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Fort Shotou

Fort Shotou was originally the Headquarters for the Second Expeditionary Fleet. The Headquarters was transferred to Libra Star Fortress in 08/YE 32. It also serves as the training facility for new soldiers entering the 2XF and the Legion III. It is located approximately 600 miles south-east of Ryou on Daichi. It was established early in YE 32. Later in the year a Type 32 Rail Train was put in place connecting it to Ryou.

Location of Base

The initial installation was created using a Katsuko-Class Colony Installation. The initial installation was placed so that part of it was in the Himiko Sea. Adjacent to Dome II an expanded star port to support the 2XF will be established. The space in Dome III typically used to house civilians has been retrofitted to barracks and storage. Under normal operation the domes are open to the atmosphere. During tactical situations they are closed for defense.


??? is the communications secretary for Fort Shotou.


This image shows the different sections of Fort Shotou.

Fort Shotou

Index Description
I Dome I of the Katsuko-Class Colony Installation
II Dome II of the Katsuko-Class Colony Installation
III Dome III of the Katsuko-Class Colony Installation
IV Aerospace Craft Field
V Spaceport
VI Garrison
VII Seaport
VIII Munitions Storage
IX Defense Shield


This section lists specific facilities at Fort Shotou.

Aerospace Craft Field

Located southwest of the primary base, this area is for the maintenance, launching, and recovering of aerospace craft. Due to the current state of war, and the lack of an active defense system. Fort Shotou has one squadron on alert, and another on patrol at all times. A dedicated area was established where the alert craft and crew would remain.

Parking Area and Taxi Ways

Originally the parking area and taxi ways were cleared and leveled and covered with sheets of perforated Durandium Alloy sheets. (See Marsden_Matting). Later the temporary taxiways were replaced with permanent ones. They were constructed out of 1 meter thick concrete with durandium Rebar. Taxi way lights were installed during this modification.


There are three runways at the field, two of them run east to west, and the third runs diagonally from NE/SW.

Temporary runways were created by leveling the ground, and laying out sheets of perforated Durandium Alloy sheets. (See Marsden_Matting). Lighting marking the runway are solar powered lights. Later the temporary runways were replaced with permanent ones. They will be constructed out of 1 meter thick concrete with durandium Rebar. Runway lights and landing lights were installed during this modification.


Initially temporary structures were formed using Collapsible Rapid Deployment Modules. They were used to provide storage, workshops, and quarters for alert crews. Later the temporary facilities were replaced with permanent structures. Hangars for maintenance added, and armored bunkers for alert craft.

Cloning Facility

This facility is located in Dome III, it was installed to provide a source of Nekovalkyrja and or NH-22C Yamataian to serve within the 2XF.

Defense Towers

Fort Shotou is ringed by 16 Defense Towers. They establish a shield perimeter out to a radius of 3k.

Total Defense

  • Dome Shield: 220 SP (Threshold 2) Starship
  • Lateral Shields: 160 SP (Threshold 2) Armor

Firing Range

Located 33km (20 miles) south of the Fort are the Firing Ranges. This is a 50 x 50 mile restricted area. These are used for various types of artillery training, power armor live fire, and conducting bombing run training. The area is overseen by the Range Control tower.


The Garrison contains training grounds such as confidence (obstacle) courses, small arms ranges, parade grounds, and vehicle driving. The garrison is located directly south of the primary installation.

This area is the primary training for the Infantry and Ground forces at Fort Shotou. The Motor Pools are located at the northern most portion. Later these areas were upgraded with permanent structures.

Motor Pool - Utility

This is where all utility vehicles used at Fort Shotou are maintained and stored when not in use.

Motor Pool - Combat Vehicles

This is a secured area where the 2XF ground fighting vehicles are stored and maintained when not in use.

Munition Storage Area

The Munitions Storage Area is where all unused ordinance is stored in bulk. It is located at the very south of the fort. It is a restricted area surrounded by walls and sentries.

These bunkers are secured underground cooled, static-free facilities for storing large quantities of munitions. They replaced the original munitions storage

  • Bunker 1 - Starship ordinance
  • Bunker 2 - Bomber and Fighter ordinance
  • Bunker 3 - Ground vehicle ordinance
  • Bunker 4 - Power Armor and Hand held weapons
  • Bunker 5 - Explosives

Sea Port

A sea port was constructed to the east of the base. This facility was established to allow maritime travel to be established between Fort Shotou and Ryou and any other settlements on Daichi. It is designed to allow large bulk freighters to come and go.

The docks were specifically designed to work with the shipping vessels that were brought for this purpose.

Space Port Expansion

The initial installation was supplied with the module. However to meet the needs of the 2XF a more extensive facility was added. This facility has repair capabilities, as well as maintenance, and service. It is located to the south east of the initial space port.

Type 32 Spire

A Type 32 Spire was added to Fort Shotou during the second stage of the expansion. It is intended to serve as the Headquarters for Legion III

EMS Facility

A Emergency Services facility was added to Fort Shotou during the final stage of expansion. It provides first responders, fire fighters, and medivac capabilities.


  • 30 Command Staff
  • 300 Command Support Staff
  • 3,000 Technicians
  • 100 Crew Support Staff
  • 3,800 Planetary Soldiers
  • 6,000 Mindy Pilots
  • 200 Aerospace Pilots
  • 5,000 Trainees

Equipment of Note

Aerospace Craft


Ground Vehicles

Grav Vehicles

Ground Combat Vehicles

Power Armor

On-Base Food and Drink Options

Options for food and drink on this base.

Tokyo Brewing Company BrewPub

This Star Army Bases has an on-site vetted employee location of the Tokyo Brewing Company. It is a BrewPub location and its current menu is the Tokyo Brewing Company BrewPub Menu (YE 43). The location opened in YE 43.

Kikyo Pie Company

This Star Army Bases has an on-site vetted employee location of the Kikyo Pie Company. They offer delivery anywhere on base.

OOC Notes

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