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Himmel Der Bergleute

One of four systems founded in the Fourth Quarter of 259 AF by Abwehran explorers, Himmel Der Bergleute (or Himmel for short) is colonized entirely by Miners and specialists that supply and maintain miners. This is because there is no habitable real estate in the system.

Star System Data

Himmel Prime

  • Type: T0.5 V Brown Dwarf
  • Radius: 1.74 x 10^5 (0.25 x sol)
  • Mass: 7.96 x 10^28 (0.04 x sol)
  • Temperature: 860 K
  • Luminosity: 1.92 x 10^22 W (0.00005 x sol)

Planetary Data

  • Not Available

Celestial Data

Himmel Asteroid Field "Heavenly Fields"

A disc of asteroids, stellar dust, and debris that stretches from 1 AU away from Himmel Prime to 20 AU away, as well as 4 AU both above and below the elliptic, the Heavenly Fields are the source of the Himmel system's primary industries: Asteroid Mining. Here, miners both freelance and corporate, traverse the field from asteroid to asteroid in the hopes of striking it rich. Because of this, many asteroids have temporary or permanent habitats built upon them to facilitate β€œround-the-clock” operations.

Artificial Satellites

Station Station Type Purpose
Himmel Military Outpost Bulwark-class Military Outpost System Defense Headquarters
Himmel Trade Harbor-class Trade Station Primary Habitat

Note: There are various asteroid facilities populating the system that are too many in number to properly count. The lower limit would probably be around 100,000 mining, processing, and agricultural facilities while the upper limit could even reach 10,000,000.

Population Statistics

Approximate Total Population: ~20,700,000

Major Features

Non-orbital features of the system.

Nomadic Convoys

Other than the two major orbital stations and thousands of asteroid-based facilities, there are also dozens of in-system convoys that traverse the Himmel Asteroid Field. These nomads take it upon themselves to carry trade between asteroid facilities, Himmel Trade and Himmel Military Outpost. Many believe these convoys are based upon the Freespacer traditions, but these convoys are based upon an old nomadic sub-culture found in the Frostofen region of Abwehr.

System Organizations

Export / Import Data

Commerce in the system revolves around the following:


  • Processed / Refined Metals
  • Raw Materials for Ceramics
  • Raw Materials for Electronics
  • Raw Metals


  • Commercial Goods
  • Fuel
  • Water

Rumors and Events

Role Play Opportunities for Independent Plots and/or Rest & Relaxation Arcs in Factional Plots.

YE 35

  • The Weltraumflotte is rumored to have secret testing facilities hidden in denser portions of the Heavenly Fields. Strange signals and heat signatures can be intercepted at random, but disappear when scans focus on them.
  • Oxygen was detected by astronomers during spectrometer analysis, yet the source has yet to be pinned down. This might be signs of water deposits somewhere in the belt.
  • A feud has been going on between two local mining organizations and it has the possibility of turning violent.

OOC Notes

This page was originally created on 2013/05/12 16:18 by Abwehran Commander.

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