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Daichi System

Formerly SX-04, this system is located approximately 10 light years south west of SX-03, it was explored by the Scientific Studies Service (SSS) in YE 31. It was the fourth to be explored by an expedition led by the YSS Nebula YX-C1-0014 as part of Project Kyasshu.

Location Flag of the Yamatai Star Empire

The Yamatai Star Empire placed orbital communications networks of Emrys Satellites around all of the terrestrial planets in YE 36.

Star SX-04

Heading Details
Type: G5 (Spectral Class)
Size: V
Stellar radii: .91
Stellar mass: .94
Temp: 5,500º K
Image Star

Planet 1

Heading Details
Type Terrestrial
Stellar radius .2 AU
Planetary radius 3,163 km
Surface gravity .377 G
Escape velocity 4.13 km/sec
Rotation (day) 13 hr
Length of year .09 years (33.70 days)
Number of satellites 0

Average temp: 309.48º C This planet's trace atmosphere is composed of carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrogen.

Planet 2

Heading Details
Type Terrestrial
Stellar radius .4 AU
Planetary radius 7,649 km
Surface gravity .875 G
Escape velocity 9.62 km/sec
Rotation (day) 33 hr
Length of year .26 years (95.31 days)
Number of satellites 1

Average temp: 43.54º C This planet's atmosphere is composed of nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide. It has dense clouds with high concentrations of carbonic acid.


Heading Details
Type: Terrestrial
Stellar radius: .85 AU
Planetary radius: 8,054 km
Surface gravity: 1. G
Escape Velocity: 11.00 km/sec
Rotation (day): 25 hr
Length of year: .81 years (295.23 days)
Number of satellites: 2

Average temp: 15.90º C This planet's atmosphere is nitrogen, oxygen, and trace elements. The polar regions are ice covered, which covers approximately twenty-five percent of the surface. Oceans cover sixty-five percent of the surface. Land masses account for thirty-five percent of the surface, there are four major landmasses, and numerous chains of islands. Plant life is abundant. Oceans support a variety of marine life forms. A variety of simple animals are present on the land masses.

Daichi clouds

The Scientific Studies Service (SSS) established a colony at the end of YE 31, and named the planet Daichi

Daichi has two moons, this is the data for them:

Sennyo (Fairy)
Planetary radius: 2,071 km
Orbit: 362,430 km
Rotation: 21.52 days
Yousei (Sprite)
Planetary radius: 763 km
Orbit: 201,350 km
Rotation: 10.9 days

Libra Star Fortress the Headquarters for the Second Expeditionary Fleet is in orbit above the planet.

Planetoid belt

Heading Details
Type: Planetoid belt
Stellar radius: 1.3 AU

General composition rock, dust, and various metals. Some of the larger objects have ice deposits.


Heading Details
Type: Small Gas Giant
Stellar radius: 19.6 AU
Planetary radius: 29,000 km
Length of year: 89.50 years (32,689.66 days)
Number of satellites: 5 moons

Composition hydrogen, and helium.


Heading Details
Type: Large Gas Giant
Stellar radius: 77 AU
Planetary radius: 67,000 km
Length of year: 696.90 years (254,543.72 days)
Number of satellites: 3 moons

Composition hydrogen, helium and neon.

OOC Notes

Authored by Nashoba and approved by Wes on Nov 18, 20091)

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