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Kazuko Ayumu

Name: Kazuko Ayumu

Species: Nekovalkyrja

Age: 5 years old

Creator: PNUgen

Organization: Star Army of Yamatai; Yamatai Star Empire

Occupation: Nurse

Rank: Joto Hei

Current Assignment: YSS Miharu

Height: 5'6

Weight: 135 lbs

Bra Size: C cup

Build and Skin Color: Average build and generic asian features, lightly tanned skin

Facial Features and Eye Color: Soft slightly slanted brown eyes, small lips, thin eyebrows, and high cheekbones which give her a mild smile even when her face is neutral

Hair Color and Style: Light blue hair cropped evenly just below her shoulders

Distinguishing Features: Standard production tattoo on her left hip, almost consistent smile

Personality: Ayumu is kind and patient with a cheerful but not overtly expressive demeanor. She can be quietly content staying in the background which helps her to excel in a supportive role. With a calm mind she tries to offer as much wisdom as her years of experience can offer. She does not back down from challenges or become easily intimidated although she will attempt a more diplomatic approach to everything. She will become passive-aggressive and either sweetly deliver a stinging barb or 'accidentally' cause some mischief to the irksome individual who drew out her wrath. Having lived for more years than the 'average' Nekovalkyrja she tends to act like a big sister to any charge she has taken under her wing. However she is aware of her limitations and continues to strive to expand them. Her experience with the many personalities one encounters at a hospital has given her much insight with people. Having known many different doctors from the kind country doctor to the cold isolated businessman doctor she is also versed in dealing with such people. She also has seen much and is not as surprised by the things that make most people blush but can still be caught off guard. She has an average sexual appetite and has had a few romantic relationships with both Nekovalkyrja and male Yamataians. When on the job though she is devoted to ensuring her patients welfare is being tended to and her bedside manner is impeccable.

Likes: Her patients, being supportive

Dislikes: Rude and arrogant people

Goals: Continue offering the Empire her full support and saving lives

History: Created in YE 27, she excelled in medical studies and decided to pursue a career in that field. While achieving aptitude scores to become a full doctor she enjoyed caring for patients more closely and chose to become a nurse. Her internship began near her birthplace at PNUgen Mercy Hospital in the city of Pagoda No Uesureya. After completing a year of internship she then moved to Kyoto. At Kyoto she worked at a small regional hospital, Miura Medical Center, on the outskirts of the city. She was then transferred to one of the larger hospitals in the main city districts, Chiharu Devotional Hospital. After working in Kyoto for three years she applied for a course that allowed her to travel around Yamatai to study medicine in different regions. The study was also meant to observe the effects of climate on nursing and medical procedures. As a result she was able to travel all around the different regions. While still participating in the study the group encountered a Star Army vessel that was offloading injured soldiers at Uesureyan Fields. While assisting with the soldiers she then decided to enlist in the Star Army and further expand her knowledge. Her first assignment was the YSS Jihi No Tenshi, a small Yui class vessel before being reassigned to the YSS Sekkou. The doomed ship would be captured by the Daughters of Eve and Ayumu would be among the captives before being rescued by the YSS Miharu. She then decided to reassign herself to her rescuer's ship in gratitude along with the determination to complete her mission against the treacherous Daughters of Eve.

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