deep emerald green eyes. She has two cobalt blue wings with messy feathers, smaller in length to her body height. Her left wing is crippled, hanging lower than her right and having limited comfortable movement. 

Anastasia's pale face includes a rather sharp nose and chin, with very lightly freckled skin. On closer inspection, her skin shows marks from physical damage around her face and throat. Her voice is rather light and quiet, with an almost raspy sound under it. 


Anastasia upgraded to a Caelisolan body on 15日 4月 YE 39. Her Caelisolan form is not too vastly different from her Plebeian form, with the biggest difference being the repair of her left wing, and both of her cobalt wings are much healthier. In addition, she is slightly healthier and taller, standing at 5' 11”. Her black hair has a blue streak running from the center of her head to above her left eye.


Anastasia is a generally quiet and humble person, with a heart of gold. While at one point anti-social and one to keep to herself, she has grown over time to become friendlier and more talkative with others. She is highly intelligent when it comes to mechanical design and repair, and is a naturally curious mind when it comes to new subjects. When called, she will try to help to the best of her abilities- unless she has nothing to give. She has picked up some leadership experience through military service, but prefers to follow or work with others more than lead all by herself. She can be rather emotional at times, and her emotions tend to swing on a string when she fails.

Anastasia developed Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder towards the end of her military career, which doesn't show itself too often. The feeling of weightlessness and large amounts of lonesome stress can trigger immersed flashbacks, generally to the point of unresponsiveness without physical contact.



Hestia Cilo was born in YE 14, in an undisclosed location on the way to New Elysia. She is the unintentional daughter of a plebeian named Dephon Lawson and Patrician entrepreneur, Sarital Cilo. As a mix between an Elysian and a plebeian, she was given an impure status and cast away. Her memories of her parents are limited, as she was unknowingly taken by a gentlemanly Patrician known as Artemis Barlow and his wife Miranda, treating her as somewhat of a daughter.

The Barlows

From then on, Hestia Cilo was named Anastasia Barlow, and all links between her and the Patrician were forcibly dissolved. From a young age, she worked serving under Artemis Barlow, as an apprentice in his shop and as a home aid. There, they worked on a variety of vehicles and industrial equipment.

While Anastasia was at the age of 16, Artemis' wife Miranda died of disease brought about from foreign aid, weakening her rapidly until death. The loss wrecked Artemis, causing him to enter a deep depression. Artemis started to grow more impatient and disapproving of Anastasia, the relation between the two growing less like a family and more like a servant. Artemis began to abuse Anastasia at the worst of his depression, leaving her with permanent scars and muscle damage, including crippling her left wing. Despite this, years of obedience left Anastasia continuing to serve.

After months of the secret abuse, Anastasia awoke one morning to find her adoptive master dead, still in his sleep. Once others found out of Artemis' death, Anastasia was quickly pinned for suspected murder. While willing to accept her fate, Anastasia was deemed innocent after further investigation. After the shaky investigation, Anastaisa was considered an outcast from society, even further than before. While deemed innocent, she had nowhere to turn or go other than lifelong labor. Caught in the decision, Anastasia found refuge by enlisting for training in the Yamatain Star Army.

YSS Kaiyō

Fresh out of training with the rank of Santô Hei, Anastasia was quickly placed alongside several other Elysians on the YSS Kaiyō, a Plumeria-class Gunship under the command of the young Taii Teien Eden. Quiet at first, Anastasia caught up with and became cabin-mates with one of her comrades from boot camp, Yoshida Kokoro. Anastasia was placed for duty on-board the starship as a Technician, working to repair and maintain the various systems and armor of the ship, as well as the Mindy 4 Power Armor suits used by the crew members.

When the Kaiyō was attacked by a fleet of L'Kor battleships, Anastasia served on the away team as intervention, breaking into their lead battleship, assisting in taking prisoners, and deactivating the enemy reactor. However this mission came at a cost as Anastasia was impaled through the right wing by a L'Kor aether blade, leaving her right side seriously burnt in a close call exit. In the end, the battleship was destroyed successfully by the Kaiyō weapons officer, Arbitrated.

Anastasia and OrionIt was around this time (and through a medical lab mishap) that Anastasia met Orion Jones, another Elysian brought up during wartime, and the Kaiyo's dedicated sniper. Over the series of several months, the two became friends and grew closer together and eventually started dating, much to the initial dismay of Anastasia's roommate Yoshida. While on shore leave, Anastasia finally stepped up and received her Caelisolan upgrade, the day before her captain's wedding. Over the remaining vacation, Orion taught Anastasia how to fly with her repaired wings.

When the Kaiyo was unexpectedly transported to an alternate dimension from an aetheric anomaly, Anastasia worked around the clock in the ships Engineering Bay by the command of Teien Eden. She created a manual overdrive for the Plumerias engines, which was used in the confrontation with the enemy IYS Kaiyo, a doppelganger infested ship of a similar likeness to their own. With the help of Arbitrated Shan, Seinosuke Iemochi, and a strange entity known as All, Anastasia created a makeshift TTD to bring the ship home. However, the Plumeria was damaged beyond repair in the process, leaving them to drift about the Ketsurui Military Sector on emergency power untill they were recovered. She mourns the ships loss to this day.


