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Sato Naoko

SantΓ΄ Hei Sato Naoko is a Nekovalkyrja NH-29 serving in the Star Army of Yamatai as a Technical Sentry. She is currently unasigned, and is the most recent of Zakalwe's PC's. God help her.

Santo Naoko
Species: Nekovalkyrja (NH-29A)
Gender: Female
Age: 1 year
Height: 5'3β€œ
Weight: 99 lbs
Measurements: 80 cm
Bra Size: B cup
Organization Star Army of Yamatai
Rank Santo Hei
Occupation Technical Sentry
Current Placement None

Physical Characteristics

Build and Skin Colour:

Naoko's body is the average for an NH-29, apparently slender but adeptly crafted to be a nigh on perfect facsimile of a human woman. No more or less attractive than your average NH-29, and sharing with the average NH-29 shoulders slightly more narrow than hips and small breasts, and with slightly elongated limbs for her size. Her form is perfectly average. Her skin colour is also the completely average shade of white that NH-29's with that complexion possess. Certainly a pleasant shade, and with almost perfect smoothness, but still merely the average for a white skinned NH-29.

Facial Features and Eye Colour:

Naoko has the standard sharp featured face and angled chin of the NH-29, with pleasant (but completely average) black eyes. It's a pleasant face, but average for the naturally pleasant NH-29.

Hair Colour and Style:

Possessing the naturally straight black hair of the average NH-29, Naoko goes between the styles of shoulder length straight and wearing it back in a pony tail on a roughly every other day basis - those being the two most common styles.

Distinguishing Features:

Naoko has a genetic tattoo imprinted on her lower back, but while it is (to a degree) unique to her, it is in the same place as it is on all other first generation NH-29's and thus not really distinctive. While the lack of finger nails, cat ears, different denture, toe-centred walk and four fingers are distinctive, they are shared with almost all other NH-29's. Naoko has nothing to set her apart from any of her kin.

Psychological Characteristics


Naoko's personality is pretty much standard for that of a NH-29 model of her profession. She considers all of the Star Army, and especially the whole of Nekovalkyrja kind, to be one large communal family which she takes pride in serving for, for the immediate future in order to pay off her existence. She follows the traditional system of manners perfectly and shares the compassionate patient nature of her sisters. She acknowledges her immediate role in life as being born to fill a position, and accepts that to some extent she is a 'tool', while hoping to use the potential kindly given to her in order go grow beyond this - when not on duty she likes to explore her artistic side. However despite her kind nature she has the same capacity for ferocity and cunning if the situation calls for it that the rest of her breed possesses. As such she is the compassionate, conniving, artistic, semi-aggressive, hedonistic warrior poet - along with the rest of the NH-29's possibly the closest people to achieving Nietzsche's ideal of the ubermenschen. Or in this case uberfrau.


Family, intimacy, sex, Yamatai, superiors, inferiors, equals, learning.


The enemies of Yamatai, monogamy, loneliness, unnecessary fighting, the Mishhuvurthyar.


To work of her dept to Yamatai through fruitful service, to make the most of her man-given talents.


Naoko does not have much of a history, at least not as of yet. She is working on it. She was born on Kyoto, Yamatai in a factory of Ketsurui Zaibatsu and rather soon after her 'birth' she was sent to a Star Army training camp where she trained with other Nekovalkyrja just like her learnt how to fight and to interact socially (the joint course resulting in the similar outcome). As she progressed through this training her education was shaped towards being a Technical Sentry. Currently in the last stage of training she is awaiting a post on a starship.



Having received the education of every standard NH-29 Naoko finds basic radio operation to be almost second nature (drilling has that tendancy) and is capable of making and receiving transmissions from a variety of systems, from a headset, or starship to a shuttle or power armour, and under both hostile (such as being under fire) and secure enviroments (such as not being under fire). She can speak, read and write in fluent English and Japanese and make use of this ability to write reports, fill forms and even issue orders. In addition to this she has the blessing of her heritage in the form of Extra Sensory Perception combined with the ability to communicate with those who are also 'Perceptive'. In a word - she is racially telepathic. Naoko can project or perceive telepathic transmissions over a 250 kilometre range with the same ease as she can speak, and can make use of her computer-like mind to make them undecipherable to all but the intended recipient, and indeed can use these to gain secure remote access with computers and transmitting video and audio data. It is even possible to have a limited conversation with a non-telepath, limited due to the non-telepath being utterly unable to respond across the same medium.


Naoko received a rigorous education in hand-to-hand combat during her training, which combines with her natural feline-like agility and the fact that she was at least partially designed as a weapon to make her a particularly dangerous combatant (although at the moment no more dangerous than any other NH-29 really). She is skilled in combat in both Yamatai-like conditions as well as zero-gravity situations, with or without weapons. Preferring the use of weapons over not using them she is trained in regulation SAoY firearms (energy rifles and pistols), knives, grenades and power armour - Mindy, Mindy II and Daisy.


Naoko shared with the rest of her year, indeed with almost all NH-29, classes in basic mathematics. Her emphasis on mechanics, repair and engineering due to her intended 'Technical Sentry' position led on her further exploring the topic, and as such as not only knows maths up to algebra and trigonometry but also that necessary for basic engineering.

Technology Operation:

Naoko, like the rest of her ilk, is capable of operating any computer system which makes use of the Kessaku Operating System, which is found on all Star Army starships. She is proficient in entering the system, and if the situation calls for it searching for information. She is capable of using her SPINE interface to achieve this, or remotely manipulating the computer using her telepathy.

Maintenance and Repair:

As a Technical Sentry it is up to some debate whether Naoko's most important duty is to repair the systems on whatever ship she is stationed or to provide it with defence. Given this joint role Naoko has been given training in how to repair the majority of systems within the SAoY's spectrum of technology quickly and efficiently, and is able to use this to extrapolate how to repair even some unfamiliar technology.


Growing out of the skill of Maintenance and Repair Naoko is slowly working on her ability to design and manufacture improvements on previous designs, and even new technology. However this is currently in its fledgling stage, the product of efficiency in her task more than anything else.

Arts and Vocations:

As fitting in with her kindred of warrior poets (not actually limiting them to poetry, that's just a turn of phrase) Naoko considers her artistic side to be of great importance, and takes great pleasure in her drawing and painting.

OOC Notes

Well this is my first Neko character. I decided to do something truly eccentric - create a standard character. I'm not sure how I can make this character more standard, but if you do find a way please tell me.

This character is designed for the Miharu to be brought in at some later time. Hopefully she will lay on the slab until that time, but I had a burst of inspiration this evening. Go me.

Character Data
Character NameSato Naoko
Character OwnerZakalwe
Character StatusAdoptable Player Character
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusActive Duty
SAOY RankSantΓ΄ Hei
SAOY OccupationStar Army Technician

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