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Corporations And Businesses In Abwehran Space

:!: WIP: This article is a work in progress and is not yet approved for usage in the RP.

As a Free Market society, the Abwehran Star Empire has an open system that allows individuals or groups of individuals to own businesses. These can range from large corporations that rely upon economies of scale to small businesses owned by families.

Native Firms

Businesses and Corporations that are owned by native Abwehrans and list their headquarters in Abwehran Space.

Multiple Firm Corporations

Corporations that have diversified their portfolio to include multiple industries.

Firm Headquarters Description
Dietrich Starkwerk Abwehr A native corporation owned by Augustus Dietrich that focuses on defense and transportation.

Clothing and Textiles

Firms dedicated to creating textiles and textile products.

Firm Headquarters Description
Fein Mode Abwehr A firm dedicated to highly fashionable clothing and accessories.

Computers and Electronics

Firms focused on the manufacturing of electronic parts and products revolving around those parts.

Firm Headquarters Description
Gehirn-Tek Abwehr A premium electronics retailer known for supporting foreign-built electronics as well as native-built designs. They tend to mark-up their products significantly, but are known for their quality.

Discount and Outlet Retailers

Retailers dedicated to selling products at the cheapest price.

Firm Headquarters Description

Food and Entertainment

Agricultural and Entertainment firms.

Firm Headquarters Description
Gesundheit Mania Abwehr A health foods grocery chain known for providing high-quality, nutrient-rich foods.

Industrial and Safety

Firms that provide industrial and safety products.

Firm Headquarters Description
Pylons and Fasteners Abwehr A hardware manufacturer and retailer known for constructing quality tools for both the individual and the industry.

Medical and Pharmaceutical

Manufacturers of Medical equipment and medication.

Firm Headquarters Description

Other Firms

Firms dedicated to industries not listed.

Firm Headquarters Description
Civilian Space Administration Agency Jaspis An orbital facility management service that provides public transportation within systems. It is State-Owned and Operated.
Kaiserlich F&E Jaspis A research and development firm that also acts as a patent office. It is State-Owned and Operated.

Utilities and Raw Material

Public utilities and Resource Firms.

Firm Headquarters Description
Himmel Works Himmel Der Bergleute A family-owned mining company based out of one of the many asteroid habitats in the system. It is one of many companies that have the word Himmel in its name.

Vehicles and Vessels

Manufacturers of Transportation and Armed Vehicles.

Firm Headquarters Description
Abwehran Imperial Yards Jaspis The primary starship manufacturer for the Abwehran Armed Forces (AAF).
Flegel Motors and Vehicles schongebiet_iii A civilian vehicle manufacturing firm based out of the colony of Hafen. There are rumors of it moving into the Defense Industry eventually.
Meltra Aerospace Eisjewwl A civilian aerospace firm based out of Eisjewwl. There are rumors of it moving into the Defense Industry eventually.
Northern Manufacturing Corporation Abwehr The primary vehicle manufacturer for the Abwehran Armed Forces (AAF).

Weapons and Armor

Manufacturers of equipment for personal defense and warfare.

Firm Headquarters Description
Kaiserlich Waffenerbauer Abwehr The primary defense manufacturer for the Abwehran Armed Forces (AAF)
Volkswaffen Abwehr The first defense manufacturer to enter the market for civilian protection devices.

Foreign Firms

Businesses and Corporations that are owned by foreign interests and list their headquarters outside Abwehran Space.

Firm Headquarters Description
BEST KEBABS Kebab Stands Maekardan A famous fast-food chain from the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth.
Kagayaki Cosmetics Yamatai (Planet) A cosmetic and beauty firm from the Yamatai Star Empire with some Abwehran products.
Origin Industries Tami System A multiple firm corporation that focuses on Transportation and Defense Manufacturing.
Tamahagane Corporation Teisenjou A conglomerate from Yamatai space with many holdings with varying markets.

OOC Notes

:!: Individuals may add businesses and corporations to the list as long as they receive permission from the Faction Manager, Abwehran Commander. Interested persons may contact him via forum private message or via the Star Army IRC channel. :!:
:!: Companies without links are in the β€œbackground” and have not been approved for In-character usage. Individuals wanting to take these company's are able to do so by messaging the Faction Manager. :!:

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