Deployed on an attack on a Kuvexian-operated Space Hub by the YSS Kaiyo II and the newly formed SOFT 501, Anastasia's orders were to infiltrate the enemy engineering bay and sabotage their aether reactor. While she succeeded in setting the reactors to detonate, a L'Kor suicide bomber damaged the reactors as well as her suit. The last known transmission from her suit was a broken scream as the station was decimated into a scrapyard by the reactor overload. Since then, she has been classified as MIA, with grounds to presume she was vaporized in the blast before her suit stopped responding.

However, Anastasia came back to consciousness several hours after the blast, quickly finding herself left behind in the ruins of the station with a highly damaged Mindy. She managed to scavenge enough materials to repair a mostly-solid L'Kor Fighter, giving chase in an odyssey across L'Kor space. After several weeks filled with successes, failures, and close encounters, Anastasia managed to make it into the orbit of Komorebi. While the ship, nicknamed the 'YSS Sparrow“ was totaled during reentry, Anastasia managed to remain conscious until she could make it to the ground. She was recovered shortly after by the Star Army soldiers positioned on Komorebi, who swiftly stabilized her and sent her on a shuttle to the nearest starbase for urgent care.

Anastasia spent a few days recovering at the Libra Star Fortress in the Daichi System, before being transported to the Gemini Station closer to home. After visitation from the crew, Anastasia was put through several mental and physical examinations from Star Army doctors to determine her status. After several mental tests and simulations, Anastasia was diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and deemed unfit to continue service. The next day, she was given an Honorable Discharge from the Star Army of Yamatai.

Since her discharge, Anastasia came into contact with fellow former technician Jackson Winston-Allibaster Howard, and has made a living working as an engineer at Havok Customs.

Social Connections

Anastasia Barlow has social connections to:

  • Barlow Family
  • Sarital Cilo (biological mother)
  • Dephon Lawson (biological father)

Anastasia and her Mindy, after returning from L'Kor space

Skills Learned

Anastasia was educated in the Star Army Common Skills in training.


Anastasia is a fluent speaker of Seraphim, as well as Yamataigo and Trade, more so than she lets on. While quiet, she can communicate orders and questions clearly and quickly when needed. 

However, Anastasia grew up illiterate, and only recently started learning written language past mechanical terms. She can write and read basic reports and orders, and after some time ,whole books. She is most fluent in writing Yamataigo.


Anastasia is a highly intelligent mechanic, working on machines and vehicles since she was young. She is quick to learn when it comes to new machines of vehicles, and is able to diagnosis and repair a wide variety of problems. She specializes in armored vehicles. 

Throughout her military training and career, Anastasia has expanded her repertoire to include aether reactor maintenance, power armor repair, and starship repair.


Anastasia has been trained in basic combat procedures and tactics as dictated by the Star Army of Yamatai. She is trained in hand to hand combat, use of melee and ranged weapons, and basic ground vehicle combat. She prefers use of small arms such as handguns and compact firearms if needed.


Anastasia has a basic understand of cooking and can cook meals for herself and other, but is by no means a dedicated chef. She learned how to make some Elysian and Yamataian dishes in her teenage years.


Anastasia has known how to drive small armored vehicles for quite a while, and has used various machines and vehicles on the front lines. In recent training, she has learned how to operate landing shuttles.


On a personal level, Anastasia owns the following:

  • Star army Ring: This silver commemorative ring has the YSS Kaiyō laser etched onto the top of the genuine sapphire with the name of the ship, YSS Kaiyō written into the bottom of the gemstone.
  • A few outfits.
  • A dark red Elysian-fit windbreaker.
  • One hex nut, from the engineering bay of the original YSS Kaiyō. She found it in her coverall pocket.
  • Medals.
  • A micro-apartment in Kyoto (Discharge Benefit)
  • One "Bluebell" Supernova Sportbike, painted a matte cobalt with wispy blue pinstripes.
  • Design protections and legal documentations of the "Bluebell" Supernova Sportbike and any pending patents.

YE 39 Year End Traditions

OOC Information

Plebeian Anastasia


  • Anastasia is visually similar to an early character made by Pancakei in a different story, Olivia. The visual reference is a legacy gag poking at their similar interests in mechanical engineering, and the similarities between Arcadians and Elysians.
  • The name Barlow came from one of the planets in the Ratchet and Clank Trilogy, where an abandoned tech company once operated.

OOC Notes

In the case Pancakei becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  •  Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? NO
Character Data
Character NameAnastasia Barlow
Character OwnerPancakei
Character StatusInactive Player Character
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusDischarged
SAOY RankJôtô Hei
gifted by Teien Eden

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