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Northern Manufacturing Corporation

Created in the late After Conflict era, Northern Manufacturing Corporation was the only neutral corporation to profit from the change of power during the changing era. But a single event in history would change their business policies forever. In AC 171, about three years before the Two Month War, Verdienstorden Secret Police raided the small company's headquarters in the belief they were provided vehicles for a rebel faction. The surviving directors and department heads eventually went underground with their engineers, providing the technical support necessary for the rise of the future Emperor of Abwehran, Abelard Rosenthal. By the end of the uprising, Northern Manufacturing Corp was back in business to fill the void more fascist-loyal corporations left in the wake of their deaths.

With a wide range of products ranging from military planetary vehicles to commercial/personal vehicles, NMC's field of quality products has earned it a high reputation with both government and civilian markets.

General Statistics

Headquarters Maschinenstadt, Abwehr, Jaspis
Chief Executive Officer Brunhild Goldschmidt
Approximate Employee Population ~5,800,000

Major Factory Locations

Product Lists

Primary Customers

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