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Civilian Imperial Registry Number (IRN)

In YE 31 the Yamatai Star Empire started requiring registration and assignment of IRN to its non-military vessels. IRN are numerical designations originally used by the Star Army of Yamatai to identify particular starships. The civilian format is similar to that used by military vessels, but uses ship class instead of fleet.

Y<designation>-C<# of ship class in that type>-<hull number>.


M = Merchant 1 = First class of ship in the category. 0001 - hull number.


Science vessel, first in class, hull 0025

Designator Definition Notes/Examples
YA Ambassadorial, diplomatic Tranquility
YE Escort
YF Farm/Agricultural Ship
YK Star Fortress Iori, Zodiac
YL Logistics (has the most ship classes)
YM Merchant, freighter Odori, Geshrinari
YP Personnel, liner
YR Repair Ship (used by some fleets for Anri DSRs)
YS Scout Ship Yui, Nozomi
YT Tug
YX Exploration , science
YY Yacht Type 30 Space Yacht

Privately owned

Registration for corporation and privately owned vessels is not compulsory. However the Yamatai government encourages registration. By Registering their vessels, they get the benefit of faster response in emergencies, since responding vessels would be able to quickly identify the type of ship from the registration.

C - Corporate owned P - Private owned

They use the same format as the governmental vessels.

Corporate owned

C<designation>-C<# of ship class in that type>-<hull number>.

Private owned

P<designation>-C<# of ship class in that type>-<hull number>.

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