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This system is located approximately 100 light years to the galactic west of Yamatai Star System, it was explored by the Scientific Studies Service (SSS) in YE 31. It was the third to be explored by an expedition led by the YSS Kotoba YX-C1-0005 as part of Project Kyasshu.

Location Flag of the Yamatai Star Empire

System SX-03 is a curiosity, given that it contains a main sequence star, and one small terrestrial body, but there are no other planetary bodies. The one planet is tidally locked in orbit around the sun and due to the weak nature of the star, is a frozen uninhabitable world.

The Yamatai Star Empire placed orbital communications networks of Emrys Satellites around all of the terrestrial planets in YE 36.

Star (Main Sequence)

Heading Details
Type: K5 (Spectral Class)
Size: V
Stellar radii: .566
Stellar mass: .570
Temp: 4,100 K

Planet 1

Heading Details
Type: Terrestrial
Stellar radius: .4 AU
Planetary radius: 3,387 km
Surface gravity: .377 G
Escape Velocity: 4.13 km/sec
Rotation (day): 50 hr
Length of year: .34 years (122.39 days)
Number of satellites: 0

Average temp: -30.97ΒΊ C This planet's atmosphere is extremely thin and composed of carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrogen.

Note: In YE 31 the Scientific Studies Service (SSS) installed the Kanmon on the surface as part of Project Kyasshu.

Note: In YE 34 the Scientific Studies Service (SSS) deployed a Ke-P6-02a Bisen Lighthouse in orbit above the planet.

OOC Notes

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